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Aion Portent Master Server ver.1.9 x1

Aion Portent Master Server ver.1.9 x1

The master server is a server with a traditional version of the game and some local settings: 8 character classes maximum level - 50 gear equipment All this is the main difference between the master server.

26 islami soh

islami soh

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Ancient Aion - Full 27 Support

Full 27, Working PVPPVE Crucible Arenas, Custom Scripted PVPPVE Maps, Automatic Rewards when killing an Enemy,Vote Reward System, Custom NPC Rewards, Fully functional and scripted instances, Active Development Team with weekly updates, hosted on...

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28 Rexus Aion

Rexus Aion

Rexus Aion Is high rate ap + gp and any commands for player this is free to play.. want scroll enchant and many free to player No PayToWin and system Leader Race

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Aion Extreme x10 - 900 Online

Server rates x10 for everything. Hardcore rewards for a real and long game Experienced adult administration Strict adherence to server rules Quality build of version 3.0 Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content Balanced economy High complexity and...

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30 NcAion 3.6 Free server

NcAion 3.6 Free server

Aion retro free server from Asia,Here is the world of Southeast Asian players, we are waiting for you here

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31 Simply Aion 2.7 x1

Simply Aion 2.7 x1

Guarantee of long-term server operation Premium accounts with x2 Start from scratch achieve everything yourself Quality build of version 2.7 Strict adherence to server rules

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Revival Aion - tutto un altro server

Revival Aion - Tutto un altro server! Progetto tutto italiano di un server non profit! tutti i ricavi servono solo per sostenere il progetto. Il server èè player like come lo amiamo definire noi, ovvero si basa sull'Offy ma è attento a quelli che...

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geveze soh

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34 Aion Pandemonia

Aion Pandemonia

Aion 4.75, All Free, Vote system, Sieges, Dredgions, Rifts, No premium, No P2W, many events. 247, Own upload, Strong server.

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Aion Eclipse BR

Aion Eclipse 3.9 um servidor de Aion Online que mescla o PvP e PvE Com um excelente ping Junte-se a ns nessa grande aventura

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islami soh - islami soh odalar zerinde yeni arkadalklar kurabilirsiniz.

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Dream Aion

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