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RF TILT is a new STABLE level 50 cap server that wishes to provide a whole new RF experience through BALANCED PVP GAMEPLAY, ENGAGING PVE CONTENT and INTERACTIVE EVENTS. All equipment is farmable and no donate exclusive items. Max upgrade rate +5 and...

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Max Level: 50 EXP Rate: x100 Animus EXP Rate: x500 Guild Leader Armors Modified Max Upgrade +5 Modified Lvl50 Leon Launcher Modified Lvl50 Jetpacks with 20% HP increase Balanced PvP Mechanics Custom Loot Table

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RF PLAY Level Max 50 Rate XP 5x Drop 10x PT 20x 1 Cash Por minuto HQ , 2 Cash mapa PVP Game CP - 200 Vote Point Gli, Beam, Rian 1.8kk Ore 1 2 3 T3Talicas.

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79 RF TRILOGY - Official Site

Low Rate Server, Bash LDR Active, Auction Mail Active, Premium Cash Coin Buy With Race Money, Armor B And Shield B Buy With Talic Crystal, Standart CCR, Force Elite Buy With Race Money

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Join us and be the best Without donation of weapons and armor. Server free to play. No lags Adm and gm online No bugs Lvl max 55 Only skills gm and nothing more

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