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Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced ,Mid Rates Exp 10x, Party Exp 12x, Item 5x, Gold Rate 3x , FGW Rate 5x, Free Silk per hour, Auto Events,Battle Arena , CTF , Survival, ISRO system with less edits ,Clean community , Play to win , Join now

159 Votes
227 E Pick Gaming – Wrath of the Lich King

Up and coming WOW Wrath of the Lich King server. Our community hosts several multiplayer games. Join our discord for more info.

154 Votes

Season 6 Episode 19 Progressive, Server Host: Canada Experience Rate: x9999, Master Level Experience Rate: x3000, Max Level: 400Max Master Level: 320, Max Stats: 32767 Smooth PVP 33 FPS

154 Votes
229 Space-Rivals Game

Space-Rivals starts a new High Speed Universe at the 11. July on a Rate of x60.000

152 Votes

SERVER STATISTIC XP Kill=15, Honor&Rep=15, Money=5, Drop Rate=10 Dualspec=Enablec, Free Start gear Solocraft=Enabled, Playerbot=Enabled, Auctionbot=Enabled Auto learn spells when leveling (Flying included), AntiCheat=Enabled

152 Votes

Niburu Space is a web browser based multiplayer game which is very similar to OGAME. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more....

148 Votes

Cap 140Degree 15Race CH & EURMestrey 280/420Max Plus 15 No ADVAuto Events Enabled free silk EnabledJop Temple EnabledCTF Enabled

146 Votes
233 Champions of Azeroth

[PvE/PvP Friendly][Unique Player Experience] [Blizzlike 1x rates with up to 2x XP on Weekends] [Transmogrification] [AuctionBot][Anti-Cheat System][Pre-TBC lvl 60 Nax items sets available]

144 Votes

A new server, custom rates, an admin who does not have a job and can devote himself completely to working on the server Let's create a good and non-toxic community together

144 Votes

The best lvl 85 3.3.5 fun server. Contribute in monthly/weekly events and increase your chance to win real money $$. Custom Instances, Custom Items, Custom Xmog, Custom Spells and talents!!!

142 Votes
236 Season 6 Episode 3 Part 17

MuOnline S6P1-3 Full Part 17 with full features X9999 Server Opening 11September Easy levelup, good loot, fun gameplay Boss spawns every hour, custom invasions Starter Gifts for all players

142 Votes

Cap 140 , reborn system , auto event , rank uniques , weekly evetns , free silk , vote for silk , new avatar , new scroll , free to play

135 Votes
238 Shaiya Aurora EP 4.5 Grand Opening 20th July

Shaiya Aurora it is the best 4.5 episode server. New client features, cosmetics, PvP reward and more.

135 Votes
239 ProdigyMU Season 19 Part 1-3 | EXP: 9999x | Drop: 100% | ALL CLASSES BALANCED FOR PVP


131 Votes
240 Producers & Traders

"Embark on a journey into the realm of producers and traders and take control of your own destiny. This game is all about building your own empire through various structures. Will you choose to focus on stock farming or agriculture? The choice is...

128 Votes
241 REBORN v4 - NEW OGAME CLONE  - 2021

Resources speed x3000 - Buildings speed x1000 - Fleet speed x10 - Expedition speed x5 24h support | Hostal expeditions | Alliance planet | Arsenals | Academy | Second Galaxy | Daily events|

125 Votes
242 Ultimate Assassins

Ultimate Assassins is a Text Based Mafia MMORPG. Rank against other players with the same goal in mind to reach the TOP Become powerful, rich, and eliminate other players. In the beginning you can start doing crimes for some easy cash. You have...

125 Votes
243 Rage of Sage Online

12+ years running No Wipes No Resets! 20x Solo 25x Party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, New Class Balances New Maps New Bosses New Quests Max level is now 175 4th Rebirth System Awesome Apparels

123 Votes

¡Te damos la bienvenida a Azeroth un mundo de magia y aventuras sin fin! El Reino Lakeview te espera Blizzlikes rates x1 - x2 - x3 Mazmorras (Solo) Autobalanceadas - Arenas 1vs1 - Regalos Unicos de bienvenida de Don Garcia - Customizacion y gestor de...

121 Votes
245 Cloneuniverse

... Einige Wissenschaftler behaupten, dass die Klone so große und mächtige Allianzen bilden werden, dass die Erde nur noch eine kleine Rolle in der Entwicklung der menschlichen Spezies spielen wird. ...

119 Votes

Dreaming of playing TBC just as you want? Don't worry! We got the server for you! SPP-TBC is running on the latest and greatest Classics Repack, with recent updates from the team. 3-4000 bots online to play with. Raid, PvP and do Arena to pwn some...

119 Votes
247 Iron Forges | Progressive | 1x

Blizzlike | Progression | Challenge Modes | Exp: 1x | Regular Updates | 3.3.5a | Uptime: 99.9% - 24/7 | Anti-DDoS 24/7 | AntiCheat | Votes with Rewards | Item Store | Cross-Faction |

116 Votes

The Best Zombie Server ZMX.LEAGUECS.RO # ZOMBIE PLAGUE ULTIMATE IP: DNS: MOD: Zombie Plague [ZMX] FORUM: Discord: Facebook:...

114 Votes

A non pay to win Blizzlike World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a server with decent rates for anyone.

112 Votes
250 BloodyWoW

Welcom To BloodyWoW SpellReworked Fun Server ,  All Class Abilities Reworked New Spell Effects And Icons High Stats Instant 255 Balanced Pvp And Pve Tactical And Balanced World Bosses No Op Donor Item join Us Today !

112 Votes