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Episode 4, EXP, 150slot raid system, Dyeing system, Teleport System, Rate x200, x1 KILL Rate, Max Elemental Lapis Lv1, Max Lapis Lv6, Daily PvP rewards, [Friendly and active staff members] [Online 24/7] [No pay to win, most or all items can be obtained...

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New Brand EP4 Server Shaiya Etaine, from creator of Shaiya Elixir!

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3 Shaiya Universe

Episode 5 [PvP PvE], EXP rate x200, Kill Rate x2, Best features from popular servers, GRAND RELEASE 15th October

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Shaiya is a Free to Download and Free to Play Online 3D MMORPG where the humans and elves alliance must battle their dark enemies.

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Shaiya Annunaki is an Episode 5 [with EP6 content], Created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Shaiya. KILL Rate x1, EXP Rate x150, Max Lv70, Max Elemental Lapis Lv2, Max Lapis Lv6 2 Versions, No Debuffs or KO. PvP...

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Deutscher EP 6,4 Server mit EP8 Content ,EXP Rate x150, Max Level 80 ,Gelegentliche Events ,PvP Events, Sorgenfrei dank stabiler und sicherer SQL Version!

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Shaiya Eternal Episode 5 visit our website for more information.

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Herzlich Willkommeni Shaiya-INT, Max Level 80, Spezial Lapis, Max Lapis Lv7, Kill Rate x1 und Kill Rune x2, GRB: Sonntag 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr, EXP: x200 AP: Voten

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174 Shaiya Black - Servidor EP 4.5 Original

Um servidor diferenciado EP 4.5 Original BRASILEIRO. Venha participar.

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Episode 5.4, Max Level 70,Exp Rate : Instant Level,PvP/PvE,Max Lapis Lv7,Kill Rate x1,Debuff lapisses not available. FREE starter gears and weapons,Hyper active staff members,Shared kills on all raids,150 slot raid,New maps,Dungeon maps available....

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[5 years development and tested] All BEST features and more NEW innovations, Episode 5, EXP rate x200, kill rate x1. GRAND RELEASE 4TH JUNE. Welcome to the future.

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Shaiya Amity episode 4.5 join the best pvp/pve server. . . .

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Custom Guild Houses/Guild Quests, Balanced Classes, RP from Donation and Gambling , Upgrade and Fortune Bags ,Self Party, Custom Chat commands, Auto-loot and FB stacking, 2 people to make a Guild, Monthly Loyalty Gifts, PvPvE

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Grand release 13th August Episode 5, EXP rate - x150, Kill rate - x2,Best FEATURES and many events in any time zone Join and get high with us!

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Elite Of Shaiya Ep 4.5 -PvP-PVE 60 Sv -Başlangıç 60 İlahi Setler -İnfaz Oranı 1x1 -Maks. Lapis: Sv6 -Orman Giriş : 1 -Solo Parti Sistemi -Sabit Buff Sistemi -Binek Atak Sistemi -Raidler Arası Kill Paylaşım -Toplu Raid Çekme -Anti Chat -DDoS Koruma...

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Un tous nouveau serveur FR/QC Shaiya QC nous proposons des évents régulier // Exp 20x // Drop 100% // PvP // PvE

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Dieser Server ist ein 6.4 Server mit 5.4 Content (Max Level: 80 3 Pvp Areas: 15, 30, 80 EXP Rate: x200 am Wochenende x400 Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 50% Lapis: Max lv7, Ele lv 1 & Lv2, Flash & Sonic, No Absorbtion, No Debuff Îtems: No...

