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4451 FuriousPk SPAWN | Login & Pk

FuriousPk SPAWN | Login & Pk

FuriousPk is the fastest growing, highly rated, perfectly balanced SPAWN server with a side of economy to suit all preferences. Everything a Pker would want!

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Server açilis tarihi; 04.12.2015 saat 20:00 Level Cap : 100 Skill Cap : 100 Mastery Limit : 300 Irk : Chinese Exp/Sp Rate : YOK PT Exp/SP Rate : YOK Drop Rate : YOK Gold Rate : YOK Alchemy Rate : Yok Job Rate : 10x IP Limit : YOK Guild Limit : 32 Guild...

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Darkscape (beta)

opened 5.12.2015 II vps hosted II ddos protect II daily update II high hit II 100+ custom and more come every week II not like other server II alot custom zone coming I http://darkscapersps.weebly.com

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4454 Genesis-WoW Wotlk Low-Rate

Genesis-WoW Wotlk Low-Rate

Genesis WoW 3.3.5 Wotlk Low Rate Server. Teleporter - Tansmog - Starterpaket.

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L2mafia Stuck Sus

After 8 Years Of Uptime With No Wipes Its Time For Servers Restart The Old Well Known L2mafia Stuck Subs Server Its Coming Up Again At 16th October 2015 20:00 Gmt +2 Minimum No Wipe Period 2 Years Guaranteed By L2mafia.net Our Traffic Details...

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4456 Angelic Realm -Dedicated Server

Angelic Realm -Dedicated Server

Welcome to your new Ultima Online Home. Here at Angelic Realms, your Adventurer will start with a 1200 point skill cap, but thanks to our unique leveling system, you can work your way up to where one character can have every skill in the game. We allow...

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Ascension-WoW - Afterlife 3.3.5a PVE|PVP

[Instant 80 PVE/PVP Realm] [Custom GM Realm, Balanced Commands/Spells/Controlls] [New server with unique Ideas, with experienced staff from servers that brought you WoW-Pwnage, Dispersion, Zypher, We bring you, Ascension] [Client version 3.3.5a]...

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4458 EMPIRE 3.3.5a • CZ/EN Server

EMPIRE 3.3.5a • CZ/EN Server

3.3.5a Patch • Quest Fixed • Blizzlike Realm 7x • Arena Spectator • Solo Queue 2v2 & 3v3 • Anti-Cheat system • All Arenas / Battlegrounds are Working | All Raids / Dungeons are Open and Working • Gunship fully working • Dungeon Finder • Wintergrasp •...

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Hello all, I am here to present you my new servers : :D Max level : 120 and will grow with the time to 255 . -Semi-fun (New-School) -Stat : Int /Dex / Vit /Str up to 125 -Skill-Up-With Manu -Systeme Putere -Systeme Costum ~400 -Systeme Energie -New...

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Amnesty 317

Amnesty 317 a Eco/social server we have tons of bosses an soon to come custom content very player oriented

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Shaiya Private server EP 4 server ITA-EN kill rated x1 no exp no drop, active pvp

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Lineage 2 Realm H5 International

High Five x15 29.05.2015 Grand Opening 5000+ Expected

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