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Bet Muonline

99XT no Fo items 55xdfsdf sdf

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2502 Energy Online

Energy Online

Cap 110 Old School Race Chinese and Europe Skils Cap 110 Mastery Chz 440 Eur 220 EXP 80x SP 100x Party EXP 100x

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Mu Purge 9799 Classic

Exp 500 Drop 50 Reset lvl 600 Zen Reset 15.000.000 Reset Stats Yes 1500 x Reset Reset Inventary NO Reset Skills NO Puntos x lvl 57 Chaos Machime 80 Spots All Maps Full Spots Goldden Invasion Yes Blood Castle Yes Devil Squared Yes GMAMD ONLINE Yes

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2504 Cabal Montage

Cabal Montage

EP8 to EP16 Updates - New Maps - New Dungeons - New Sets Equipment - New Accessories - Customized Pets , Boards Bikes - 15 Mithril Starting Set - Fast Alz Item Hunting - 247 Online Server. Join US Now

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2505 InfinityWar Conquer Online

InfinityWar Conquer Online

InfinityWar Classic Conquer Online is a LowMedium classic Conquer online Private server. We will make our best to give each and every player a classic game interface edition and feel the good old days of Conquer online 1.0. -USA Dedicated Server -Four...

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2506 Simply Aion 2.7 x1

Simply Aion 2.7 x1

Guarantee of long-term server operation Premium accounts with x2 Start from scratch achieve everything yourself Quality build of version 2.7 Strict adherence to server rules

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Lws Online

centerIMGexpandable 1httpsimgur.comXsmp8nh.gifIMG size5BHello Silkroad Community.Bsize size2BIts the world of action, join our aventure Bsize We have finally decided to announce our international server colorredBLegend OnlineBcolor. ...

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Travian private server with x1000

Get free gold everyday dont waste your money on gold we never sell gold Server Speed 1000x Troop Speed 500x Evasion Speed 500 Map Size 400x400 Village Exp. Fast Beginners Prot. 3 days Medal Interval 3 Days

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2509 RetroScape - Added Summoning  Dungeoneering

RetroScape - Added Summoning Dungeoneering

RetroScape is an Oldschool based RuneScape Private Server but with some new features like summoning and dungeoneering.

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2510 Legends-Sro


Description Legends Road Looking for making the gameplay more engaging not just open the game and start the bot and thats all no you need to kill uniques and holy water temple maybe join ctf and arena and forgotten world more we just focus on makeing...

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Season6Ep3500exp SlowMaxReset5050DropMasterLvl300AllIt emsDropMonsterAllnvasionEventChaosCastle -BloodCastleSocketLvl5Kundun-IllsonTamp le-Selupan3SocketExcItemsReset50MZenChan ge100MZenClearinv10MZenPartyExp

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Were RageFire, Were back and up a fight to the top RSPS out there but we need your help. We have a lot of content and are giving a reward to players to say thankyou for joining so we hope we hope you will come and take a look you wont be disappointed ...

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2513 HellSpawnClan Vanilla

HellSpawnClan Vanilla

GRAND OPENING EVENT XP X2 FOR ONE MONTH 24-24 7-7 Uptime, Progressive Vanilla Server, 1 xp rate, Scripted Instances, Outdoor PVP, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Regularly updated with bug-fix for a best experience.

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Mu-Zodiak Exp: 5000x

EXP: 5000x Master EXP: 2500x Drop: 80% -/giftitem - /comandos !!! Xshop full!! recompensas por reset Greset y tiempo online !!! fuleate sin pagar solo jugando !!

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Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena

Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena First 150 Player Doanter Free

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xgamers mu es un servidor fast con exp 9999x full pvp en el cual podras encontrar todos los item tanto originales como customs free dentro del servidor como tambien en nuestra nueva web shop premium, te esperamo, www.xgamersmu.com

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OLDravian - Old-School Travian Broswer Game

Hello join our community becouse we are growing up fast play and win prizes

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E-Travi Travian private

One of the best Travian server since 2012 year. We have 50x server with no bugs, and very friendly admins.

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2519 Strock onlinePVECap110D11EURCHN Old SchoolPlay2Win

Strock onlinePVECap110D11EURCHN Old SchoolPlay2Win

Start Lv 1 - Rates Exp 70x Party Exp 90x Drop Items 50x Drop Gold 20x Fortress Avilable Forgetten World Avilable CTF Working Old System New Area New Scrolls New Avatars Play2win

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2520 Shaiya Victoria III

Shaiya Victoria III

Server PLEN,EP 5,Exp rate x30,kill x2,a lot of events, Classic sets, Debuff lapis, Max enchant 15, Donation for laze, Active Staff Team DDOS Protected, PvPPvE system, max lapis lv7,ele lv2, Join US

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Ran-Kean Evolution

RanKean-Evolution Server Info beta test - EP9 - 7Class - Right Click WearUnwear - Pk Streak Pk Dota System - Rolling Wheels. - Animated Wings. - Mob Gen Notice. Boss Respawn Announcement - Official Chat UI System. - SkillTray Lock Function. - New...

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the most awe inspiring private server

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Grand Opening, Season 6ep3, exp 1000, drop 50, long term. more info web

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DougScape BETA Economy

DougScape BETA is a brand new economy server made by a brand new developer.I've got tons of bosses, some of which are custom. Check out the forums for more information.

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2525 ToGra


ToGra is free browser game style Ogame . This is the best uGamela and Xnova on the web Craving to be a stellar emperor, you are a good strategist, want to conquer new planets, galaxies, and be at the forefront of star players - sign up.

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