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Lineage 2 Private Interlude x1000 Server starting on 6th of January, 1900 GMT2 WEB WWW.L2EOLA.COM FB PAGE www.facebook.coml2Eola

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Lineage 2 server Custom pvp high rates with alot of custom Custom zone Custom weapon Custom armors Custom Tattoo Spacial Boses custom droop Good Server to spend time with your friend. Have fun Enjoy

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RateXp 500. RateSp 500. RatePartyXp 1000. RateDropAdena 1000. RateDropItems 10. RateRaidDropItems 1. Safe 4Max20 Balanced 99 Epic Weapons Titanium Armor Custom Items 5 Stats More From Retail S Normal Enchanted OLYMPIAD Retail olympiad Max Ench5...

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54 IPlay.GG x10 H5 Grand Opening 1st March 2018

IPlay.GG x10 H5 Grand Opening 1st March 2018

RATES Experience - x30 Skill points - x30 Adena - x15 Drop - x10 Spoil x7 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town...

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Lineage 2 GM Server

-=ABOUT GM SERVER=- Server Rates: - Adena: 5.000x. - XP: 5.000x. - SP: 5.000x. - Drop: 5.000x. - PartyXp: 2x. - PartySp: 2x. - Safe enchant: +65535 - Max Enchant Weapon: +65535 - Max Enchant Armoor + Jewels: +65535 - Starting character: 1 LvL. and...

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L2 Mora Interlude PvP

MORA NETWORK - EVERYTHING ABOUT LINEAGE2 G.O OF 1ST SERVER 1122016 2000 GMT3 INTERLUDE CLASSIC PVP NO CUSTOM DEGANITYPROJECT FEATURES httpmora.networkforumindex.phptopic8-mora-network-features-of-deganity-project L2SERVER WEB ...

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Lineage II Coral Interlude Grand Opening 18-12-2015

Lineage II Coral Interlude PvP Server Server 1 Custom Grand Opening 18-12-2015 Server 2 Non Custom Grand Opening 06-01-2016 Website: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Video:...

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We are very excited to announce our upcoming server Beyond as Interlude chronicle. Beyond will be a low-mid rate L2OFF Interlude server. Our features can be found httplineage2beyond.comindex.phptopic9-beyond-35x-features Our facebook page is ...

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L2 Seven

L2Seven The Ultimate PVP server OPENING Today 20:00[GMT+2] A simple and clean one Just a massive PVP zone, Grand Bosses, Olympiad and Sieges. Buying free +10 equipment. Enchantable by pvping until +15. Free bogs, lifestones. Buyable active/passive...

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Interlude pvp server join dont miss it. Welcome to Lineage 2 Undone PvP. Our server will be your new addiction. We worked a lot on our server to provide you the best gameplay. Our goal is to give players the best pvp experience. On our server you...

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Lineage 2 Classic Luna

Expirience x7 Skill Points x7 Adena x3 Drop x1 Raid Boss Drop x1 Retail Quest Rewards Retail Quest Drops Newbie Guide Full Character Rewards Online Vote Gift Store

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H5 x3 low-rate server. PTS files, Grand Opening 23th February 2018. Bitcoin event

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63 L2 Scarlet Legendary 20x Gracia Final

L2 Scarlet Legendary 20x Gracia Final

Chronicle Lineage 2 Gracia FinalEXPSP 20x Party EXPSP 2x Drop 10x Spoil 10x Adena 25x Seed of Destruction TvT Event Hide Seek Event Retail Olympiad 2 Weeks Sieges PvP Zones

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Unique pvp and game experience,come and join us,meany events and custom,expect 500 online,safe 20 max 40 50 xp custom armor wings and weapon

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Main Town - Kamael Village Maximum Level - 85 XP RATE - 1000x SP RATE - 1000x ...

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66 Lineage2 E-Global Interlude [Low]

Lineage2 E-Global Interlude [Low]

Lineage2 Interlude [L2OFF] Low Rates [x10] Live: October 10!

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67 Sale Cheap Lineage Eternal Adena, Lineage 3 Adena provide Lineage Eternal Adena, Lineage 3 Adena. The cheapest Lineage Eternal Adena store

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L2Mafia Ken Orwen 59 Grand Opening at 13-10-2017 Hour 2000 GMT 2.Aden Castle Event Will Take Place Clan That Will Conquer And Defend Aden Castle For One Time Wins 100 Real Money.Why Ken Orwen x300 Is The BestCuZ This Server Configured From Players to...

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Server Game Description 0 Comments Our site Hello stranger Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time Beyond World launched its first Lineage II server in 2006. Its one of the oldest, and most famous...

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Rates Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Adena 5000x. Drop 1000x. PartyXp 2x. PartySp 2x. Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates Safe Enchant 3 Max Weapon Enchant 18 Max Armor Enchant 18 Max Jewel Enchant 18 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate 65 Bless...

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L2mafia Stuck Sus

After 8 Years Of Uptime With No Wipes Its Time For Servers Restart The Old Well Known L2mafia Stuck Subs Server Its Coming Up Again At 16th October 2015 20:00 Gmt +2 Minimum No Wipe Period 2 Years Guaranteed By Our Traffic Details...

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Lineage 2 Realm H5 International

High Five x15 29.05.2015 Grand Opening 5000+ Expected

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73 Lineage 2 Vortex - NEW open server

Lineage 2 Vortex - NEW open server

Lineage 2 Vortex - NEW free open server - Always updated to the last version - Online 24/7 - All raid bosses avaliable - Custom NPCs - Stats: Adena x200, Sp x80, Exp x80, Drop x1.5 - Friendly staff and growing community

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L2 Omicron

Features - L2 Omicron Interlude Server Rates - Adena 4000 x - XP 4000 x - SP 4000 x - Drop 4000 x - Party Xp 2 x - Party Sp 2 x Enchant rates - Safe enchant 7 - Blessed scrolls max enchant 30 - Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80. - Blessed...

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