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4 The Shadow Age

AOS era Ultima online server and some of the current content on the retail servers. Custom Level System, Daily Town invasions. old school factions and much more custom content to come. check out our brand new Shard. Everyone Welcome.

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Beautiful brand new shard based off the High sea's expansion and lots of creature comforts. Active development and family ran.

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5 The Golden Age

Let your hopes, dreams, and desires live, breathe, and die in the light. For the shadows are merely the absence of and can not exist without. Experience the retelling of The Age Of Shadows with all its splendor, and more. Professional developers, a...

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6 UO Dreams World

Easy start 15 skills to choose from 100 No skill cap 3 accounts per 1 ip Serverunder active development

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37 UO Vice & Virtue

Come one... Come all... Step inside the UO world of Vice & Virtue. This is a custom shard with an old school playing style that has the added features of all the expansions running thru High Seas. There is much to do, in ways of champs and quests and...

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51 Tell Tale

Tell Tale is a PVE oriented shard, however PVP is still encouraged. Our aim is to deliver unique Ultima Online experience for both skilled and beginner players. With your help we hope to achieve solely player driven economy and friendly community for...

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58 Ashes of Eternia

Have nostalgic fun without devoting all your time. PVE and PVP. Moderate to fast skill gain. Fast connection. 80+ brand new and expanded dungeons, new maps, creatures, skills, artifacts. UO Odyssey-based (without skill and stat loss at death and more...

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*RP ENFORCED in english* This server is brutal in its own way do not expect fast skill gain and easy PVE but it is really rewarding when you achieve your goal. Unique crafting system Rare and forbidden but powerful magic Custom map, really beautiful...

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Gameolimpos is opened. All players are welcome Servermız acılmıştır herkesi bekleriz

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52 Gerçek Ortaçağ Hazzı

Hedefimiz; Karanlıklara boğulmuş Ultima Online dünyasını eski günlerinden daha öteye taşımak. Saygı ve şeffaflıkla sizlere modern Ultima oyununun keyfini yaşatmak olacaktır. Önceliklerimiz; » Adil ve %100 şeffaf yönetim. » Stabil olmak. » Özgür oyun. »...

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Friendly Staff and Players. Custom Content Constantly Added. EVO Pets, Weapons, Spellbooks, Shields etc. Unique Automated Quests, Systems and Events, like Daily Quest Rankings, Spellcrafting, Newbie Champ and Triple Champ Spawn. 450 Stat cap, No skill...

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46 A K U O

SINCE 12.09.2021! New patch | Free using script | Skill Cap 700 | Stat Cap 225 | OSI | All classic content | PVM/PVP | Top admin | Fast leveling | IP: PORT: 2593 Come be first for free Discord:

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18 Ultima Reforged

Tired of outdated UO Servers from 1997? Sure, T2A and Renn are great, but how about ML, AoS, HS, SA, SE, TOL, and all the current content on the retail servers. Quality of Life changes including the loot bag and ledger. Daily Town invasions. Helpful and...

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34 Ye Olde Sphere

Ye Olde Sphere is an effort to wind back the clock and re-visit the 2000 – 2004 era while using the modern Sphere X emulator. Focused on accurate scripts for standard UO features, community, and longevity. Breathe life into an adventure with old friends...

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3 UO Eventine

UO Eventine is a PVM shard up to date with the TOL expansion. We have loads of custom content including quests, deco, artifacts, systems, mobs and bosses, and a custom facet with High level T Maps and Fishing with new artis! There is plenty of content...

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53 Have Hands Shard

-The Shard is fully customized! -The Map is much smaller than the original (about 30%), PVP can happen anywhere! -At the first access get a SkillBox where you can choose your template from the menu bringing 7 skills to 120 for a total cap of 840...

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Age of Britannia is a NEW custom ultima online free shard. Featuring PVE PVM PVP PK RP content designed to let the player decide if they prefer PVM and PVP Team events. Or players who are brave enough to venture into felucca and reap its rewards! Or even...

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26 UO PVP Quest World

UO PvP Quest World shard Brought to you by legendary folks from the old-fashioned, our beloved PVP-alfa shard. Warning! Beware hardcore PVP and PVE players! Ultima Online client version 2.0.3. Renaissance Server language: English, Russian - Powered...

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55 Oceania Classic

Oceania Classic is a professionally hosted Ultima Online free shard located in Sydney, Australia. Two separate isolated worlds to play in: Britannia or the Lost Lands! The shard is set in Ultima Online's Classic Era, with a redesigned and expanded...

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Old School PvP (Yoko Injection, Orion, Razor, UOSteam) 700 Skillcap & 250 Statcap 0,75 Max Attack Speed 4/6 Super Fast Casting Skill&Stat Stones, Artifacts, Runic Tools, Resources FREE. Added Level Artifacts 8th & 11th Rarity! Auto...

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21 Merle's Welt

This is a friendly custom shard located in Europe. We have a special use of Skills giving unique fun to gameplay. You will find a lot of well known osi features and a lot of unique custom features and quests. There is a custom Map to discover, custom...

