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151 Azurial Online

Expected Release Winter 2024-2025 | Cap: Lvl 110 | 2016 Files | Drop Rate: High | Exp Rate: Med | Custom Raids| Custom Instances | Item Crafting | New Instances | Brand New Systems | No Pay to Win | Never Before Seen Content Waiting To Be Explored!

449 Votes

Server START May 8 (05/08/2024) | Server Mechanics: Pre-Renewal (No 3x Job) | Max Lv: 50/50 | Rate : 5x/5x/10x | Episode: Custom World (Item 13.2) | Server Mechanics: Pre-Renewal (No 3x Job) | Instant Cast: 150 DEX | Anti-Stun: 100 VIT | ...

448 Votes
153 Perfect World Mayhem 1.5.5 [PVE]

A play to win PVE server, with 12 classes, Everything farmable! endgame; R9R4 and R8RR, custom rates, Starter Gear, Battle Royal, Custom farm map, Free Mayhem PVP Gear, Mayhem Pillars,Challenging World Bosses, Craftable Packs, Blessing System and more...

447 Votes

International Gamecenter +200 locations. Client 2024 DirectX9. Classic server Episode 13.2. - Advanced control panel with marketplace. - Warpra - Hotel Healer & Buff 10min - No job changer. - Single client. - Connection & daily rewards. -...

440 Votes
155 SigmaWoW WOTLK x10

🍒 SigmaWoW x10 🍒 Step into SigmaWoW x10, a WoW server where every adventure is a gourmet delight! 🍰 PlayerBots - x10 WOTLK: Experience the Wrath of the Lich King expansion with enhanced player bot assistance, making every raid and dungeon a seamless...

434 Votes
156 Zenith-WoW Wotlk LEVEL 255

Launching on 13th of July - Demon Hunter Class WIP- Instant 255 - Daily Quest Rewards - Custom World Bosses - Custom Upgrade System - Paytime Activity Rewards - Monthly rewards for activity - Monthly vote rewards

427 Votes
157 New York Mafia

Round based Mafia themed online role playing game, set in the present day within the boundaries of New York city. Each round will last 3 to 4 months. Completely free to play, with premium currency available - however, we disagree with the whole 'pay...

411 Votes

MoonBD #1 Black Desert Private Server Except for the explanations below, everything about the server is available on our wiki.​ -Highest rates in all Black Desert Servers. -Hit 700+ Gear Score in a week and enjoy...

406 Votes
159 Leonis2 - PvM  Hard

Server PvM Hard Clasic ca prin ani 2009 .Pe server Nu veti gasi costume skinuri mounturi peturi etc . Leonis2 este un server creat special pentru jucatori de serverele hard nivel maxim 99 clasic ca in 2009.

406 Votes
160 Eternal Flyff – Play To Win – Weekend Events – Active Staff & GM

Unlock the ultimate gaming experience with Eternal Flyff! Dive into a truly play-to-win server that’s completely free to play. Enjoy active GM & staff support and a game born from the community. Reach instant endgame status and join our thriving...

406 Votes

Level: 500/120, BG/PVP/WoE focused server, Unique, exclusive content such as WoE 11, Improved BG, Hyper WoE, PvP Gauntlet, PvP Queue, and more

405 Votes
162 Crime Empires

Join Crime Empires and create the most respected mafia in the world. Build your own mafia empire, Start a family and become the very best!

404 Votes
163 Crime Empires Discord

Join Crime Empires and create the most respected mafia in the world. Build your own mafia empire, Start a family and become the very best!

404 Votes

Rates 5/5/5 | Max level: 99/70 | Pre-renewal | Classic experience | No Pay2Win | No shitty customs | No multi client | QoL additions: @spb | @alootid2 | Advanced @wb/@ws | Fully functional Party/Adventure system | and more!

404 Votes
165 Jack Daniel's #Public


404 Votes
166 Asylum MU Season 6

NOW OPEN! No Pay to Win, Play to Win. Free Tier2 Gears directly to inventory every character. Vote and earn credits to get Donate Rewards Earn 80K - 100K WcoinsP and exchange to 1 PART DONATE with 5 socket your choice! Join the newest Season 6 server...

Season 6 - x9999
404 Votes
167 Rappelz - Gambit [ ENG - DE - FR ]

The Rolls-Royce of all Rappelz private-servers! Come and enjoy the company of an active community and a very friendly active staff. Daily and automated events!

399 Votes
168 Aion America: Battlefront 4.6 1000+ Online NA SERVER

Version 4.6 Classic Rates / Introduction of Idgel Dome / No Pay2win / No Editions / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in South Canada / Low Ping / Great Staff and Support / Join Us Now!

397 Votes

In Pirate Quest you will explore the vast reaches of the Caribbean, pillaging and plundering with the likes of thousands of other seafaring blokes and wenches. With colorful, interactive graphics, text-based RPGs have never felt so alive before! Grab...

390 Votes

Introducing Elvarg- The Ultimate RSPS Experience! Embark on an Epic Adventure in Gielinor with Elvarg New Players will receive a mystery box on login Semi Custom 317 Loading 218 - RuneLite + 117HD - Weekly Updates, Custom Home, Training Zones - Chambers...

378 Votes
171 Mu Instinto Online Season 6 Since 2018

Versión: Season 6 Episodio 3 Experiencia: 500x - 10x Item Drop: 40% Stats Máximos: 65.000 Reset: 400 Puntos por Reset: Ninguno Borra Puntos: No Grand Reset: 200 Master Level: 400 Master Exp: 10x

372 Votes
172 4funMu,APRIL SEASON8

4fun MuOnline is ready to open updated version of HARD server with Dynamix EXP each 5rr! We recently released many big changes and updates...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting, balanced and of course - more...

358 Votes

Fishing - PvP Bot - Superman Archers - Shift+Click - Voiced NPCs - No BP/Fan/Tower/Steed - Balanced Rates - Semi Classic - No Pay2Win - Stable Source - AFK Farming Companions - Guild Halls

356 Votes
174 Shaiya Fortress

Grinding Server with 1-15 / 20-30 / 70 PvP, x50 XP rate , Max lvl 70, Max lapis lv7, 150 Raid slot , 3 Skill bars ,No Debuff lapis , No Wing , No Pets , Only costume and weapon Skin , Get Ready For Massive Events and Massive PvP !!!

332 Votes

MasterWoW (LEGACY) has been in operation since 2017. It's a custom PvPvE Haste and Fun server that offers a wealth of content. Similar to old servers such as Eternion-WoW, Sunset, and Mond-WoW, it is based on WOTLK 3.3.5a.

327 Votes