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Ultima Online shard since 2010, with Level system and Classes, Two opposing Alliances, Balanced economy with sufficiently large amount of custom content, Unique crafting and resource gathering systems, Two world projections - War [for fast paced PvP],...

934 Votes

[PvP-PvM-PvE][StatCap-550][No-Skill-Cap][Start-With-100-Each-Skill][Full-Starters-Gift Box][4FC-8FCR][Custom-Dungeons][Custom-Items][Custom-Tamables][Custom...

932 Votes
3 Realm of Souls

10 Skill cap. Up to 1200 skill points using power scrolls. 325 Default Stat cap. Increased skill gain over standard OSI rule sets. Less time grinding! Power Hour feature will increase your skill gain even further for one hour. 1 account per IP and 2...

871 Votes
4 UO Excelsior Shard

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface...

803 Votes
5 UO Eventine

UO Eventine is a PVM shard up to date with the TOL expansion. We have loads of custom content including quests, deco, artifacts, systems, mobs and bosses, and a custom facet with High level T Maps and Fishing with new artis! There is plenty of content...

363 Votes
6 Confictura: Legend & Adventure

Confictura: Legend & Adventure A people-first roleplaying shard. Come and leave your mark in a fantastic world. No donation rewards, no donation link, no pay to win features. A shard for true adventurers! Custom client files required to play are...

171 Votes
7 The Shadow Land's

AOS era Ultima online server and some of the current content on the retail servers. Custom Level System, Daily Town invasions. old school factions and much more custom content to come. check out our brand new Shard. Everyone Welcome. shadowage.myvnc.com...

158 Votes

Custom Sphere Server in development - Join the BETA NOW - Custom races, systems, skills, items, monsters, pets and much more - Recently launched and not even fully spawned. - Join the Beta testing and put your mark on your new possible home. - Homepage...

158 Votes
9 UO Dreams World

Easy start 10 skills to choose from 100 No skill cap 3 accounts per 1 ip Server under active development легкий старт 10 скиллов по 100 при старте кап отсутсвует качаем все скилы

57 Votes
10 Pandora - Online Over 10 years

Expansions AOS.ML.SE.SA.HS.TOL - Online Over 10 Years All Expansions using the latest Client. A community size that feels just right not overwhelming. No Skill Cap Easy Skill Gains You start with a house and mounts. Fel and Tram. From Gardeners to...

47 Votes
11 UO Strange Earth

Our staff aims to be different by creating a distinct experience that sets us apart from other free shards. We started with the "Time of Legends expansion" and built upon it greatly! So much so that its transformed into a new timeline or era of...

30 Votes
12 Legends of Sosaria

New players start with one codex to set 5 skills to 100, as well as a new player dungeon/quest, new player champ, power hour cloak available to players under 30 days account age! No Skill Cap, 300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls), Custom...

10 Votes
13 Ye Olde Sphere

Ye Olde Sphere is an effort to wind back the clock and re-visit the 2000 – 2004 era while using the modern Sphere X emulator. Focused on accurate scripts for standard UO features, community, and longevity. Breathe life into an adventure with old friends...

5 Votes
14 AlternateUO - APK Style PvE-PvM Shard

Fully custom, fresh PvP shard. High skillstat caps, tons of new fully unique systems. Dedicated staff and frequent events. Always up

4 Votes
15 UO-ZombieLand

Zombies und Untote haben die Macht über die Menschheit errungen. Kommt und helft uns..das dies nicht noch schlimmer wird. Es gibt kaum noch Reale Menschen.....Aber passt auf euch auf das ihr nicht zu einem Untoten werdet.

2 Votes
16 Merle's Welt

This is a friendly custom shard located in Europe. We have a special use of Skills giving unique fun to gameplay. You will find a lot of well known osi features and a lot of unique custom features and quests. There is a custom Map to discover, custom...

1 Votes

INTRO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/hgz9jVCCtjs Level Shard No Skillcap PVE & PVP & CRAFT RAID DUNGEON & PARTY DUNGEON & BOSS DUNGEON

1 Votes
18 Legacy of Sosaria

Legacy of Sosaria stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Ultima Online: T2A. Whether you're a veteran who wishes to relive the magic or a newcomer curious about the roots of MMORPGs, our server offers an unparalleled journey into the past....

1 Votes
19 Etem Ultima online

Information aboutvxb dbdbdfhgmfjmfmmfddjdjdjdjota PVP,BG,CFT

1 Votes
20 World of Dread

World of Dread is the Ultima Online Server of your dreams. Kind and helpful Staff, 12 different races, a great and truly balanced no-skill cap and no-statcap. Medieval MMORPG in a magical world. Try it and you will fall in love.

0 Votes
21 Forsaken Planes

All custom maps, a new experience, feel like a new player again! No skill cap, no pay to win! Come join us in Forsaken Planes! Custom Client: https://the-forsaken-planes.weebly.com/client.html

0 Votes
22 Vetus Mundus

Choose between humans and gargoyles which are completely seperated from the human world, learn new skills like mysticism, imbuing, throwing or spellweaving. OSI-like but with many own feature like the fascinating criminal-system on Ter Mur or the castle...

0 Votes
23 UO-Traditions (where the tradition lives on)

Custom shard. UPS Dedicated server Buy nothing all available in game Accelerated skill gain Spawned for PvM except PvP on Felucca 325 Stat Cap 1200 Skill Cap 6 characters 3 houses Enhance Artifacts Over 50 quests in place Active team New quests and Items...

0 Votes
24 UO Legends

No Skills Cap, Stats Cap 350. New PvP System and Event Point rewards! Custom Group and PvP finder tool that allows for instant match up with other players! Great Staff and Friendly Players. Best UO Growing Server! Join us!

0 Votes
25 The Golden Age

Let your hopes, dreams, and desires live, breathe, and die in the light. For the shadows are merely the absence of and can not exist without. Experience the retelling of The Age Of Shadows with all its splendor, and more. Professional developers, a...

0 Votes