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72 Shaiya Erase Ep 4.5

-Ep 4.5MaxLvl 60 Exp Ratex350 on Weekends x500- Kill Rate x5 [X2 with WBR]MaxLapis lv6-Max Flash 2 Max Ele 1-Max Sonic 2-No Debuff Lapis-Auto Pick up 150 Slot Raid-Kill share between all Characters in the same Account 3rd skillbar Anticheat System

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131 Shaiya ARMA - Episode 5.4 %80 FREE

Shaiya ARMA - Episode 5.4 %80 FREE Join us ! Discord : Facebook :

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Elixir v1 was first EP 4.5 server that reach 500k kills! Now its time for V2 with new features and NEW DEVELOPER! - Fps Boost - HP bar under enemy nickname ( enable/disable ) Mounts fly to sky! - Fast SKILLS and POTS- Level reward system - and many...

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>>Shaiya Titans: Épisode 4.5 >>Zones 2.PvP: 1-70 >>Horaire GRB: tous les dimanches à 21h00 >>Taux d’EXP: Taux de KILL de niveau Boost: x.3 >>AUCUN article personnalisé >>Max Lapis Lv7 >>Consommables GRATUITS de...

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Shaiya Invicible Is a 100% PvP server! With 100% free content, show us how strong you are and be the first to ascend the PvP throne

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140 Shaiya Symphony

Symphony is a Shaiya server based on Episode 5.4 with many custom features like its own interface. For more information come to our homepage.

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52 Shaiya Oblivion

Episode 5 PvP-PvE, EXP rate X150, Kill count X2, Best features, DDoS protected, Best anti-cheats, NEW wings,pets,costumes, NO custom items, chests 1,15,30,50,59 lvl and pleasant atmosphere. Follow this legendary path with us. GRAND RELEASE 7th May

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Episode: 5.4 Max Level: 70 (ending gear Lv69) Type: PvP/PvE instant level kill Rate x1 DEX FIXED - BEST FORMULA! FREE Starting Gear (with good stats for fast grinding) FREE Shaiya Points through Vote, PvP Rewards and in-game through Events, Quests NO...

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Release Date 23/01/2021, Shaiya Episode 4.5, Instant Level , Kill x1 (with Rune x2), Level 60, Balanced Classes, Infinite Potions, Easy Drops, Custom Maps and Bosses. For more information, Come and Join Us

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223 Shaiya Aurora

Shaiya Aurora it is the best 5 episode server. New wings, costumes and pets. x2 kill count, free EURO for PvP reward, selection of 3,4,5 panels, anti-cheats, DDoS protected, instant 15,30,70 lvl and element system icon

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Episode 45, Instant Level, Free Lapis Lv3 and Lv4, Easy Farm Map 15 and 30 for level 60

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65 Shaiya Glory

Private Shaiya Server, Episode 4.5, EXP Rate: x150, KILL x1, NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv6, Free Starting Gears, FREE SP by vote, Colored names, Stigma system, Artifact slot, Emoji, Teleport system, DDoS Protected. Join us!

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Shaiya Ep4.5 Bir yandan eski Shaiya zamanlarini hatirlatacak bir yandan ozleminizi giderecek bir oyun geliyor. x2 kill Max Legendary items Max Lapis sv5

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Shaiya Venom Episode 4.5 Max level 60 XP-RATE X100 MAX LAPIS LV6 Max Enchant [10] Killcount [1.000.000] Kill-Rate x1 Bless Fixed on 75% % farmable ingame? All Items Dex Fixed No Custome Content! Custom Systems Raid Max 150 Slotts Anti Bot System...

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Shaiya Avalanche Grand release 19th March, episode 5 , x2 kill count, free EURO for PvP reward, selection of 3,4,5 panels, anti-cheats, DDoS protected, instant 15,30,70 lvl

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110 Shaiya Shadow - EP 5.4

Episode EP 5.4: Portuguese Server, Maximum Level: 70. EXP Rate X100. Kill Rate X15, 98% Free.

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Shaiya Untold Episode 5.4 [Ep. 8 Features] Custome Gear,Weapeons,Maps ✔Server PvP Based ✔150 Slot Raid ✔Anti Cheat System ✔Max Lapis lv7 ✔Perfect Recreation Rune ✔Create Guild with 2 Players ✔Normal kill x5 Event x7 ✔Canion of Greed✔Anti DDoS...

