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1251 Equniox WoW

Equniox WoW

Patch 3.3.5| Instant Level 70| 71 Talent| Custom Quest, Scripts | Cross Faction Battleground. Come on!!

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1252 Area WoW Private Server

Area WoW Private Server

Area-Wow Community provides 2 servers, 1 server fun wotlk 3.3.5, 1 Cataclysm 4.3.4 pvp. We expect the Area-Wow Community to play with us.

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Travian 6X Speed

Travian 6X is like a normal travian but 6X speed 3x storage and 100x100 map.

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Winterlore - WOTLK 3.3.5a Blizz-Like

Free to play | X2 xp and rep | Very fast servers | Friendly players | Ingame GM's | Trinity Core powered | PvP Realms | Dedicated staff

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1255 Agaroth- OSRSRS2RS3 best combination

Agaroth- OSRSRS2RS3 best combination

Nex, Torva, Twisted Bow, Zulrah, Construction, Dungeoneering, Summoning, Elder Maul, Dragon claws, Perfect combat, Player owned Shops, Grand exchange and so much more come check it out

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1256 Prismatic-Network


[3.3.5a][Level 90 Fun Server] [Level 80 Highrate Server] [Balanced PvP] [Custom Items, Quests and more] [Battleground, Arena working] [TeamSpeak]

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Afterlife-WoW | Instant 80

Instant 80 | Playertreff | Startgold | PvP | S8 u. T10 Startgear | S9 Custom Gear | 2 Custom Spells für jede Klasse -> sorgfältig ausgewählt um die Balance nicht zu gefährden | Trinitycore

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L2 Order VS Chaos [Factions]

Two factions: Order and Chaos. * Faction choosable when creating a new character. * Adena, exp and sp rewarded from pvp kills and flag capturing. * Faction teleporter with the ability to teleport to faction's locations. * No CTRL needed ! *...

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jogos da barbie

Divirta-se com a barbie em diversos jogos divertidos jogue agora os jogos mais legais da barbie, no jogos da barbie do jogos online de menina

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Best server of Ogame; resorces 60mil,fleet 26,general speed 99,999

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1261 Hash-MASTERMS v117.2 Servidor Latino Unico

Hash-MASTERMS v117.2 Servidor Latino Unico

[v117.2 (GMS)] [30x Exp] [30x Meso] [2x Drop][Mob Gives NX] [All jobs working] [Cube Gain] [Random 22k items Gachapon System] [Max Lv 250] [New Mision] [No damage cap] [Reborns!][Player NPC Shop][Spawn Vip>][Barril de Deseos][Entra No te Arrepentiras]

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1262 UberStory - Great Staff - 24/7 - V83

UberStory - Great Staff - 24/7 - V83

Welcome to UberStory, the official v83 maplestory server. If you'd like to join, please visit the site and register. Then visit the post "How to play" Thanks!

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cheapest WoW gold

Where to buy cheap World of Warcraft US accounts and where to sell WoW EU accounts.How to buy WoW gold,WoW Money,Cheapest WoW Gold,Items.The best answer is Farmer100

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1264 Blacksmith Mu [97D+99I - 15x - 40%]

Blacksmith Mu [97D+99I - 15x - 40%]

The Blacksmith Mu website has been developed from scratch! It contains all the important functions that a Mu server needs plus many more features specially designed for our server. As for the game, it has its own quest system, many commands, custom...

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1265 Aion kinar

Aion kinar

Кинары на сервере Aion Legend, лучшие цены и самая быстрая доставка. На сайте вы так же найдете множество полезных статей и многое другое

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[b][img][/img] *Experience: x50 *Sp Experience: x70 *Party Experience: x1.5 *Party Sp Experience: x1.5 *Adena: x200 [img][/img] *Starting all...

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MMOReactor - WoW Emulation Forum

This is a mainly a WoW Emulation Forum, and Graphic forum however we have offtopic chats as well. You can advertise your WoW Private Server, recruit staff, ask for help, discuss graphic design, offtopic here! Make sure to check out the forum and learn...

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OverConquer Classic 1.0

ClassicPk / PkTournament / No ninja / +12 Plus / Exp Balanced / Max Level 135 / In ShopMall / Events Diarios / Server Classico 100%

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1269 ImmortalCore Mist of Pandaria

ImmortalCore Mist of Pandaria

Server ImmortalCore Mist of Pandaria ! Growing community, no lags, Highrates 12x. Weekly/Daily Events, Best GM assistance ! More stuffs. Shopping mall. Friendly staffs. Working PvP or PvE ! Just join and be a part of growing community !

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1270 [2years alive] PirateWars travian servers

[2years alive] PirateWars travian servers

We are glad to introduce you professionally hosted travian servers. Servers are bugless, natars + arts works. We have 4 servers: x30,x150,x1500,x33333

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1271 Eagle Ragnarok online

Eagle Ragnarok online

255/120 Pvp Server 30k/30k/10 Rates 5% all MVP Boss. 2% Lhz Boss Awesome Freebies. Awesome Guild Package Max of 7Members [Guild Package] Members And Guild Master Will receive Same items *Donate Set [Diablo Set] *5pcs Eagle Card Album [ Chance to Get...

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Vision Ran Online

4 Class 7 - 207 skills Unlocked All Skill Effects Anti Pots,Debuff,Silence,Hp cut Etc Balanced All class Based Build Server Combo based Server Pots Based Max level 250 Max Upgrade 15 Active Admins Daily Events Unli Mobs Upgrade Announcer Target Info No...

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Shaiya Revolution is Farm/PvP Server Theres 4 Sets In ItemMall and 3 Sets u need to farm it :) and 1 free and Merchants for Weps/Lapis/Accs

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Ran Primal Episode 10 Is Now Officially Up -NO Donate Items -NO Hidden Services -Hunt and Craft you Own Items -8 Class Mid Rate Server For more Info Visit our Page www.facebook.comranprimal

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