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The Server is 24/7 online. Game Patch: 1.12.1 Server Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria Set realmlist: Realm Type: Normal Server Type: Blizzlike Server Rates: Blizzlike Exp Kill rate: x1 Exp Quest rate: x1 Drop rate: x1 Money rate: x1 Skill...

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80 Azeroth WOW

NEW Server, 15x RATES, AH bot. Welcome to the new Bulgarian server. We wish you wonderful time !

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Welcome to Azshara. A CrusaderWoW 9.0.5 Shadowlands Server. We have officially entered our Beta Phase and will be opening to the public for testing purposes. 3x Experience on kills/quest only. Everything else is Blizzlike. Daily updates to DB and Core...

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53 Todesschwinge

Du hast langeweile und weißt nicht was du tun sollst? Hast irgendwie gerade Lust auf WoW Cataclysm und findest keinen Server? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Besuche doch den Deutschen Cataclysm Server! Todesschwinge heißt dich herzlich Willkommen. Du...

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Chronos WoW é nosso novo reino progressivo. Começando com o conteúdo Vanilla até The Wrath of the Lich King. Começaremos com o conteúdo Vanilla e avançaremos lentamente por todas as versões até 3.3.5a.

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Servidor 335a con rates de experiencia elevados, pero a su vez, con los rates a nivel 80 blizzlike para disfrutar al maximo de la experiencia que nos ofrece esta expansion

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Closed development Blizzlike Progressive Working content Custom Launcher

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Don't miss out on Vetus-WoW! It's a super fun and great server, tons of custom features and some very unique features, including world first creations never before seen! Thousands of custom transmogs, we got every item from every expansion...

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Start Gear: S6 (Furious) PvE (258 GearScore) Mid Gear: S7 (Relentless) - Honor/Coin - 30 Berserker Coin PvE (264 GearScore) - Honor/Coin - 30 Berserker Coin Honor Rate - x3 End Gear: S8 (Wrathfull) - Arena/Coin - 70 Berserker Coin PvE (277 & 284 -...

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WoW 2.4.3 server | Working since 2011 | Easy rates x100 | FREE rare gear for 70 lvl | Raids scaled for 10 players | Solo 3v3 arena with real rating | Fast discord support | Free dualspec and instance teleporter | Crossfaction | Unlimited professions |...

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We are custom GIGAFUN style server with 100 lvl and tons of modifications.

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[255Instant Level] [Forge your own Weapon In-game] [Custom loot boxes] [Upgradeable Tier Item] [Play time rewards] [Shadowlands Cloaks/Custom wings/Mounts/Transmog Items from different expansions] [Rewards on account creation] [Releasing on 02/07/21]

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68 Pagan WoW WOTLK - FRESH START 2021-07-02

Pagan WoW is a new and well scripted World of Warcraft (WOTLK 3.3.5) private server focused on providing players a good quality and relaxing gameplay with increseased Experiance ( x 9 ) and Item drop ( x 3 ) rates. Our main goal is to provide the best...

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62 Olderland WoW 2.4.3

Leveling zone 1 - 255 World Bosses Custom Instance Custom Content Battel Grounds Working Spell Working 99% Daily Event Balanced Classes JOIN NOW WITH US & HAVE FUN !

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FrostWar - 3.3.5a DE/EN  Welcome to our unique World of Warcraft Private Server!  Our goal is it to modernize Wrath of the lich King to create a new type of Servers.  We are a team of experienced GM’s who have years of experience in this...

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16 Critical WOW

Welcome to Critical WoW ! A medium-rates 3.3.5a Server with 24/7 support and almost 99% uptime and most importantly ALMOST BUG-LESS. Still in development looking for Admins/Game Masters/etcetera ! Just give us a try , you don't like it you can...

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Funserver Instant 80lvl PVP, Free Wrathful and much more! If there is a problem with the connection of the webpage you can join us in Discord and recive a test account aswell!

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73 Heroes of Gods

Some features from our server: - 1. Instant 80 - 2. Custom drop system - 2.1. upgradable - 2.2. for every character (not on account) - 3. Custom store for exchange - 4. Custom God level system - 4.1. for every level you need God Experience - 4.2. for...

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Reins of Shadows present to you Private Legion Server at 7.3.5 with WORKING:[SCALING CONTENT] [STABLE CORE] [ASIA & EUROPE SERVERS] [RATE X5][ARENA SEASON 1 STARTED] [NO FALL UNDER MAP] [NO PAY TO WIN!]

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Servidor Privado de WOW Classic com uma experiencia de jogador aprimorada. Temos Elfos Sangrentos, Draeneis, Conquistas, LFG, etc.

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Deutscher 3.3.5a Privatserver mit 5x Rates, Gildenhaus, Transmogrifizier, Eigene Questreihen,.. uvw

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Talents and spells are Blizz-like patch 1.12.1 Starting at Patch 1.3, LolleRO will mimic blizz-like progression. Items & Gear(Tier2 included) will change stats through the patches. NPC’s,quests, dungeons, raids and events will also follow a proper...

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61 Sorath WoW

A custom server in focused Lich King version 3.3.5a in providing pure fun, both in PvE and PvP. Un servidor custom en la versión Lich King 3.3.5a enfocado en brindar diversión pura, tanto en PvE como PvP.

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116 World of Warcraft Server

World of Warcraft Server offers a x7 experience rat, x7 rates for gold and 3x weapon skills, profession and reputation. One of the most populated servers available.