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35 Shaiya Adept

[Episode 5.4] [EXP x200, x350 on weekends] [Every Item Farmable in-game] [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more] [Custom Web Systems] [2 Points Kind Currency] [Custom Quests] [Custom Bosses] [Join us Today and become part of this important...

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70 Shaiya Elixir - Ep 4.5

Grand Release 29th January, Episode 4, x50 EXP, x1 KILL, DDoS Protected, Unique Server with lot of awesome and cool scripts like Stigma system, Artifact slot, Emoji, Teleport system, all of them belongs to best shaiya programmer, Lot of investment behind...

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Shaiya Earth is basic and classic Ep5 server.we have many cool things to do and simple. we are running pvp kills x5 at event x10, you can earn 2 ap per minute while online. we are earth, the mother of others servers. feel free.

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4 Shaiya Five - Episode 5

Coming Soon, Release October 30, Shaiya Five brings Best Episode 5 Server with a lot of unique aspects, Come Join Us!

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132 Shaiya CHOSEN

Shaiya CHOSEN EP 6.4 - Max Level 60 - KILL Rate x1 - Max Lapis Lv.6 - 150 Slot Raid - No Debuff / Knockout - Ele Icon System - Costumes & Wings

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Shaiya LE - Episode 5 is the best Shaiya server out of there. Our shaiya server is carefully thought out, uniquely customized and constantly updated. We invite you to join our server!

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70 percent free 30 percent farm server. Max lapises lv7, Free lv7, max sonic and flash lapises. 64 level items are in the npc and 68 items are drop. Kill Rate 1-200k 50x 200k-300k 9x 300k-400k 5x 400k-500k 3x . Custom costume, pet and wigs and for more...

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- Max Lv: 60 - Server 100% Free - All Class Balanced! - Instalevel - Beginner Set already in Inventory - Killrate x1 In normal days, x2 in Events and x3 Special Event -Linking Rate Chance Max 50% - Level Lapis Max Lv6 and Lv5 in PvP 15 - Level Ele Lv1 -...

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EP 5.4 Original Basic Stats | Instant oder Leveln | 1x Kill | Ges gefixt | Tages Quest | geteiltes Goldkonto und vieles mehr ...

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Is built with Ep6 maps, monsters, own design interface and armor We are a mixed server from PvP & PvE everything is relatively easy to farm up. We will hold weekly PvP and PvE events so it never gets boring.

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Shaiya Voyagers is a private server featuring EP 6.3 (with EP8 content). Crafting system/ Faction Invasion with a working invasion debuff/announcement system! Completely revised UI to match our server! As well as many other updates/AI and play...

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47 Shaiya - AGE

[Shaiya AGE | Episode 5.4] Max Level 70 Kill Rate x1 EXP Rate x50 Max Lapis Lv7 150 Slot Raid Free DP Through events / vote / pvp etc. Ele Icon System Costume / Weapon Skins Free PvP 15 30 69 Gears/Weapons

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108 Shaiya Terror

Developed By [DEV]Karma Shaiya Terror retraces the best moments of the game, presenting an episode 5.4 in it's quality. This server has been developed from lovers of the game and for this guarantee a complete experience: there is to exp for reach...

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☑ Episode 4.5 ☑ Areas: 15-30-60 ☑ GRB Schedule: Sunday at 3pm ☑ Instant Level ☑ DOS/DDoS Protected ☑ Cross Faction Inspect ☑ Cross Faction Whisper ☑ Cross Faction Trade ☑ KILL Rate: x1 (event x2)

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Dragon Relic presents a server free , instant lvl 15 30 80 episode 54 kill x2 speed enchant speed RR server free server secure Custom Boot Custom Map Custom stuff free

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