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316 Votes
77 Destiny Network

Destiny Network

Cap: 110 Race: CH-EU Masteries CH / EU: 330-220 exp/solo: 25x PT exp: 35x Drop Rate: 10x Alchemy Rate: 2x Auto Event: On Fellow Pets Bug: Fixed Purification Pills Bug: Fixed Guild/Union Emblem: Active BA : Active CTF : Active HWT : Active FGW : Active...

314 Votes

Perfect World Charmed

Long term server with stress free gameplay, vote rewards, automated and admin/gm hosted events, the most customization(flyers fashion etc), no donation for gear, play to win system and a good starter pack. Join Today!

304 Votes
79 rWorld Aion 4.7

rWorld Aion 4.7

Wellcome Comming my server Quest xp2x Quest Kinah2x Drop rate3x Regular EventAktive AdminGM

297 Votes
80 Anubis Sro Rebirth and Amazing Features

Anubis Sro Rebirth and Amazing Features

Cap 110, Max Rb 103, New Astral System, Achievement System with welcome gifts, In game killing count and gifts, Unique kill gift, Amazing Job system with gift for TOP job collectors, Daily Gifts, Max plus 30, New Alchemy Scrolls, Full blue follow plus...

296 Votes
81 Shining Moon

Shining Moon

Renewal Pre-Renewal. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100 20x droprates Class Change, Soul System, Monster Hunter, Treasure Caches, Over 400 custom headgears, Warper warp, BufferHealer, Weapon Evolution, Daily Rewards, Automated Events and much more...

288 Votes
82 Zravian - best private server, fast, no bugs

Zravian - best private server, fast, no bugs

The largest professional Travian private server running at multiple speeds and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system! Come join the fun!

274 Votes


xTravian server version t4.4. No bugs, no lags. NEW SERVER 800000x. STARTS 11th of November at 12-00 UTC0 15-00 MSK

273 Votes
84 [MasterWoW] Eternion-WoW (Haste Server since 2017)

[MasterWoW] Eternion-WoW (Haste Server since 2017)

2 Realm - Fun Normal realm rate x8 Fun realm is like old ETERNION-WOW haste server with a lot of changes 3.3.5a 100 Level Cap All Classes have Steal Health with Hits Custom Items Upgradeable All Classes for All Races Custom Quests Custom Mall Balanced...

259 Votes


[Allegiant Perfect World] - [Elysium Patch] - [155]-[New Nightshade Classes]-[LVL 150 Cap] - [Good Starter Pack] - [PWI Retail R9R3 Gears-Pots-2 Rebirth-s+ Avatar Cards] - [High Rate] - [ Updates- Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers] - [Masive...

259 Votes
86 Best11 Manager

Best11 Manager

Best11.org is a new free online football manager, easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play. However, the game offers plenty of things to challenge you every day.

253 Votes


ECO - 50 Daily - OSRS Bosses Minigames Fully customizable client Quick-prayers Price checker In-game npc drop tables Prestiges All skills fully working Achievements Fully working clan chats Decanting Skill quick-chats In-game knowledge base ...

246 Votes
88 Indominus Online

Indominus Online

Indominus Online High rate 130 cap Silkroad server , unique skill system, Free d1 to d12 Context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more D14 skills 130 Fast support 247 Experience rate 100x Party Experience rate 200x Gold rate 60x Party 2x more...

233 Votes

Play-UnTold|Cap 80|Non Bot|ISRO System

CHONLY Masteries300 Degree8 MaxPlusUnlimited BotsNotAllowed IpLimit1 PartyMobsDisabled JewelBoxEventEnabled PetsInventory5Pages EXPSP6x EXPParty8x Gold3x Drop6x Tradegoods3x Alchemy1x

233 Votes
90 Stellaron OGame

Stellaron OGame

The game does not end with Avatar anymore. Join Stellaron OGame Server and explore new researches, new planet types, conquer enemy planets and build your unique Mothership

231 Votes

RAN Online PH The Beginning

Ran PH 2006 Gameplay Level 150 Cap 127 Max Skill 4 Class Server Low ExpDropGold Rate Quest Based Pure HuntingFarm Based Party Leveling Play to win server High Security System Protected by Gerber Security

229 Votes
92 xWoW Wotlk Progressive Realm

xWoW Wotlk Progressive Realm

xWoW is a recently launched Fresh Progressive WOTLK PvE realm. We intend on delivering high quality content by having blizzlike scripts on most bosses and consistent rates are 3x quest xp and 1x on everything else, with frequent double xp weekend events,...

224 Votes

World Ran EP9

101% Guaranteed/ /ANTI-CHEAT ENABLED!!!! (Legitimate)/ /No To Edited Accounts/ /No Bias Or Favoritism/ /Non-Transparent IGN/ /Stable Server Files and Developer/ / 24/7 ACTIVE ADMINS/ /GOOD COMMUNICATION/ /LEGIT FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS/ /GOOD QUALITY AND LONG...

224 Votes
94 Galatium


Galatium is mobile-friendly and a free to play PBBG and MMORPG. Join the epic battle that never ceases as you strive to become a true legend. Will you be a vicious Gladiator and allow your rage to rule the battlefield ... or perhaps a pillaging Pirate...

218 Votes

PureSRO NEW - D14 - Cap 130 - New SKILLS!! - GO 4/4/2019

New Server Grand Open 4/4/2019 - Free Silk - Start Items - Gold Based - Job Based - New Skills - New Pets - New Maps - New FGW - New Quests - All new Weapons Looks - New Glows - New Uniques - Join now and win Free Silk

201 Votes
96 EradicationX - The Legend is Back - Come and Join Now

EradicationX - The Legend is Back - Come and Join Now

Eradication is a content-packed 718 private server with tons of unique features. It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best experience around. Our team creates and maintain everyday features for the players. ...

200 Votes
97 Singularis-PS


Welcome to Singularis-PS we are a brand new OSRS based server almost ready for release. We have an amazing development team that has been working on this project for the better part of a year. Over the past few months the development team has spent...

200 Votes
98 ChaoticWars


Think you have what it takes to be the best Become the most feared of all Be the richest in the world Will you survive and build your reputation, or will you be destroyed Many people around the world think you havent got what it takes. WRONG Well lets...

196 Votes

Cosmic Game Online | Cap 110 | CHN & EU | PVE Server

[Cosmic Gaming Network - D11 - CAP110 - OLD SCHOOL - VOTE4Diamond]. JOIN US NOW

195 Votes
100 BattleStar Universe - NEW! FAST! BEST! EN,ES,IT,DE,FR,PT,TR,RU

BattleStar Universe - NEW! FAST! BEST! EN,ES,IT,DE,FR,PT,TR,RU

BattleStar Universe is a space strategy game in real time. You can Trade, Fight, Explore the universe and compete with other players from around the world. You only need a normal browser, either on desktop or mobile. Create an economic and military...

183 Votes