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70 percent free 30 percent farm server. Max lapises lv7, Free lv7, max sonic and flash lapises. 64 level items are in the npc and 68 items are drop. Kill Rate 1-200k 50x 200k-300k 9x 300k-400k 5x 400k-500k 3x . Custom costume, pet and wigs and for more...

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- Max Lv: 60 - Server 100% Free - All Class Balanced! - Instalevel - Beginner Set already in Inventory - Killrate x1 In normal days, x2 in Events and x3 Special Event -Linking Rate Chance Max 50% - Level Lapis Max Lv6 and Lv5 in PvP 15 - Level Ele Lv1 -...

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EP 5.4 Original Basic Stats | Instant oder Leveln | 1x Kill | Ges gefixt | Tages Quest | geteiltes Goldkonto und vieles mehr ...

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Is built with Ep6 maps, monsters, own design interface and armor We are a mixed server from PvP & PvE everything is relatively easy to farm up. We will hold weekly PvP and PvE events so it never gets boring.

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Shaiya Voyagers is a private server featuring EP 6.3 (with EP8 content). Crafting system/ Faction Invasion with a working invasion debuff/announcement system! Completely revised UI to match our server! As well as many other updates/AI and play...

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65 Shaiya - AGE

[Shaiya AGE | Episode 5.4] Max Level 70 Kill Rate x1 EXP Rate x50 Max Lapis Lv7 150 Slot Raid Free DP Through events / vote / pvp etc. Ele Icon System Costume / Weapon Skins Free PvP 15 30 69 Gears/Weapons

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389 Shaiya Terror

Developed By [DEV]Karma Shaiya Terror retraces the best moments of the game, presenting an episode 5.4 in it's quality. This server has been developed from lovers of the game and for this guarantee a complete experience: there is to exp for reach...

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☑ Episode 4.5 ☑ Areas: 15-30-60 ☑ GRB Schedule: Sunday at 3pm ☑ Instant Level ☑ DOS/DDoS Protected ☑ Cross Faction Inspect ☑ Cross Faction Whisper ☑ Cross Faction Trade ☑ KILL Rate: x1 (event x2)

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Dragon Relic presents a server free , instant lvl 15 30 80 episode 54 kill x2 speed enchant speed RR server free server secure Custom Boot Custom Map Custom stuff free

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SG Shaiya - Episode 4.5 - SonovGames [SG SHAIYA IS THE FIRST PRIVATE SERVER EPISODE 4,5 WITH UP-TO-DATE REAL EPISODE 8 CONTENT] [Costumes, Pets, Mounts, Wings and much more] [EXP x50] [Free SP and Item Rewards] [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and...

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754 Shaiya Shining

Deutscher Shaiya P-Server, EP 6.4, Lvl 90, Max lapis lvl8, Pvp Killboost x2, Speed Rekken / Verzaubern, Schmied to Go, Skill Delay gefixt Wir freuen uns wenn ihr vorbei schaut

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4523 Shaiya Gordion

Episode 4.5 Farm Server, Starting Lv1, Max lapis lv6, Max Ele lv1

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Shaiya UK Episode: 4.5. Max Level 60. PvP Areas: 15, 30, 60. Instant Level. KILL Rate: x1 Event x2. Lapis: Max Lapis Lv6. NO Custom Items. Original Interface. Free Ending Gears: for PvP areas 60,15,30.

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Shaiya Suicide is a Free to Download and Free to Play Online 3D MMORPG where the humans and elves alliance must battle their dark EP5.4

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Shaiya Wild: Episode 5.4 Server Kill Rate: x5 Event x15 FREE Starter Set and Weapon

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►► Server is Episode 5.4 with Episode 6 ◄◄ • 1.000.000 kill cap. • Instant level 80 • PvP/PvE - Server • 3PvP Areas 15,30,80 • DDoS protected server • Account Security • Free Starting Gear For PvP • PvP,Easy grinding, farming, boss hunting • Vote for DP...

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Server EP 5,4 / Account shared Kills / Shared raid kills / Kill rate 1x / Max level 70

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deutscher EP 4,5 Server, EP-Rate x50, Max-Lvl 60, Killrate x1, keine Debuffs, Max-VZ 20, keine Donations möglich

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Shaiya GoT Classic Episode EP5 Episode 5, Kill Rate x2, EXP Rate x500, Max Lapis Lv7, Free Ending Set, Own Kills system, PvP Rewards system automatic. [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more] [Friendly and active staff members] [Online 24/7]...

