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Ogamex is fast speed Ogame clone and will bring you a lot of fun. Enjoy the optimized battle system, multi-language game and lot of active players. This is the best private server right now!!!

301 Votes
127 Mafialeader

Mafialeader is what happens when you mix old-school MMORPG mafia browser games with the current stage of RPG's. As a member of this criminal world it is your goal to become the strongest and most feared player. A refreshing new progression system...

300 Votes
128 TDLgaming

TDLgaming este un server pvp fun cu rate 1000% fara modate sau 6/7. Hai si tu sa te distrezi.

298 Votes

Auf Frostwolf (2.4.3) kannst du die Welt von „World of Warcraft“ nochmals, wie du sie zuletzt im Jahr 2007 gesehen und erlebt hast, erleben. Kostenlos. Lasse deine alte Flamme aufleben und betritt erneut das „Dunkle Portal“ um den mächtigen Dämonen und...

295 Votes

- Classic CS 1.6 Experience - Admins Online - Free VIPs - No cheaters allowed

291 Votes

Classic Server, high FPS, admins online, we play for FUN! Connect! Connect FREE.LALEAGANE.RO! GO GO GO!

287 Votes

Gotravspeed.com different speed servers 1,000,000 500,000 , 250,000 , 100,000 No Lag, RE worked Farm list, More update

278 Votes

Exp Rate: 80x Party Rate Exp: 90x Drop Item Ratio: 15x Drop Gold Ratio: 10x CAP: 140 Max Plus: 26 EU Mastery: 280 CH Mastery: 420 Fortress: Jangan

278 Votes
134 Novascape ECO CUSTOM | PVM | PVP

~NovaScape (ECO CUSTOM)~ JUST LAUNCHED! BRAND NEW SERVER AND ECONOMY GET READY FOR A UNIQUE, FUN, CONTENT-FILLED CUSTOM RSPS EXPERIENCE! • Friendly, active, & helpful community! • Active development on consistent basis always working in...

277 Votes
135 MuOnline Areax Season 15 E3

Muonline Areax es un servidor gratuito y estable que lleva mas de 2 años online, brindando calidad a sus usuarios y fans. Con una experiencia dinamica y con todos los eventos activos, brindamos una version season 15 fantastica. Durabilidad y estabilidad...

270 Votes

EOGAME is balanced and fast developing game. Come and start battle with your friends or random other people around the globe. The main goal is to build your empire and destroy others. LOT OF FUN GUARANTEED

265 Votes
137 RAN Online PH: Resurgence

RAN Online PH: Resurgence is a private server that based on RAN PH gameplay wayback 2006.

262 Votes

Willkommen auf Immortal-WoW. Dein deutscher Cataclysm Server mit Blizzlike Raten. Auf unserer Homepage findest du viele Infos und Befehle für unseren Server. NPC Bots helfen dir beim Questen, wenn mal nicht so viele Spieler online sind. Schaue hin...

246 Votes

Aion Beritra 4.7.5 Welcome to the aion-Beritra server. PvP / PvE fun server, prices changed.

241 Votes


239 Votes
141 RF Legends

RF Legends - NEW & BALANCED RF Online Private Server (August 2020) Where Legends are Born! Initial Rates x3/x6 55Cap Semi-RPG NOPay2Win! NO Playing GM's! Super Balanced Server! DevCorp/HVNGuard/HVNProtect

238 Votes
142 Fenix Force Ro

💠Exp rates: Base 9k x Job 8k Card: Normal 20%, MVP 10%, Restringidas 5%.♠️ 💠2do Job 255/120⚔️ 💠Super Novice Revivido✅ 💠Ropa 3er JOB DISPONIBLE✅ 💠WELCOME PACK✅ 💠GUILD PACK DISPONIBLE✅ 💠ONLINE✅ ⚔️ ⚔️ Fenix Force Ragnarok ⚔️ ⚔️

227 Votes
143 Traya - Brand new, daily updates

Inferno--Vorkath--Flawless Ironman Mode--Perfect Combat System--Amazing Economy--Awesome Skilling--Unique Slayer with Slayer Boss Unlocks--Duel Arena Point Shop--Gambling Area with Working Mithril Seeds--Unique Training and Skilling Areas--Working...

223 Votes
144 Krowten networK Cataclysm

Tired of WOTLK yet? Krowten-networK is hosting 2 New Realms for both Cataclysm 4.3.4 and WOTLK Fun Realm Instant MAX lvl, Challenge 1v1/2/3. PvE and PvP Ranking system. The Cataclysm realm is the standard client. All of the information is on the...

222 Votes
145 Travimini classic T3.6 x10, x50, x999 and more

Oldschool classic Travian with low ping, great community, interest mods, graphic packs and cheapest gold +Active admin +Cheap gold +Low ping +Good community +Support 247 Only real classic gameplay without bugs, admin-cheats! Fun PVP and PVE. Stay...

221 Votes
146 Stranger MU Online Season 6 Episode 3


219 Votes
147 SS-Travi, The best private server since 2012

SS-Travi its the popular travian server since 2012. We have more than 300 players registerred every round and we growing up every day. Come and enjoy with a lot of people. Create your alliance, win the rounds, know new friends

215 Votes
148 Ultimate Assassins

Ultimate Assassins is a Text Based Mafia MMORPG. Rank against other players with the same goal in mind to reach the TOP Become powerful, rich, and eliminate other players. In the beginning you can start doing crimes for some easy cash. You have...

215 Votes

Level cap 185 - No Element System - DirectX 9 & OpenGL - New Ranking System - Strongest cheat protection - Auto Igni-Pickup - No Ex-Chars - New Skill - New interface - New Craft Panel - New Map - 1v1 pvp - more

214 Votes

xTravian server version t4.4. No bugs, no lags. NEW SERVER 800000x. STARTS 11th of November at 12-00 UTC0 15-00 MSK

212 Votes