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Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced ,Mid Rates Exp 10x, Party Exp 12x, Item 5x, Gold Rate 3x , FGW Rate 5x, Free Silk per hour, Auto Events,Battle Arena , CTF , Survival, ISRO system with less edits ,Clean community , Play to win , Join now

2,426 Votes

AZAMU - for those who appreciate quality server, low-rate exp, and active support We are offer to try our non-standard implementation game process More interesting then ever

2,398 Votes
28 Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

Agonia is a browser adventure/fighting RPG launched in 2019. It is 100% free (no pay-to-win), ad-free, and with a very strong community. The world begins with two factions, who land on an uninhabited and wild new world. You can pick from among 8 tribes...

2,336 Votes
29 Aion America 4.6

Version 4.6 Classic Rates / No Pay2win / No Editions / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in South Canada / Low Ping / Great Staff and Support / Join Us Now!

2,325 Votes
30  Prologic Flyff - Discover This New Adventure

At ProLogic FlyFF - we offer PVP experience like no other. We have one of the most activecustom PKFFA systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. This isnt a server where you must farm 247 to become maxed - our custom FLYFORFUN Coupon system...

2,279 Votes


2,184 Votes
32 MyRacingCareer

MyRacingCareer.com have over 30 000 users. Game started at 21.06.2011 and full version started at 14.08.2012. You can participate in series like Formula 3, Formula 2, IndyCar, NASCAR and of course Formula 1. You will be also able to buy special private...

2,161 Votes
33 NoScrubs Iris Online

Battles every 20m - New solo Colosseum battles - New pet system - collect and level full battle pets - 3rd jobs - 15-20x rates - Level cap 100 - Custom dungeons, maps, monsters quests - Failsafe enchants - Custom Armor, Costumes, Cloaks, Mounts, Weapons...

1,932 Votes
34 SolaceRO

Solace Ragnarok Online is aiming to build a large community of RO players. Staying close with the official setting. Imagine you're playing in an official server, but this time, there are no bots and there are devs who are actually tweaking things to...

1,879 Votes
35 Shaiya UnderWorld Ep5.4

Ep 54 PvP base Server, DDoS Protected, Instant level 15 30 70 FFA with Both faction Same Raid, also Raid Shared pvp Kills, SP From PvP Quest reward, everything Dropable in game, Join US NOW

1,858 Votes

⏩Season 6. ⏩Experiencia: 500x. ⏩Experiencia Master: 25x. ⏩Drop: 60%. ⏩Puntos por Nivel: 5/7. ⏩Maximo Lvl 400. ⏩Maximo Lvl Master 400. ⏩Puntos por Lvl Master: 1. ⏩No borra stats. ⏩Spots: 6/8 mobs. ⏩Full Stats: 65000.

1,645 Votes
37 Aion Asia 4.6 - Perfect Private Server

100% implementation (official assembly), Server rate : x1, working quests, npc's and instances like in retail version. no bugs and errors like official aion 4.6 version. The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the AionAsia Server Info...

1,636 Votes

Known as the best ECO/PvM/PvP server ever made - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Professional Developers - Come and find out...

1,525 Votes

XOrbit is a game of interplanetary battles. XOrbit is a free space online strategy sci-fi browser game in which hundreds of players simultaneously fight for dominance in the universe. You only need one browser to play. It starts with a planet, but...

1,449 Votes
40 BattleStar Universe - NEW! FAST! BEST! EN,ES,IT,DE,FR,PT,TR,RU

BattleStar Universe is a space strategy game in real time. You can Trade, Fight, Explore the universe and compete with other players from around the world. You only need a normal browser, either on desktop or mobile. Create an economic and military...

1,386 Votes

Exp x80 Custom Penya Drop Rate Version 15 based with v20 features Maximum Level 200 with 5x rebirth Improved Graphics HD High Quality Gaming No Pay 2 Win, All items can be hunted Reworked Dungeons to be worth the run Increased Inventory Space ...

1,380 Votes
42 Cloneuniverse

... Einige Wissenschaftler behaupten, dass die Klone so große und mächtige Allianzen bilden werden, dass die Erde nur noch eine kleine Rolle in der Entwicklung der menschlichen Spezies spielen wird. ...

1,367 Votes
43 PkHonor - Alchemical Hydra - Theatre of Blood- Vorkath - Skotizo

Hundreds online at all times - all skills working, including construction and hunter - Full Theatre of Blood - Comlete Karuulm slayer dungeon with Alchemical Hydra - Vorkath - Game timers - Grand Exchange - Every single boss and boss pet from OSRS, as...

1,355 Votes
44 THE ORIGINAL -FAST SPEED х3000 - UPDATE 1.9.0 - 09/03/2020

• Resources speed x3000• Buildings speed x1000 • Fleet speed x10 • Expedition speed x5 •    The original Xterium is back! 24h support | Hostal expeditions | Alliance planet | Arsenals | Academy | Active community!

1,342 Votes

💮Official Group: fb.com/groups/MetaROPH 💮Website: www.meta-ro.net 📱Mobile: http://bit.ly/Meta-AndRO 💮Server Rates💮 ✅Base/JobExp: 10000x ✅Normal Cards: 100% ✅MVP Cards: 5% ✅Rare Cards: 1% (Ifrit, Gloom, Thana) 💮Server Info💮 ✅Transcendent Jobs ✅Unfrost...

1,249 Votes

The largest professional Travian private server running at multiple speeds and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system! Come join the fun!

1,213 Votes

Features include 400 free rebirths, starter pack, stable server with advanced security, bot free realms, high uptime plus the unique Item Forge, Click the banner for More Info

1,114 Votes
48 REBORN v2 - NEW OGAME CLONE  - 01/08/20

Resources speed x3000 - Buildings speed x1000 - Fleet speed x10 - Expedition speed x5 24h support | Hostal expeditions | Alliance planet | Arsenals | Academy | Second Galaxy | Daily events|

1,093 Votes
49 Mu Americas Season 15

Mu Americas Season 15 Ep 1 | 25x ~ 5x | Drop: 40% Hard Server / 24/7 Char unlock level - All char unlocked from lv1 Level - Max total level: 1200 - Max Normal level: 400 - Max Master level: 400 - Max Majestic level: 400 Reset - Max resets: 5 - Stat...

1,034 Votes

New UNI18 opens 12 JUNE 18:00(gmt+2) - High-Speed Game - So do u like speed this is the game for u - Join now and receive 50.000 Darkmatter when game goes live.

1,033 Votes