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melhor shaiya BR

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ShaiyaSkyPh EP4.5 retraces the best moments of the game, presenting an episode 4.5 in it's quality. This server has been developed from lovers of the game and for this guarantee a complete experience: and a very quality pvp that all players always...

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PvP PvE Server Kills 50 Saturday and Sunday 100 Maximum equipment level 90 All game values can be bought for the game currency DP Referral system

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Shaiya PvP15 Free Information InGame PvP Map | Proelium Frontier Kills x5 (x10 with BFR) Systems InGame Enchant | +20 instant Guild | You can create a guild with 7 members (no penality) PvpReward | Each rankup grants you rewards Golds | Free

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☉ Unión Shaiya: Episodio 4.5 ☉ Areas de Pvp: 15-30-60 ☉ Servidor: ONLINE ☉ Registro: ONLINE ☉ GRB: Domingo, 2PM ☉ EXP Rate: x8 | KILL Rate: x2 ☉ Items no Editados ☉ Nuevos Items Nv 1-60 Ep8 ☉ Nuevos Jefes Nv 15-60 ☉ Max...

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☉ Unión Shaiya: Episodio 4.5 ☉ Areas de Pvp: 15-30-60 ☉ Servidor: ONLINE ☉ Registro: ONLINE ☉ GRB: Domingo, 2PM ☉ EXP Rate: x8 | KILL Rate: x2 ☉ Items no Editados ☉ Nuevos Items Nv 1-60 Ep8 ☉ Nuevos Jefes Nv 15-60 ☉ Max Lapis...

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Shaiya Cancer Custom Episode 5.4 Based [Gears/Weapons/Bosses/Costumes/ Wings/Pets] , 100% Free ,2 Zones [15/70] , End Starter Gears/Accs/Weaps/Cape [Rolled Enchanted Linked] , Free [Costumes/Wings/Pets/All of Consumables] Alot of new Custom Features!...

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Do you Remember the old times? When you go to pvp with 4 Slot gears and still kill alot of players? The times when 1 simple lapis could make all the diffrence, The times that skill Metters alot? so Why are u waiting for? Try us! 4 Pvp Zones! 15/30/60/70!...

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4566 Shaiya GordioN

Full Free ep4.5 20-30 and 31-60 pvp Server

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[The best ep 4.5 classic Server around] [Grand Opening: 15/05/2020] [No Debuff] [Auto Loot] [Anti Cheat] [Max Level: 60] [XP Rate: x100] [Killrate: x1] [HM Mode] [DDos Protected] [150 Slot Raid] [Active and friendly Staff] [Many Events per Week] [Daily...

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Ep 54,max lvl 7 lapis,Goddess 15 zone [max for free at merchants],Goddess 30 zone,PVP rewards,Shared Account/Raid kills,Perfect GM RR's, and many more features.View the website for full details.

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1094 Shaiya DarkPhoenix

[PvE-PvP] - Instant Lv 15/30/60/90 - x50 Kills Rate( Battlerune x100) - No Debuff Lapis - No Delay Pots - Fix Dex, Luc, Wis - Jump / Skill Cut Fix - Fast Enchant / ReRoll - 99% Free Item Mall/ NPC -1 Mio Kills = 1 Level Up. - Cross-Faction Trade /...

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Shaiya Warfare is a new episode 5.4 classic server 2020 with grinding mode, Max Lapis Lv7, 150 Slot Raid. DDoS Protected. Custom new scripts! Join US

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4152 Shaiya Endless War

- Original EP 5.4 Server - 95% Free Server (PvP) - New Quests PvE and PVP - All Class Balanced! - Instant Level 70 - Killrate x10 / Event x15 - Max Linking Rate Chance 100% - Max Level Lapis Lv7 - Max Level Ele Lv2 - No Overpowered Items -...

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Episode 6.4 on Shaiya TYR Full Custom server No Donation needed to rech End Equip. Custom AH/ Killrate. x1 /Max Lapis Lv.8/ Elemental Lapis Lv.3/ No Debufflapis/ EXP Rate:x50/ Shared Kills on all Raids/ Donate/Vote Points/ BRANDNEW BOSS RUN EVERY...