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Buy cheap World of Warcraft Classic the Burning Crusade Gold (aka WOW Classic TBC Gold) for Sale at the best place Buy TBC Classic Gold Fastest Delivery and Lowest Prices, 100% safe,Buy Now~!

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A single server, we treat all languages, 24/7 staff, custom events, custom commands and others. Are you going to miss this? Enter now and become the best player on the server, fight in great battles to achieve your purpose, defeat the fearsome bosses in...

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shiaya instanse is goood server but now is off i will paying in des server

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EN: Solana Server UltraFun Cataclysm 4.3.4 present : [HASTE SERVER] PVE : S1 to S10 tier with all roles are important, you have to heal healer and tanks 3Worldboss, Gold Area, Duel Area, Honor Area, Transmog Area, Profesion Area, Pet Area hunter,...

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¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Forbidden-WoW is a server that offers you to discover a mix between Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. ¤Unique PvE & PvP system.¤ -1v1 Arena is Active. -PvE with 3 Difficulty...

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610 The Brotherhood

Wotlk 3.3.5a Singleplayer (playerbots) Ahbot. Custom welcome vendor. Spamned portals. 4x XP and Drop Rate/

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TBC WoW Server with: Free I58 Option with 50+ vanilla rare gear for free! Blizzlike Raids with TOP Quality Script Developed for 13 years! Exp Rates x2, Reputation x2, Prof. Skill up x2, Honor x1, Gold Rates x1, Loot Rates x1! Anti-Cheat,DDoS and Hack

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58 WARSONG | WotLK - Soloable Content

Warsong offers everything that a well made Blizzlike server has and in addition enables the players to experience most of the instanced content as a solo or in a smaller than the standard group size environment. Bigger achievements here have meaning and...

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Legion 7.3.5. Come and have fun.Friendly people,custom events.Limited to certain amount of players for the moment.Our goal is to have fun.No way of donations.Completely free , just pure gameplay. Join discord and ask for info, you need hamachi to play.

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WoW Private Servers Balance class arena1v1 Custom instance..

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Serve lvl 255 Fun edite Server ditado pra vc Boss custom item custon quest custo

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- Launch Date May 22, 2021 - Instant Level 68 to 80 [x1] - No pay to win - Progressive system - Active development -

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Exiles Reach operating in the Alliance and the Horde. The Maw and Oribos quest introduction completed. Most of the Shadowlands dungeons in operation. Nathria Castle raid in operation. No pay to win.

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Fresh cataclysm private server All classes are working decently Nice & helpful gamemasters Most battlegrounds / Arena’s are working Most dungeons are working 2x XP Blizzlike 3x Droprate Most quests are working Daily backups We are running the CPP...

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⦁ i80 with tbc vendors for starting gear ⦁ Mall ⦁ Teleporter ⦁ Max Professions + Material Vendor ⦁ 2 custom zones with custom events / Quest / Bosses ⦁ Daily Raid Quest ⦁ Raid Attunement Quest to Unlock Next Raid ⦁ Raid buffer / Instance Reset NPC ⦁...

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Welcome to new private server wow 3.3.5a Custom server level start 200 with custom items and custom instance full scripted server [ 5000 + ] Custom item new mounts And npc to shadowlands with good administrators with big experience on domain come on...

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Servidor dedicado de World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Brasileiro.

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We are exited to announce our release of the server, the server requires no patches to play, but delivers custom experience in both gear and zones. Custom tournaments will be held when we can with cash prizes to be won for the best PvPers!

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38 DragonFireBG

В проекта е инвестирано много време, желание и труд като за цел имаме да запазим българското и да съберем всички българи на едно място. Реалм DragonFire е с базата данни на оригиналния DragonFire-BG сървър със старите герои и акаунти. Пускането на този...

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665 ArenaZoO

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventures - Serveur WotLK Blizzlike + Jeu de rôle. AD&D est une aventure à laquelle participent des joueurs personnages et un Maître du Donjon (MD) qui dirige le scénario. L'aventure se déroule dans le monde...

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Bienvenidos al MinaWow ,servidor familiar!! . ¡Comienza la nueva temporada de este servidor familiar! Esta vez, con más nivel que nunca. Confío en que sea la el inicio de un verdaderamente desafiante servidor, y haga que los jugadores lleguen alto en su...

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Brand New Private World of Warcraft Server Opening on May, International - fast growing community, Nice Modules and Features, Weekly Lottery, Top Voters, No Customs, PvP - PvE, Friendly Community, Referral System - invite friends, 24/7 Uptime, WoW 335a...

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Welcome to World of Dragonslayer. Our Server runs on version 4.3.4 our server is 100 % Blizzlike, All rates are x1 and every Friday is BoosDay then the rates are x2 We are constantly fixing our server and will also order our own armor and wappons...

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InfinityWoW Cata Blizzlike ready to offer Fully script raids and dungeons less bugs a lot of fixes constant update && Wotlk Instant Level 255 World chat VIP system - VIP Commands - Starters gear - Upgrade able gear sets - Custom instances Custom...

204 Votes

[Best German Community][WotLK][Mythic+][Rated Battlegrounds][Tournaments][High Rate][Scripted Events & Raids][Leaderboards][wow private server]

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Bienvenido al servidor de wow-arkadia en sus versiones clasic burning lich king cataclysm y pandaria, esperemos que nuestro servidor le ofrezca grandes aventuras y este a la altura de sus expectativas.

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