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Balanced Old School PvP UO AOS, Skillcap 700, Statcap 250, 0.75 Max Attack Speed, 4/6 Super Fast Casting, Skill Stat Stones, Artifacts, Runic Tools, Resources FREE, Added Level Artifacts 8th and 11th Rarity, Tournaments, Color Wars, Flag Capture, Events...

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19 Paragon UO

Connect: Port 2594 Tame paragons, summon more powerful creatures with higher skill, even paragons! Opt-in PvP system, PvP Tournament system, automated staff, custom pet AIs, custom tames, earn store sovereigns by getting achievements...

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Full custom, fresh PvP shard and PVM, high abilities, various craftable weapons and armor, animal taming, and everyday events. Dedicated staff

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41 Legend Pvp

Its and Beepk Apk Server Everyone is welcome open by close friends for have fun with everyone.

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Running on Sphere, UOQuartz brings you PvP, PvM, Automated Events, all stats 150 at start, an old style combat style, old style spell timers, lots of craftables and customs. NPC AI fighting. Most skills rescripted. Tons of fun! Free account, join in!...

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9 UO-ZombieLand

Zombies und Untote haben die Macht über die Menschheit errungen. Kommt und helft uns..das dies nicht noch schlimmer wird. Es gibt kaum noch Reale Menschen.....Aber passt auf euch auf das ihr nicht zu einem Untoten werdet.

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25 The UO Project

We Are Back! Renowned for our fast paced PvP - You will find nothing as exhilarating. Since 2001 Fight Fire with Fire, Steel with Steel. Felluca + Wastelands only. T2A era.

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7 Legends of Sosaria

New players start with one codex to set 5 skills to 100, as well as a new player dungeon/quest, new player champ, power hour cloak available to players under 30 days account age! No Skill Cap, 300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls), Custom...

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16 UO Legends

No Skills Cap, Stats Cap 350. New PvP System and Event Point rewards! Custom Group and PvP finder tool that allows for instant match up with other players! Great Staff and Friendly Players. Best UO Growing Server! Join us!

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2 UO Excelsior Shard

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface...

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44 Crafters Paradise

Crafters Paradise was created to be played casually, do a lot of crafting and decorating, ect. It's a fairy tale land where resources are plentiful and gold is earned through work not killing. Young and casual player friendly. Visit the website for...

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New graphics, maps, hundreds of new custom mobiles and items. 40 new houses. Designed to be fun for single and multiplayer. Uniquely different from any other shard. Period.

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Welcome to Motoi the Freeshard of a different kind. If you are looking for new challenges and a friendly community, this is the right place. New races and classes with various scripted spells and abilities give you the opportunity to explore the world...

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Chat system PVP/NONEPVP System New Player Dungeon Teleporters Resurrection stones Rare Hard To Find Uniques Custom build house's (design your own) Neutral Zone AFK System PvP Stone Loot/NoLoot Shopping Mall for Vendors Useful Stones Colored...

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We are a OSI server with customs. with 720 skill cap and 225 stats cap with faster gains. we strive to keep the server close to OSI but very unique

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14 Forsaken Planes

All custom maps, a new experience, feel like a new player again! No skill cap, no pay to win! Come join us in Forsaken Planes! Custom Client:

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62 UO Heroes

UOR, 700225, Sallos, Ter MurFelucca ruleset. A premier free-to-play Ultima Online server prided on accountability, transparency and era perfected game mechanics. Our mission and promise to the community is to offer a player before profit realm free of...

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31 CryptoUO

CryptoUO is based on the popular free shard Santiago/Mythik using blockchain technology. Players actively stake CryptoUO Coin while playing, every item has a real world value, players can Withdraw, Deposit or spend their CryptoUO in-game or trade on an...

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38 Malazan World Uo Shard

Malazan World MLSESAHS 350 stat cap - No Skill Cap - Lots of Custom Quests - Craftables - Systems - Monsters - Artifacts - Tameables No uber pets - New Dungeons- Spellcraft - Fast Gains - Dungeon Bosses - Increased FC-FCR-LMC-SSI-DI-SDI.

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17 AlternateUO - APK Style PvE-PvM Shard

Fully custom, fresh PvP shard. High skillstat caps, tons of new fully unique systems. Dedicated staff and frequent events. Always up

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39 Best UO World - Launch 6-2018 Open Now

Fel only, Ren Era, Progressive skill gain, Regless casting

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Custom Stygian Abyss Shard. No Skill Cap, 305330 Stat Cap. Fast Paced 45.4 PvP, Daily PvP Tournaments, PVM events, Texas Holdem, Double Domination, Capture the Flag.

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TOL server FULL PVP restricted to 2 area only. Start with 840 Skill cap and 300 stat cap. This server is all about Login - Take item and FRAG

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Est. in 2000 UOCG is the greatest sphere servers ever created! Originally modeled after Athlore Darklands, 77 and Valcor have recently joined forces to bring back all those old school childhood memories! Super Fast Gains! theres no need to macro! Relive...

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The number one SPHERE shard still out there Custom era, level system, reliable staff, focus on pvp... UO like youve never seen it before

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