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WOW ZONEBLACK - BLIZZLIKE PVP - PVE COMUNIDAD LATINA WOW EN ESPAÑOL 3.3.5 BLIZZLIKE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WOW-ZoneBlack-100232835343920/ Discord: https://discord.gg/eWGCnjek5G Grupo de Whatsapp:...

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---------------- 7X XP + Custom scripts ------------------------

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The Forgotten Crusade 3.3.5a is a WotLK hybrid server bridging: Custom Leveling 1 to 70 - Blizzlike Leveling 70 to 80 - x3 XP Rates - PvP - PvE - RP - Custom - Fun Content Remember to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/Qh6d6gD

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228 Anaconda WoW Gaming-ShadowLands-TBC

Anaconda WoW Server - PTR style. ShadownLands Best Core. Currently in Alpha testing. Website-voting for rewards and points to use in shop. . AH,PvP,Battle Grounds. Server is an Aplha Test at this time. All flight paths unlocked with instant flight paths...

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321 Frosty-Wow [Fun 255 Solo+Raid]

Frosty Wow [New Generation Of Fun Servers] -Instant 255 With Ready Talent And Learned Spells - Custom Patch-C includes : Shadownlands Login And Character Create -T1 To T6 With Solo & Raid Dungeons -Custom Auras , Custom Spells And Custom Flasks...

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Asgard WoW is a haste server capped at 1577 haste to reach 0.00 attack speed. lots of new ideas and a friendly community! Some features of the server - AoE loot, loot every mob inside a radius at 1 right click - Transmogrifier - World Chat - Magic Gold...

110 Votes
456 SkyBlood | Shadowlands 9.0.2 server

First Shadowlands 9.0.2 private server - SkyBlood Join to first break server on world and enjoy :) Its developers server and have fun. x100, alter shop

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MANY VERSION! The following client versions are supported: 3.3.5a (Wotlk), 4.3.4 (Cata), 5.4.8 (MoP), 7.3.5 (Legion)

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new fresh blizzlike server x3 patch 3.3.5a find me on discord for registratioan: Jaegarn#7133

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[Servidor Custom 3.3.5a] Unico servidor con evolucion de personaje! Nuevas Zonas, Monturas Custom, Nuevos Sets y mucho mas! RAZAS Y CLASES CUSTOM |DEMON HUNTER 3.3.5A| TIER 11,12,13 | SEASON 9 10 11 | CUSTOM RAIDS | 10000+ Custom Items | EXELENTE BALANCE...

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273 OverSized-WoW LvL 255 FUNSERVER 335a WotLK

[WoW WOTLK Private Server][255 Level][Balanced Classes][https://discord.gg/sFUkTCNs4A] [Custom] Items, Instances, Quests, Zone, Creatures, Morphs, Titles, WorldBoss, Wings, DragonBallZ, Gems, Spells, Enchants, Mounts, VisualSpells, Automated Event, ...

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4638 Whitemane | World of Warcraft. Faster. | $10.000 Tournament Prize Pool

x5 Rate | 3.3.5a | Progressive | PvP-Oriented | Solo Queue | 100% Blizzlike Instances | 100% Blizzlike Raids | Breathtaking Quality

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The best Wotlk Blizzlike server today Active Arena Seasons and Battlegrounds Fully script raids and dungeons +3000 transmogs Thousands of players daily Over 99 uptime Active and friendly community Join us and get a free mount at level 10.

19,251 Votes
262 Hellgarve!! Most Complete BFA 8.3.7

Version: 8.3.7 BFA Rates: EXP : 7x ( weekend 15x ) *Promotion* 120boost with gear iLevel 300 on webstore Most Spells Working Most Dungeuns/Raids Working Mounts Working Every week updates/bug fixes Active Develop team! Discord...

60 Votes

Level 80 Wotlk 335a server-Instant level 79-Max level 80--All items are unbound-All professions can be learned-Custom starting zones and endgame zone-Custom legendary questlines and over 100 custom quests -Custom dungeons for both starting zones

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Brand New Private World of Warcraft Server is Just Opened on December 2020, International - fast growing community, Medium XP, Nice Modules and Features, Weekly Lottery, No Customs, PvP - PvE, Referral System - invite friends, Royal WoW 335a WotLK, Join...

