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51 Gotravspeed Private Servers

Gotravspeed Private Servers different speed servers 1,000,000 500,000 , 250,000 , 100,000 No Lag, RE worked Farm list, More update

557 Votes
52 Ogame Private -- Corrado-Game

Ogame Private -- Corrado-Game

NEW GAME Uni15 Opens 14 December High-Speed-Many Players-Active Community-Online Since 2009- So when you like the classic look of the game we have the right game for u Join today

551 Votes


GRAND OPENING UNIVERSE BOOSTER X600.00 12.01.2019 - 18.00 fra time WHAT IS OUR DIFFERENCE 1 Catch Up and reach TOP 20 with ONE click 2Recover your fleet in case of defeat... Univers UNITY x 300.000 - Come and enjoy a real fun adventure in deeper...

524 Votes
54 PkHonor - menagerie released - UIM very soon

PkHonor - menagerie released - UIM very soon

Hundreds online at all times - all skills working, including construction and hunter - Grand Exchange - Every single boss and boss pet from OSRS, as well as Nex - Dwarf multicannon, pVp equipment, chaotic equipment, Torva, Virtus, Pernix, armadyl...

504 Votes
55 Unlimited-WoW 255LvL 3.3.5a WOTLK

Unlimited-WoW 255LvL 3.3.5a WOTLK

255 Level Cap, Tier 1 to Tier 14, 1v1 Arena, All Classes for All Races, 80000 Custom Items, Amazing Custom and scripted Instances, Custom Quests, Working BG and Arena, Custom Mall, Balanced Classes, Transmog, Mall, Unique Wing Transmogs, Custom Bosses

500 Votes
56 0 Moons - No moons, Only skill

0 Moons - No moons, Only skill

OPENING 0802 - 1800 - POLAR X 1.300.000 Play a different game with awesome features like QuickStart or Second Chance Catchup and reach top 15, Recover your lost fleet. Unique Game with NO moon . Current Universe VACUUM - Ultra Fast X 800.000 -Show...

494 Votes
57 Calypso Universe Space strategy game

Calypso Universe Space strategy game

Calypso Universe is a web browser based multiplayer game. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more. Gameplay is similar to Ogame.

487 Votes
58 Onyx - Most Content Packed RSPS

Onyx - Most Content Packed RSPS

Onyx is a combination of the best OSRS and PRE-EOC Content, taken to an extreme with all a flawless top tier RSPS can offer. Thousands of features await you and your friends. What are you waiting for PLAY NOW

485 Votes
59 Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time

If you are also want to come play in a family atmosphere where joy and good mood are at the rendezvous then Dawn of time is for you Come discover our version 4.6.2 which is one of the most important on the bugs. The Dawn of Time to an open and very...

484 Votes
60 MuOnline Areax

MuOnline Areax

Muonline Areax es un servidor gratuito y estable que lleva mas de 36 meses online, brindando calidad a sus usuarios y fans. Con una experiencia dinamica y con todos los eventos activos, brindamos una version season 13 fantastica. Durabilidad y...

476 Votes

RAN Online PH The Beginning

Ran PH 2006 Gameplay Level 150 Cap 127 Max Skill 4 Class Server Low ExpDropGold Rate Quest Based Pure HuntingFarm Based Party Leveling Play to win server High Security System Protected by Gerber Security

470 Votes
62 EledisMu x1000 - Launch - 8 February

EledisMu x1000 - Launch - 8 February

Eledis x1000, Season 4 EP14,New events, Premium Files, Balanced Characters, New maps and sets, No FO or OP Items, Castle Siege Every Week, CashShop, AutoParty System, Off exp,Party Search and other,New events and many other

458 Votes
63 Old School Ran Online

Old School Ran Online

Server Features - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements No Lag - Free all skills - 90 Success Refining Rate up to 20 - 50 Success Refining Rate up to 30 - Unlocked all skills 7 up to 237 original skill when character created - High rate ExpGoldDrop...

446 Votes

Ultimate Assassins

Ultimate Assassins is a Text Based Mafia MMORPG. Rank against other players with the same goal in mind to reach the TOP Become powerful, rich, and eliminate other players. In the beginning you can start doing crimes for some easy cash. You have...

412 Votes
65 Crusader Travian MultiServer T3.6 T4.4

Crusader Travian MultiServer T3.6 T4.4

We have for the moment 8 servers 3 T4.4 servers 25x, 100x, 2000x and 5 T3.6 servers 25x, 100x, 500x, 10000x, 1000000x. Online since 2008. No lag, 247 , vote system for gold, silver system. Fair-play

392 Votes
66 RF Online United International PVP server

RF Online United International PVP server

Level Cap: 55 Experience Rate: x100 Custom class rewards as you get jobs. Best Items: Superior armor and PVP weapon Maximum upgrade: +5 HDH Activated with custom rewards: CPT, GP, Jetpack ability boxes, HDH elements, upgrades. Farming: Intense...

337 Votes
67 Best11 Manager

Best11 Manager is a new free online football manager, easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play. However, the game offers plenty of things to challenge you every day.

335 Votes
68 Galatium


Galatium is mobile-friendly and a free to play PBBG and MMORPG. Join the epic battle that never ceases as you strive to become a true legend. Will you be a vicious Gladiator and allow your rage to rule the battlefield ... or perhaps a pillaging Pirate...

332 Votes
69 Mu Crews Season 6 Ep3

Mu Crews Season 6 Ep3

Season 6 EP3100x100 User ONPvp BalanceadoPremios por votarEventos funcionandoCreditos votando y en eventos65K Stats Maximos Servidor Latino.

328 Votes

Shivium Last Chaos

Details Start Level1 Max Level185 Old Juno with small changes active staff pve daily quest Rank PvP New option show fpshide radarhide chatquick panelExp150Sp20drop30affinity10max up21

308 Votes
71 AirFlyFF Latino

AirFlyFF Latino

CODIGO DE DISCORD wxkE7f7 Halloween a llegado AirFlyFF All Rates x5. Traducido completamente para Latino America, GMs Activos de habla hispana. Flyff v16, Siege 4 veces a la semana, tenemos todas las misiones funcionando a la perfeccion y en espaol....

301 Votes
72 MaPko Reborn New Server

MaPko Reborn New Server

Do you miss old Tales of pirates systems Do you want something new with classic view just try our server low rates Max Level 125 Max Fairy Level 200 Fairy Get Exp from Killing Monsters Many Money Farming Methods Interesting Systems Balanced

299 Votes


Exp x10 Custom Penya Drop Rate Version 15 based with v19 features Maximum Level 155 Improved Graphics HD High Quality Gaming No Pay 2 Win, All items can be hunted Reworked Dungeons to be worth the run Increased Inventory Space and more

299 Votes

xTravian server version t4.4. No bugs, no lags. NEW SERVER 800000x. STARTS 11th of November at 12-00 UTC0 15-00 MSK

297 Votes
75 Shining Moon

Shining Moon

Renewal Pre-Renewal. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100 20x droprates Class Change, Soul System, Monster Hunter, Treasure Caches, Over 400 custom headgears, Warper warp, BufferHealer, Weapon Evolution, Daily Rewards, Automated Events and much more...

293 Votes