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[German/Deutsch] [Lv.100] [Custom EP5.4] [PvP] [PvE] [Account shared Kills] [DP 4 Kills] [DP 4 Vote] [Kills x5 x15] [Gold 2 DP] [100% Link] [100% Enchant] [No Pay2Win] [HTTPS] [DDoS protected]

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EP5.4 Server/Max Level 70/Max Lapis LV7/Custom Map Noria/Custom AH/Custom Accessory and Accessory lapises/Custom Level-Path with unique Levelingbosses in Cloron/Costumes and Weaponskins/Lv70 Gear as PvP-RewardShaiya top 100, 200 server, shaiya private...

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Wir sind ein Deutscher Shaiya EP 5.4 Server. Max Level 70 |EXP Boost x150 |Level Rüstung |Eingefärbte Rüstungen und Waffen |Max Lapis Lv7 |Keine Debufflapis |Kein Noss alles erfarmbar |PvP Reward |neues BonusVote System |Glückkiste |nettes Team. Kommt...

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Episode 5.3 Instant Lvl 15/30/70, x1 KILL Rate, Max Elemental Lapis Lv3 , Max Lapis Lv7 with Custom Lapis , DDoS Protected. Daily Events and active Staff team , Easy farming dont need to farm a lot to be maxed ! Join Now and have fun on our server !

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2513 iblis-shaiya

☉ Shaiya Iblis: Ep 6.4 ☉ 3.PvP Areas: 15-30-70 ☉ GRB Schedule: Every Sunday 21PM ☉ EXP Rate: Boost level ☉ KILL Rate: x.1 ☉ NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv5 ☉ Donation Set PreLinked and Rerroled ☉ FREE 30 Day's Consumables ☉ PvP,Farming and Boss...

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Shaiya Europe ep4.5 server classic with some custom features. 150 slot raid, ultra secure. Custom invasion system on ep4 maps. Come relive the old days

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Herzlich willkommen bei Shaiya Blackshadow! Wir bieten dir Episode 6.3 mit einigen neuen spannenden Features! Erhöhte EXP-Rate, Standard Killrate und viele gratis Items wie Traenke, Runen und vieles mehr! Wir bieten ein Aktives und Faires Team. Schaue...

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2968 Shaiya Ace [Deutsch]

Neuer deutscher Server || EP 5.4 || Maxlevel 70 || Maxlapisstufe 7 || Eigenes Ranksystem || Eigene Ruestung sowie Waffen || Kein Noss, Debufflapis || Alles erfarmbar || Raiduebergreifende Kills || PvP Rewards || Zahlreiche Events || Join uns und entdecke...

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3664 Shaiya Pro

100% Free, Kill x10, Kill x15 weekend event, 100% PvP 24/7, 100% Server Based pvp, Instant Level 70, Episode 5.4, Events All Days, Costumes Free, Pets Free, Wings Free, Pre Ele Boss Drops, Cheap Donate Items, 100% Free Max Items

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Episode 5.4, Account Sharing Kills, EXP Rate: Instant level, KILL Rate: x2, NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv7. No debuff lapis, Nostrums, PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, DDoS Protected Server

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SO is back. Free Starter gear enchanted and orange stats, free Starter lapis. Farming/PVP/Boss hunting is what we are working for. Test it out. It's special..2x Kill all day long

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PvP Server/Episode 5.4/Exp Rate x50/Kill Count x1/Max level 70/Starter Pack/All item are farmable in Game/New Quest/Event Map/Custom AH Map/Max lapis lvl 7/Debuffs Lapis/Costumes/Raid 150 Slot/Auto Loot/DDoS Protect/Active and Friendly Staff, What are...

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Server Original Raiz EP:4.5 Servidor PvE | PVP | BOSS KILL Rate: X1 EXP Rate: X5 Max Lapis Lv6 Modo Extremo Liberado APS Free Vote | DVG APS Por Level Servidor protegido DDoS

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3668 Shaiya Deadly Sins[GRAND OPENING 13DEC]

[GRAND OPENING 13Dec 8:00PM GMT+1]Episode 45 PvP base Server, Kills x 1, easy EXP x150, max level 60, max lapis 6, Proelium and Cantabilian is now 1-60 zone, custom bosses, Max Gear Goddess lv 53!, PvP boss hunting, active and friendly staff, everything...

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[Server Episode 5.4] [Max Level 70] [1 Map Based Server] [Custom Scripts] [Pvp Server] [Kill Rate x5] Alot of fun Events on going. Friendly and easy to find staff members. Discord Server to stay tuned. Alot of cool features to come soon. Come join and...

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