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101 Top1 Burning Crusade 2.4.3 server | Rates x100

WoW 2.4.3 server | Working since 2011 | Easy rates x100 | FREE rare gear for 70 lvl | Raids scaled for 10 players | Solo 3v3 arena with real rating | Fast discord support | Free dualspec and instance teleporter | Crossfaction | Unlimited professions |...

242 Votes

Best Interlude x50! Rates - Exp 50, SP x50, Adena x1. More information on our forum!

242 Votes
103 Prifddinas Osrs

• An active community, along with a balanced economy as well as an active wilderness! • That real OSRS feeling from every aspect as far as combat and skilling, everything tested and working properly • The newest OSRS content, along with constant updates...

241 Votes

🚩-=PvP|PvE=- server Gangland RO/EN/PVP/PVE/PURGE/KEYCARDS🚩 Our constantly growing community is looking for more and more players to join us in our adventure.❤️❤️ We’ve just updated to : 🍂🍃CannabisPlus🍂🍃 🍬DrugDealer🍬 🐻HuntingTrader🐻 💵☠️BlackMarket☠️💵...

232 Votes

we are relaunching on 1st of december 2021 join the discord for updates Welcome to WildyPK a OSRS Spawn and Pking Server  Bosses:  The nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss , Custom...

230 Votes
106 Crime Empires

Join Crime Empires and create the most respected mafia in the world. Build your own mafia empire, Start a family and become the very best!

230 Votes
107 Crime Empires Discord

Join Crime Empires and create the most respected mafia in the world. Build your own mafia empire, Start a family and become the very best!

230 Votes

BETA is LIVE! 02.06.2022 Gather up and get exclusive rewards More details: The download link is available. A brand new server with new skills, new designs, new NPCs, Fresh cosmetics,...

230 Votes
109 Battle2.Global  | International - 1.200 Players in 24 hours.

International Server- Professional Team - Longevity guaranteed - Discord on Website

229 Votes

6k/6k/100 max lvl 255/255 questable/votable donations guild/newbie packs up for 5+ years, no wipes, stable intense WOE/GVG/PVP

228 Votes
111 NYRO (4th Job Server)

FIRST-EVER SUPER HIGH RATE RAGNAROK SERVER WITH 4TH JOBS! Pre-Renewal with few renewal features. Server Rates: 50k 50k 5k Max Stats: 500 120 Gem System Wing Forge System Materia System Charm System. NoPay2Win! Donation Items are available in Quest. No...

222 Votes
112 Aionzone 5.6

Instant lvl 75 w/ starter Gear, High Rate PVPVE Server, Active Custom PvP Portals & Instances, ActiveAntiCheat Launcher, Stable Dedicated Server, 24/7 PVP, Custom Event by International Staff, End Gear Drop in All Bosses, Server Host in Singapore....

222 Votes
113 Baltic-Sro

Hello everyone. Wanted to introduce You with our server - Baltic SRO. Let’s be honest, we do not offer any impossible features, but we do offer stable, balanced, fun and secure long term server. Game is based on vsro188 files with modifications to make...

222 Votes

Full Player-Farms | Music & Sound system | All Elite Dungeons | Anachronia | Prifddinas | Archaeology, Invention, Divination skills | Dyed EoF's | Legacy Combat | Nex: AoD | Araxxor | Vorago | Ironman modes | Mining & Smithing rework

220 Votes
115  .

220 Votes

#1 OSRS Custom Server | 250+ Realistic Customs | 50+ Custom Bosses | AFK Skilling | Taming Skill | Unique Edgeville | Custom Skilling Area | Hourly Loot Rewards | Raids 1 & 2 | Custom Raids | Never-Before-Seen Content

220 Votes
117 Playbite

Playbite is a mobile arcade where you win real prizes for playing games! Join through this link and we’ll both get free tickets!

220 Votes

Season 3 Episod 1 Original 5000x Epx 80% Drop Anti hack premium

220 Votes
119 ManagerLeague

Join ManagerLeague now and take control of your own football club. You are in full control: improve your team by buying, selling and training players, hire staff for critical tasks, and develop your stadium to improve your finances both on and off the...

220 Votes
120 Verse Highrate Server

Rates : 3000x 3000x 100x Pre Renewal Server Trans Job : 255 | 120 Max ASPD : 193 WoE Insane! Frost Sever | Kiel Based

220 Votes

120 cap orta emek server en güzel petler en güzel avatarlar vardır en güzel orta emek sistemidir tüm yeni güncel editler yapılmıştır

220 Votes
122 MMGC.LIFE Zombie GMOD + VIP + Points

Never heard about CS 1.6 garry's mod server ? IP: Forum: Server Features: For Vips: -Free plasmagun / kill bomb / illusion bomb -50% chance getting free jetpack -50% chance getting free goldenak ...

220 Votes
123 Cabal Interactive

Unique Cabal Online server with lower medium rates || All of the latest dungeons || Tons of extensions (such as instant relog, resists, extended runes and so much more) || Constantly balanced server || Long term gameplay and we are offering the most...

211 Votes

Very stable server, 99,99% online, quality since 2008, High population, [WotLK], Instant LvL 255 Fun realm with active PvE and balanced PvP, Custom: instances, Titles, Items; Unique customs, no lag, professional staff, very Secure dedicated server, Join...

205 Votes

Welcome to Global.Mu or Mu-On.Ru Season 3 Premium Exp-30% Drop-30% Server 2 Exp-500% Drop-30% Minimum Donate Server Online 24/7 Admin Online 24/7 Best Balance Players Go Go Go All

202 Votes