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Servers Speed 50x-100,000x version 4.4 without anybug with lot of real players start 3 server per week


is a browser game featuring an engaging ancient world with thousands of other real players. It`s free to play and requires no downloads

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27 Warland (First Travian Speed T4.4)

WARLAND is the first travian 4.4 private server for all you travian fans all over the world and adds new features to travian while keeping travians original theme and feeling.

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Citvian games provides best travian speed 4.4 experience to the users. Enjoy the completely bug free game experience with citvian.

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29 Speed-Travi 12,000,000x  FAIR-PLAY 2015

Speed-Travi x300 , 5,000,000x, FAIR-PLAY 2015 , The best server , farmlist , overview , free gold : 500 and more.

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30 Trawars (old travianx) Speed Server

The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at multiple speeds in the world. real version 4.4, no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

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Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server.Orjinal travian t4.4 servernda sernde yerini al ve hemen savaa bala

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Speedtra brings travian speed private servers with fully working T4.4 version. 5,000x - 10,000x

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The really PROFESSIONAL Travian private server running at multiple speeds 10x, 100x, 1000x, 10.000x, 1.000.000x. 5.000.000x, 10.000.000x Comes in T4.4 version, and offering the richest game-play experience in the world.

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34 Multiserver with Free Gold

The really Travian private server running at multiple speeds at T4.4 Plus version and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working troop shop, trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system Come join now

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35 Travianci Dostlar

Türkiyenin En iyi, En Kaliteli Travian PVP Server. Sürüm T4.4

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LosTrav World - The best travian private server ever ! We run v4.4 with our unique features !.

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| TravianX.LT | X500 | Lithuanian and enlgish languages|

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38 xravian

Private travian server offering you unforgivable fair gameplay and enjoyable experience. Our developers team fixing bugs as soon as we got an report. and testers team testing every detail and new feature. Game completely free Join now and show your...

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39 - x5000 x80000 x500

Well established servers with active staff and bug-free games. Currently three servers open - x5000, x80000 and x500. Few but not too many mods or features. And Free Gold of course. Enjoy

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TRAVIANFORCE Is The Best Professional Multi Server High Speed, 400 Gold For Register, No Lag, No Bug, 16 Speed Multi Servers: x150,x1k,x5k,x10k,x100k,x1mx10m,x100m,T4.4x150,T4.4x10k,T4.4x1m,T4.4x100m,Fire and Sandx150,Fire and Sandx10k, Fire and...

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41 KingTravianPrivate

This is a best travian server! Fun Project 5000x (GOLD FREE) Welcome TravWars! Enter the world of fun, build your kingdom and completes the wonder to reign over a vast empire!

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42 SpeedyTravian

Never get bored when playing our bug-free and enjoyable Speed Servers

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43 ProTrav Private Travian Servers

The fastest travian private servers ! WW works -Natars works- No bugs Start Gold: 200 --- Register for free !!!---- Server is running on powerful machines so there is no lag at all !!!!

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Build your empire in an ancient world and fight for world domination

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free 200 gold when you register all fields in level 5 when you grow 1000 populattion 500 gold bonus

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46 Mighty Tavain (tx1000,tx5000,tx10000,tx15000)

New Travian Private server at different speed on T4.4 version. Enjoy the game All 5 Tribes Included

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47 Travian-Infinity x999999999999 FAIR-PLAY 2014

A new server , with no bugs/lag , with cone system , evasione , farmlist, real system battle , come and join us !

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The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at speeds 100% in the world. real version 4.5,WITH 5 TRIBUS no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

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Speed : 25000x Troop speed : 10000x 100x100 map, fair-play, 200 gold for activating, active Admins

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50 Vip Travian  Full Sistem

Vip Travian Pvp Server Dunyada En Gelistirilmis, en Kaliteli Travian Savas Oyununa Sende Katil

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