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26 PureSRO D14 Cap130

PureSRO High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, Weapons new Look, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now Free SilkFree ItemsOnline 247Dedicated RootEXP 150xSP 150xParty EXP 160xDrop...

3,826 Votes
27 UltimoWoW - Español y Latino -  Multireino Blizzlike

El mejor servidor de la escena hispana con un desarrollo profesional sin precedentes, con miles de jugadores Españoles y Latinos, dos reinos 3.3.5a y uno de ellos progresivo, montones de características únicas, eventos exclusivos, crossfaction opcional,...

3,352 Votes
28  Prologic Flyff - Discover This New Adventure

At ProLogic FlyFF - we offer PVP experience like no other. We have one of the most activecustom PKFFA systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. This isnt a server where you must farm 247 to become maxed - our custom FLYFORFUN Coupon system...

2,651 Votes
29 EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames

EG Shaiya is the first and only full Episode 8 private server XP x50 Free AP and Item Rewards Vote, Recruit, Refer Monthly PvP Vote Rewards PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more Friendly and active staff members that will listen to the...

2,455 Votes

✳️✳️✳️New Universe Opening on 19 March 2021✳️✳️✳️ | Classic, Optimal Speed 500x, Multi Lang, TR-EN-FR-PT-ES-PL, Safest Server, No-Bug

2,370 Votes
31 Pirates Online - Largest ToP server

Pirates Online is currently the largest Tales of Pirates server, holding a record of 2k+ players online. If you enjoyed Tales of Pirates, this is the right place to relive your nostalgic memories.

2,340 Votes

Server information Phase: Official Singapore Hosted EP26 Content Protected by MShield Ecoin + DP DG rewards Total Armor Set: 4 Freebies Set: Teragrace Free accesories on new char Auto HR15 Auto Grade 20 (No need BSLV) Last Set: Archridium Medium-High...

2,176 Votes
33 x50 Alpha Mu S6Ep3 OPENING 6 February

OPENING 6 February, Season 6 Ep3, EXP 50x, DROP 50%, PPL 5,7,7,7, Mu Helper, Working events, Castle Siege, Online 24/7, Active Administration, Achievement system, Market, Auction, VIP system, Adjusted BOSS, Balanced Gameplay and PvP, Join us now!

1,700 Votes
34 Pandora Mu Season 15

x500 EXP / x50 ML EXP with custom scaling / Keep Stats / Medium drop rates / PvP + Non-PvP / Max connected 3 accounts/computer / Castle Siege every Sunday / You will not find wings/crafted/mastery or 6 opt. items in a shop / No skins / No offlevel /...

1,610 Votes
35 Aspida Private Servers Version T4.4 with new tribes

The really PROFESSIONAL Travian private server running at multiple speeds 10x, 100x, 1000x, 10.000x, 1.000.000x. 5.000.000x, 10.000.000x Comes in T4.4 version, and offering the richest game-play experience in the world. Working troop shop, trapper, a...

1,584 Votes
36  [War of Alliance] NEW BUILDING SYSTEM - UPDATE 2.4.1 - 21/02/2020 is a web browser based multiplayer strategy game set in space, with thousands of players from across the world competing at the same time to dominate. Test your strategy today NEW GAMEPLAY NEW DESIGN 100 BALANCED WEEKLY UPDATES

1,539 Votes

Unique Reborn Server / Reborns at Level 190 / Semi-easy e.coins farming in the game / Vote Targets / Newest Dungeons & Newest Content / More Sets / Revived Crafting / Everything Farmable / Guild Rewards and so much more! Join us! [2nd World planned...

1,388 Votes
38 NyaRO 2021 -

df | Grand Opening 12. february, 2021 | International Mid-Rate Server | Episode 13.3+ | Max Lvl: 99/70 | Rates: 35x/35x/25x ~ 50x/50x/25x

1,368 Votes

Known as the best ECO/PvM/PvP server ever made - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Professional Developers - Come and find out...

1,359 Votes
40 MyRacingCareer have over 30 000 users. Game started at 21.06.2011 and full version started at 14.08.2012. You can participate in series like Formula 3, Formula 2, IndyCar, NASCAR and of course Formula 1. You will be also able to buy special private...

1,333 Votes
41 Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

Agonia is a browser adventure/fighting RPG launched in 2019. It is 100% free (no pay-to-win), ad-free, and with a very strong community. The world begins with two factions, who land on an uninhabited and wild new world. You can pick from among 8 tribes...

1,236 Votes
42 RAN Online: Pro

A Server Built for Pro Gamers Only ! Episode 7 2013 Gameplay Server. Mid Rate Farm Server. Hunt / Farm to Earn! Official Game Functions!

1,197 Votes

Two PvP servers: custom Interlude x10000 and MultiSkill Interlude x1000. You can buy skills from other classes. No wipes!

1,086 Votes
44 THE ORIGINAL -FAST SPEED х3000 - UPDATE 1.9.0 - 09/03/2020

• Resources speed x3000• Buildings speed x1000 • Fleet speed x10 • Expedition speed x5 •    The original Xterium is back! 24h support | Hostal expeditions | Alliance planet | Arsenals | Academy | Active community!

1,069 Votes

Space-Rivals starts at the 22. January on a Rate of x300. We provide a great Gameplay with a new Expedition System, new Battle System, new Noob Protection System, new Mission System, new Class System, new Notification System, Crawlers and more!

1,066 Votes

We have 3 servers: x7 (with Stats Generator system), x10 (Artifacts system), and x999 (MultiSkill system). Bots allowed! We provide customized Adrenaline and L2Walker bots. Join and Enjoy!

1,048 Votes

It is the best pvp server in the world with professional 24/7 support, money award-winning servers. Server speeds from 10x to 100,000,000x are available. 5 tribes, no bugs, no lag and free gold.

1,031 Votes

XOrbit is a game of interplanetary battles. XOrbit is a free space online strategy sci-fi browser game in which hundreds of players simultaneously fight for dominance in the universe. You only need one browser to play. It starts with a planet, but...

1,018 Votes
49 Mu Instinto Online Season 6 Since 2018

Versión: Season 6 Episodio 3 Experiencia: 500x - 300x Item Drop: 40% Stats Máximos: 65.000 Reset: 400 Puntos por Reset: Ninguno Borra Puntos: No Grand Reset: 200 Master Level: 400 Master Exp: 10x

982 Votes

904 Votes