8,649 Votes
2844 Eternity WoW

The Best Blizzlike WotLK Server! Our server offers you a 98% playable solution! - Welcome Hero! - Free Mount Stone on 1 level - Hearthstone 3 Min CD - Duel Reset - Weekend Xp - World Chat - Transmogrification - Global Portal & Service - Item Shop....

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1403 Lothars Rest 3.3.5a

[FIRST 200 CHARACTERS AT 80 GET BOOST][335a High Rate] [Double Xp in weekends][Free Bonus Gear at 80 ][Full Scripted instances] [Working Battlegrounds] [Low latency, Superior Uptime][No custom gear] [Friendly Staff]

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Our Server is an Instant LvL 255 Fun Realm with Epic World Bosses, Custome Raid and Instances, Friendly Staffs and Also For the first 50 players will receive Free TIER GOLDEN WEAPON and FREE VIP. Just pm us in our discord channel.

28 Votes

Low rates! Fresh server! Legion and WoTLK expansion! Agony subsystem. Nemesis subsyste. Hardcore!

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Our Server is an Instant Lvl 255 Fun Realm. Custom Raids, Items, & Intances Epic World Bosses Come Join us for more FREEBIES.

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world of warcraft private server 3.3.5 blizzlike 20 custom items worck all instance sunwell plate black temple icecrown all instance pvp pve server

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[100 Level Cap] [Tier 1 to Tier 4] [1v1 Arena] [100000+ Custom Items] [Custom and scripted Instances] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [Custom Mall] [Balanced Classes] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall][Custom Bosses] [Wow Private Server]

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NOUVEAU SERVEUR OUVRE 1000m MEGA T1 A T5 RANK 1 A 7 PORTE | Set PvP | Triple Spécialisation | Mr Spell disponible | Communauté Active | Staff Présent | Grades PvP Vanilla | Familier Téléporteur | Spell Fun | Zone Honneur | Zone Custom Zone Shop FULL C+++

1 Votes
151 PrecisionWoW - Progressive 3.3.5a (Vanilla - WOTLK)

Active Development - Unique gaming experience - Progression from vanilla to wotlk - Arena Seasons - Realm first for world first boss kills

200 Votes

- Rates Level x4 y con recluta un amigo x7 - Profesiones x3 - Oro x2 - Honor x4 - Progresivo 3.0.3 - Crossfaction BGS - Stable

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WARLOG is a new Semi-BlizzLike server! WARLOG brings its innovative ideas with its Hinterlands realm. Our will to offer you a game never seen elsewhere pushes us to always do better and to go further. Take advantage of our exclusive scripts as well as...

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Your new Highrate Server! - [ALPHA][EU][WotLK][PvP][Guildhouse][High Rates][Start Level Gear][Fast Development][Friendly Stuff][Stable Realm]

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Desecration Reborn! from the makers of kasma wow. lvl 100 Funserver! join today and enjoy -Custom Content -Custom PVP -Custom Raids -Custom World of warcraft! -Custom Scripts! we are always updating the server and adding new things and fun...

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[Batalla Royal Único][Web Única][Tienda de Votos][Promoción Instant 80 Automática][Promoción de Leveleo Automática][Sistema de Migración Automático][Facción Cruzada][Autobalance para Mazmorras y Raids][Sin Lag][Arenas 1v1][Transmogrificador][Sistema de...

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2014 Madness WoW Fun Servers

Madness WoW Private Servers 2.4.3-255 lvl and and 3.3.5 85lvl like status 255 lvl. HP 100000++ Custom Gears, Custom Zones, Custom mall's, Custom Bosses, scriptet instances.....VIP access, Vote & Donor shop, Custom scripted Teleporters. Online...

