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Cryptic Lastchaos

Max Level 200 High EXP Rate High SP Rate x8 Gold Drop Premium Buff System High Drop Rate High P1 Pet EXP Rate High P2 Pet EXP Rate HS Plus Safe 10 Upgrade Rate 85 Custom Rune 20 - 30 Max Plus 30

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1877 Ghost Mushroom - Blizzlike Priv Server

Ghost Mushroom - Blizzlike Priv Server

Server for those WoW fans tired of playing in privates "PaytoWin". GMs present, Rates pleasant. Transmogs lottery. XP: Kill-1x / Quest-10x / 30x-Discover Drop-10x / Gold-1x

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Mel Ran Online

-Hunt own your items -Freebies: Permanent(135 Set and Weapon) (1Day Ultima Rosary) -All Cards/Pots/Pet/Pet skills in NPC -4 Class Swordsman/Archer/Brawler/Shamman -Max Level = 250 -Max Reborn = 50 (10 Stat per Reborn) -Max Refine = +9 -Mid Rate...

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1879 Konoha-Sro


Cap 110 - PVE - Coin System - New Features - Wind Mastery - New Job System - S h - Special Edits

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Shaiya Blitzkrieg

Episode 45 Dedicated Server - Instant Level - Kill x1 Event x2 - Easy Farm - Boss Hunting - No Debuff Lapis - NO KO Nostrum - Friendly Staff Join US

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MyGame RAN.Com

MyGame RAN.Com Presenting 4 Class Server Max Level 300 No Reborn Lvl 7 - 297 Skills Combo base and Regen base Pure HUNT System Pure Private Server Gaming Lots of drop Easy to play Really exciting to play Donate vs Non donate 100 possible CW...

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1882 ElderWoW 3.3.5a Blizz & instant

ElderWoW 3.3.5a Blizz & instant

ElderWoW is a world of warcraft server - based on patch 3.3.5a WotLK - We have Instant Realm lvl 80-[5k gold and free t7 set for start] and Normal Realm - Blizzlike - no custom - 99/uptime-Fun Atmosphere-Want a place to call home this is it ElderWoW...

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Magic Sea Online

Old-school Tales of Pirates redefined with many new features that will enhance the gameplay. Keeping the main aspects of TOP

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1884 UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK Funserver

UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK Funserver

Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver Custom Instances Custom events Scripted World Bosses Unique-Mall Friendly Staff Proffesions Xmog

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1885 OSRON EP7


Namiss mo ba ang Dating Ran Online Tarat balikan ang nakaraan w a Twist Ung Party Based at Pang adikan Mode mag hunt at Palevel Welcome to CLASSIC OSRONEP7 - 175 Max Level - No Reborn - Low Rate Server - Original 4 Class - 7-167 Original Skill -...

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IruneOnline 110 ChnEu JobBased 20.02.18

Special CHN DMG Buff Cap 110 - Mastery CHNEU 330220 - Max Plus 12-ADV14 CTF-Ba-Roc Gate enable 1 Irune per Hour Honor Buff Via Job ActivityPlay to win, Special Npc with Premiumimmortal buyable via Arena coins AC drop at Uniques

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Endless World

Awesome 12x Blizzlike Server with a fully active Staff and Forum, Feel free to check us out :).

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Free vips free Admins and also nice staff

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Arios - The 1 Remake Server

A jam packed 2009 Server with OSRS content and loaded with thousands of hours of gameplay. Experience construction, boss pets, minigames, bosses and many more at

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SmileStoryMS - Servidor Privado v117 Experience Rate 10x Meso Rate 5x Drop Rate 3x Rebirth sin cambio de job boss, pq, mods, items, y mas diviertete y disfruta

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Lineage Radt server

Lineage serverrate500 PVP Facil CraftClasse BalanceadasEventsTvT.CTF.DMGmShopGKGlobalSystema PvP ColorNpcBufferOlimpiadas e HeroTodos itens podem ser conseguidos.

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HeroiaMU Season 3 Ep1 , Classic Old Server has come back with new staff and new features . Exp 50x Drop 40 Special Spots bksm , alot of events , and frendly Gms . Get ready to fill the real low exp gaming . Bring your frend and Win webcredits by Referall...

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MileGames MuOnline

Servidor PvP Premium IGCN con Castle Siege Semanal, Sistema de Votaciones x MCoins, Sistema Anti-Dup, Full Eventos Mejorados, No-Lag, 99.9 Estable y Online, Max Stats 65k, Pary Exp Mejorado, Nuevo Personaje Grow Lancer, Sistema de Elementos, Nuevos...

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Crown Online

Crown Online 80 CAP Chinese 10x ExpSP Rate 15x Party EXPSP Rate 1x Gold Rate Vote for silks Job Based Old School low-rates Silk system max 10 without Adv Auto Events Auto Equipment

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Heroes Ragnarok Online

255120 High Rate Server Pre-Renewal Transcendent Class Frost Server Ready PVP Freebies 3K XP Rate Modified MVP Cards Farmable Donates Easy to do Quest WoEKoE Automated GM Events and many more

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1896 Strenbus Vanilla WoW Progression Server

Strenbus Vanilla WoW Progression Server

The server will be upgraded depending on if player capacity is reached. The server is in Vanilla and will progress through Burning Crusade and then Lich King. Timeline for progression has not been determined-- it will likely be a 6 month timeline.

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1897 RockStar Cabal - Episode 8 PvE

RockStar Cabal - Episode 8 PvE

RockStar Cabal - Episode 8 PvE Rates x1

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RF Delirium server 55 Cap x300 EXP Rate x300 Animus Rate SkillForcePT GM International Server Friendly Staff JOIN US NOW RF DELIRIUM

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Nome Mu-LosT Verso 97D99i Experincia 2.000x Drops 40 Mximo de Pontos 32.767 Dinheiro Zen Atravs do comando zen Tipo de Reset Pontuativo Comando reset Remover PK Atravs do comando limparpk Spots Monstros Bem distribuidos

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1900 Phantom Dragon Nest

Phantom Dragon Nest

Greetings from Phantom Dragon Nest. Server EXP X500 - GOLD X25 - DROP X25 FREE 200Cash per hour system, DDoS protection, Level 90 Godly gears and accessories, 1 click change job, Unlimited skill points, Nest Nest, 90 Dragon Expedition, Raid Dragon...

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