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197 JUEGO DE REINOS Private Servers Version T4.4 with 5 tribus

The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at speeds X4 in the world. real version 4.4,WITH 5 TRIBUS no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

112 Votes

Travinzinko is a new private server for everyone who wants to play traviana as before. Of course, we are also working on new entertaining private servers. So I hope you like this server.

152 Votes
3149 gotravian.com

500+ Online Players /1600 GOLD / Global En Kalabalık Travian PVP Serverları Her Cuma 20:00'da Yeni Server www.gotravian.com

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Join us today: oldschool travian server x10 newbie friendly Today we came to paid domain server and we can give you: Support 24/7, no lags, no bugs

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NEW SERVER TEST x200 speed : x200 trops : x20 beginners : 5 days

5 Votes

war five kingdoms Tribal War 5 Land Usurp the land And resources

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I launched a new T4.4 Game server 5 tribes of gall roman german hun egypt 1000x speed Game.worldId = 'vip7' https://traviancx.hu/anmelden.php Discord: https://discord.gg/Mb5mQ3t

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3284 FunTravianze

Private Server 50x speed. FunTravianze is new travian server.

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NEW PRIVATE SERVER !!! JSTravijoc Server Start : 09.10.2020 17:00 London Time Server Speed : 2000x Troop Speed :200x Map Size : 100x100 Beginners Prot. : 48 hrs Medal Interval : 3 Days Every Friday start of new game. NEW TESTx200...

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TTwars best srw

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[EN] Welcome everyone to the Bravian description! Bravian is a server that brings together many servers! So I’ll let you find out for yourself. We are a server ranking top 10 private servers! We go in all franchises that we have two three bugs! But...

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Hi to all of you ! I present you my new private server of Travian! The version of this server is v3.6 (classic version). It is in speed x5 with no possibility of buying gold! The server is currently open, you can register but it will restart when we...

2 Votes

Join the world of Travian-domination and become the biggest player with the biggest army's. Crush you opponements and destroy there villages! Conquer the world of Travian-domination.com with you friend or alone. Join now and recieve 30 gold...

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3683 Bravian

Bonjour, BravianBB va enfin voir le jours ! Mais avant cela, nous aimerions connaitre votre avis sur la vitesse de serveur que vous souhaiteriez ! Donnez votre avis ici : http://sondageonline.fr/s/fd2dc7f L'adresse web de notre serveur sera :...

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the newest travian server hosted on a high speed vps, without lag, bug and no troops bought. The only requirement to win is the game strategy and patience. At the beginning of the game you will receive 150 gold for free if you send a private message...

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Welcome to TravOnline T3.6 Servers Community Please choose a server to log-in:

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7/24 destek asla ve asla asker ve madde satışı yoktur

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Türkçe Bugsuz T3.6 500x Yeni Server (Geliştiriliyor)

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Come play free and 500 Gold

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best travian speed server with speed 10000x and 20000x

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New server 10x

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T3.6 join new server low ping

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2252 travian t3,6 new server x13 speed

x13 speed atm, fast connection

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come and join slow server 33x speed

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New server speed registration link http://www.travspedx.nhely.hu/txspeed/anmelden.php

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come and check out our server

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919 Travianci Dostlar

Türkiyenin En iyi, En Kaliteli Travian PVP Server. Sürüm T4.4

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New server will star soon!! Monday 06.04.2020 at 15:00 GMT + 1 Speed:50x Troops: 5x Storage:15x Protection: 2 days! S2.TRAVIANPROX.COM

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104 Travimini classic T3.6 x10, x50, x999 and more

Oldschool classic Travian with low ping, great community, interest mods, graphic packs and cheapest gold +Active admin +Cheap gold +Low ping +Good community +Support 247 Only real classic gameplay without bugs, admin-cheats! Fun PVP and PVE. Stay...

375 Votes

Server x100 Design Pokémon Fun and Play ! You have a bug !? Report this and WIN Gold ! 100 GOLD START All Day Gift

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Travian private server running at Server Speed : 1000x Troop Speed : 500x Speeds . Plus version and richest gameplay experience in the world. Working troops and functional farm list and a real battle system! Come join ....

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Server Speed : 25x Troop Speed : 15x Evasion Speed : 15 Map Size : 100x100 Village Exp. : Fast Beginners Prot. : 2 hrs Medal Interval : 1 Days Server Start : 10.06.2019 Peace system : None

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is a browser game featuring an engaging ancient world with thousands of other real players. It`s free to play and requires no downloads

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Cravian v3.6 private server x2 - No Gold ! Fair Play and no cheater !

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best ever full sped

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421 Bellantium - in german and english laguagne

The new speed server. The language in the game can be switched between English and German. EQUAL CHANCE FOR ALL: That's why you can not buy gold in the game. Gold can be won through quests and adventures. Or silver can be exchanged for gold.

2 Votes
1486 Mighty Tavain (tx1000,tx5000,tx10000,tx15000)

New Travian Private server at different speed on T4.4 version. Enjoy the game All 5 Tribes Included

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3713 MajorosGrimm


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1647 Vip Travian  Full Sistem

Vip Travian Pvp Server Dunyada En Gelistirilmis, en Kaliteli Travian Savas Oyununa Sende Katil

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61 Online Travian ( T4.4 AND T3.6 )

It is the best pvp server in the world with professional 24/7 support, money award-winning servers. Server speeds from 10x to 100,000,000x are available. 5 tribes, no bugs, no lag and free gold (1600).

723 Votes
2414 Natarai.lt - Private travian 50x server

Natarai.lt - Private travian 50x server

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This server is for serious old school Travian action Dont join this server unless you are looking for a great round with strong players. Already 50 players and alliances are forming on this large 250x250 map. Only the strong will survive

34 Votes