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Simple , Easy and Fun , New Server, Opal Sro is a classical Silkroad server. We all remember old school memories Where the fun was there?. Why didn't we bring this old days? You will find that in OpalSro! It is cap 80, Ch only! New System.

255 Votes
152 UO Excelsior Shard

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface...

251 Votes

[x5000 FUN] Mephis MU Latest Season 17 [New Characters Mephis amp Lemuria] [New Map Burning Kethotum amp Old Kethotum] [New Weapons amp Sets] [RESETS NO LIMIT] [Drop list on Website] [All bosses and events give you free WCoins] [GUILD MIGRATION]

249 Votes
154 MuAshcrow x800 - 65% - PvP Server

Medusa, Selupan, Kundum, Red and gold Invasion, Golden invasion, Rabbits invasion, Plus HP and balance for all races nice worked.Server Fast and Full PvP. For more info visit us website.

242 Votes

high loot pve/pvp roleplay easy for noobs and bambis dayzdog basebuilding+ and much more mods

241 Votes

EXP X400 DROP X100 QUEST GOLD X100 TAMING X10. The Ares Update is Live! An active and International server. Improve the server according to the players needs. Experience our custom content and events. For over 10 years of experience in MMORPG...

240 Votes

whatsapp üzerinden 7/24 hızlı iletişim (+90553 673 65 33) t4.6 en iyi sürüm 5 kabile 1600 bedava altın Her sunucu +100 çevrimiçi hata yok gecikme yok

237 Votes


232 Votes

It is the best pvp server in the world with professional 24/7 support, money award-winning servers. Server speeds from 10x to 100,000,000x are available. 5 tribes, no bugs, no lag and free gold.

229 Votes

Tales of pirates server with new features, Max Level 130, Max Pet Level 200, Max Rebirth 10 (New System), New Balanced system, New Classes, New Maps, New Monsters, New Items, Active System, Global Market, More to see come join now and enjoy the new era.

220 Votes
161 [PlaySro] CAP 130 - BETA [ON]

Grand [On Fire] , Cap 130, Degree 14, Race CH$EU, Mastery 390, PVE, EXP 700x, Drop Items 20x, FGW Rate 10, Drop Gold 3x, Trade gold 5x, Max plus +12 [Adv +14] ,PC Limit 4 - Job temple - Holy water temple - Balanced China - SILK/H 1 , Battle Arena

219 Votes
162 PolskieMU

Największy Polski Serwer MuOnline Season 17 Zapraszamy do wspólnej zabawy. Wszystkie informacje dostępne na stronie www jak i również na forum.

211 Votes

You are looking for pleasure; novelty; stability? We have what you are looking for! This server full of novelty created by one of the French pillars will satisfy you! Find new PvE and PvP game systems on Culture Flyff

209 Votes
164 Ignition online - cap 60 (progresive)

Oldschool, low rates, progresive cap 60 We are experienced players so we decided to bring back some memories and take from sikroad Best we are able to take. JOIN US!!!

209 Votes
165 Rappelz - Gambit [ ENG - DE - FR ]

The Rolls-Royce of all Rappelz private-servers! Come and enjoy the company of an active community and a very friendly active staff. Daily and automated events!

207 Votes
166 NYRO (4th Job Server)

FIRST-EVER SUPER HIGH RATE RAGNAROK SERVER WITH 4TH JOBS! Pre-Renewal with few renewal features. Server Rates: 50k 50k 5k Max Stats: 500 120 Gem System Wing Forge System Materia System Charm System. NoPay2Win! Donation Items are available in Quest. No...

206 Votes

Niburu Space is a web browser based multiplayer game which is very similar to OGAME. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more....

204 Votes

✅13 Unique Sets, ✅Slot Removal, ✅Exclusive Quest Panel, ✅Merit Medal PvP System,✅ PlayToWin ✅Custom Skills , ✅Epic Boosters, ✅Epic Craft, ✅Boss Hunting Event every Day, ✅EP8 Extreme Upgrade, ✅Newbie friendly, EP 8-28, ✅DDOS-Protected, ✅2 Years+ UP, ✅Bm...

202 Votes
169 Space-Rivals Game

Space-Rivals starts a new High Speed Universe at the 11. July on a Rate of x60.000

200 Votes

In Pirate Quest you will explore the vast reaches of the Caribbean, pillaging and plundering with the likes of thousands of other seafaring blokes and wenches. With colorful, interactive graphics, text-based RPGs have never felt so alive before! Grab...

198 Votes
171 Kingdom2 - Private Server

Easy PVM server with maximum level 127. The opening will be on August 22nd.

193 Votes

DarkStory is a Free to Play 2D MMORPG where you can have fantastic adventures filled with action, magic, and friendships.

189 Votes

[RESRO Opening 01/07] _ Cap 110 Old School] [All unique drop coins] [Uniqes System][Rates 200x][ PC Limit 4 ][ Balance Chinese and Europe][Battle Arena enabled] [SILK/H 1] [CTF Enable] [Mastery 360] [New Dungeons] [New Events]And more

186 Votes
174 Shaiya Hollow

Server Information Shaiya Hollow : ❗️Episode : 5.4 ❗️Max Level : 70 ❗️ Max Lapis Lv : Lv7 ❗️ Type : PvP/PvE ❗️ Free CRR-PID-EE ❗️ Kill Rate : x3 ❗️ Gm Rerolls ❗️ 3rd Skill Bar ❗️ Instant Level ❗️ High Rate Server ❗️ Auto Skilled up to lv 3 with enough...

185 Votes

OSRS with Unique custom gear/maps, Everything designed by ourselves. Full Raids, Alchemical Hydra, Inferno and so much more.

183 Votes