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190 WoW Amnesia

INSTANT 80 3.3.5a Tier 9 e incansable Profesiones, encantamientos y gemas gratis. Transfiguracion. Cambio de faccion gratis. Crossfaction hermandades y bgs. Zona duelos. Isla PVP. VIP. Camisas custom. Y muchisimo mas que deberas descubrir por tu...

115 Votes
1247 Sana WoW

Sana-Wow has finally released! 255 fun server on 3.3.5a with custom: - Maps - Dungeons - Professions - World bosses - Events - The list goes on! - PvP balanced!!

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Blizzlike | PvE | 3.3.5a | 4+ nette Spieler online ;) | x1.3 - x1.5 Rates | GER/EN | "Battlepass"-System (Kein Kauf!) | Lagfrei | Schnelle Hilfe und aktiver Support. Betritt unseren Discord (wenn du willst) und zock einfach mit!

128 Votes
212 Krowten networK Cataclysm

Tired of WOTLK yet? Krowten-networK is hosting 2 New Realms for both Cataclysm 4.3.4 and WOTLK Fun Realm Instant MAX lvl, Challenge 1v1/2/3. PvE and PvP Ranking system. The Cataclysm realm is the standard client. All of the information is on the...

108 Votes

custom private server 255 new systems new world boss news soon

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Presents patch: 3.3.5a; With Mythic+, Warforged, custom gearing system, 55K transmogrification items, reworked class spells, progressive content releases, item upgrades, reworked game mechanics, reworked spell system, custom lore with lots of quest...

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2570 AshWoW - Instant 80

** WELCOME OFFER ** All new members will get a gift - Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake + 10K G Welcome to AshWoW! This is a newly created Private server 335a. We are offering instant 80, custom vendors, working Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas and...

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Lithordean and Nimz-WoW tbc servers. Instant 70 fun 2.4.3 servers. Come play for Free. PVP and PVE realms. Can you be the best?

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Willkommen auf Immortal-WoW. Dein deutscher Cataclysm Server mit Blizzlike Raten. Auf unserer Homepage findest du viele Infos und Befehle für unseren Server. NPC Bots helfen dir beim Questen, wenn mal nicht so viele Spieler online sind. Schaue hin...

181 Votes
2553 Paradise Wow Lvl 255 FUN REALM

Greetings and welcome to everyone, I'm very happy to announce our opening for the first time at 7/28/2020. our first and newest realm private server is setup and ready. "PARADISE-WOW is a new World of Warcraft Server! Instant 255,Huge...

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4686 WoW Tales

El mejor servidor Wotlk Blizzlike - Progresivo Dinámico (Naxxramas) - Arena Seasons 5 y Campos de Batalla – Bandas y mazmorras Únete a nosotros.

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Un reino (Aldoran) Blizzlike rates Wrath of the lich king Parche 3.3.5a Recompensas mensuales - Sin tienda - Sin pay to win Campos de batalla & Arenas Creaturas, hechizos, misiones y scripts funcionan totalmente Baja latencia - Servidor EU Servidor...

52 Votes

Nuevo Servidor Funserver 3.3.5a de habla Hispana, Ven y Disfruta del Buen Juego

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1213 ArcaDoom WOTLK

Looking for a nostalgic experience of the Wrath of the Lich King? This server is committed to the leveling adventure, dungeons and end game content. Just as it was, back in the "good ol days!" We don't aim to be the biggest, but we want to...

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166 Frost Citadel

Frost Citadel it's a NEW WoW Server WOTLK focus on PvE content / 6x - XP / 3x - Profession / 3x - Gold / no pay per win / only vote shop for cosmetic / Trasmogrifier / cross factions / Istant 70

168 Votes

unete a nuestra nueva comunidad de wow cataclyms contamos con rates x8

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Welcome to The Mean WoW! We are a new growing Cataclysm WoW Private Server. We have many improvements and the Dungeons/Raids are fully working. If you are interested in playing World of Waracraft without Pay2Win this is your choice! The Server is of...

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1018 WoWTales

El mejor servidor Wotlk Blizzlike - Progresivo Dinámico (Naxxramas) - Arena Seasons 5 y Campos de Batalla – Bandas y mazmorras Únete a nosotros.

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