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2,744 Votes

4th Job - Episode 18 Direction of Prayer - 50x/50x/50x - 1k/1k/1k - Both 250/50 - [Free2Play] - Instance Mode +Hard +Loot/Drop - VIP for Vote - World Boss - Party Loot System - Pack Guild - Donate item bRO/jRO/kRO/iRO are Quests Here / Profession System...

1,866 Votes

Oldschool Ragnarok Online is a Private Ragnarok Online Server running on the latest hercules emulator. We have exclusive server features and rates of 3,000x/3,000x/20%, which enable for a great experience. We also feature many custom items, quest, NPCs,...

551 Votes
4 ROse - 13.05.2022 OPENING

ROse is a bit twisted as our sexual imagination, but we are honest. We mix pre-renewal classic server and spice it up with few renewal things. Lets join us. rates: 1/1/5 (lower exp, but good episode and nice drop.) episode: 12 (all non-wearable equip for...

503 Votes

Rohan Ragnarok Online 255/120 Farm Server Grind to Earn Join us now!

269 Votes
6 NYRO (4th Job Server)

FIRST-EVER SUPER HIGH RATE RAGNAROK SERVER WITH 4TH JOBS! Pre-Renewal with few renewal features. Server Rates: 50k 50k 5k Max Stats: 500 120 Gem System Wing Forge System Materia System Charm System. NoPay2Win! Donation Items are available in Quest. No...

255 Votes
7 ExcelRO

A new Ragnarok Online that strives to take the vanilla experience and add a staff that listens to their players. Our server will remain a 99/50 1x1x1x server with periodic increased rates for events. Donations and votes give cosmetics ONLY. Events, WoE,...

242 Votes
8 Zeta RO

Relaunched Jan. 16, 2022 | 255/120 | Custom 3rd Job Skills & Classes (Necro, Kage) |Ep. 13.2 (Pre-RE) | Rates: 15k/15k/100% | Cards: 20%/5%/1.5% | MASPD: 197 | Guild Cap. 18 | Unli Ammo | Faction System

215 Votes

Brand new server Lvls: 99\70; Rates exp: 1000x, Rates drop: 500x, Card drop rate: 5%, Boss card drop rate: 1%, anti-cheat, all required NPCs and commands. Ideal place for MVP and PVP lovers. Best high rate server with MVP cards. Without overpowered...

191 Votes
10 MegaRO Top

Opening SOON, Rates Exp: x50, Drop Equip: 1%, Drop Cards: 0.5%, MVP Cards 0.01%; Infinite quests, missions, hats, events, Max lvl 99 70, Episode: 13.2, Builtin RCX, 300+ Quests, 1200+ Costumes, 1000+ Palettes, 20+ Events, Restock, Freebies

170 Votes
11 Midgard Ragnarok Online (P2E)

Midgard Ragnarok Online Play 2 Earn Ragnarok Server For Free! Episode 13 Encounter With the Unknown Website: www.midgardragnarok.com Group Page: Max Level : 99/70 Max Stats: 99 Base & Job: 15x Item Drop: 5x Card Drop: 1x MiniBoss Drop: 1x MVP Drop: 1x

154 Votes
12 Runa Ro

- Rates 15/15/10 ; Card 0.20 - Episode 12 ~ Resurrection of Satan Morroc - Hosted in France - Exp bonus per party group member : 50% - Party Share Exp : 20 lvl - Skill delay => 250ms - Multi lvl up => ON - Job lvl SG / Soul Linker => 70 - Max...

123 Votes
13 La Caverna RO HR

- Anti DDoS - Más de 800 costumes - Eventos semanales - Recompensas diarias - Mall con utilitarios - Pack de bienvenida - Guild Pack - Mucho más!!

96 Votes

Renewal Low-Rate PVP server. Opening March 2021. Episode 16.2 with future updates, Max Lvl 175/60

96 Votes
15 EdgeRO

EdgeRO - The True Ragnarök Online - http://bit.do/EdgeRO

96 Votes

Join us in an action-packed, crossover of high-rate 255/120 classic PvP experience with a touch of Starwars. Enjoy classic content driven by Starwars Universe such us items, systems and even classes.

69 Votes

We have High rate(999/80) Mid rate(255/80)Low rate(99/70) servers. GM's are friendly and supportive. Daily events. Our server is hosted in a dedicated server 24/7 online. 9 years and never had wiped out! Your accounts are safe! We treasure your...

64 Votes

PLAYABLE IN MOBILE ANDROID! Join us and experience the MIDRATE classic days server for Job: Transcendent class. Max Level: 99/70 MidRate: 50x/50x/15x Pre-Renewal Episode 13.2

57 Votes

Classic RO End-Game Expansion ! Fun - Lots Of Challenges - Supportive Staff - Constantly Updated. Multi-Class Specializations System, Reborns, Lv 5 Weapon, Gems, Daily Achievements, WoE Domination, Nightmare Dungeons, Elite Monsters, Whole New Continent,...

50 Votes
20 Cataclysm Ragnarok Online

🔐BASIC INFORMATION:🔐 Episode 5 JUNO- Forgotten Legacy of an Ancient Era Current Class: 2-2 Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level : 50 Max Party Cap : 15/15 Party Share Gap: 15 levels Max Guild Capacity: 26/26 Max Zeny: 2B 🔐SERVER RATES:🔐 Base/Job Exp:...

38 Votes

International server | High-Rate | Episode 13.2 | Pre-Renewal | Max Lvl: 300/120 | Rates: 2k/2k/100x

37 Votes
22 Ragnarok Online Alpha Revival

4th job high rates server with customized renewal system. Super balanced server without any overpowered class. implemented so many features that gives you new experience. HD texture that no longer pixelated. friendly and helpful GM that always online...

31 Votes

[International PVP Server] [RATES:2k/2k/1k] [EU-Host] [Asia Proxy]Pre-Renewal: 255/150, Balanced Custom Gears, Reduced After-Cast Delay, Vote 4 Donation Items, Friendly Community.

30 Votes


This server has been closed permanently. More characters for minimum length.

15 Votes
25 Революция Рагнарок

Уникальный сервер Рагнарок Онлайн, который сочетает в себе любимую механику Pre-Renewal и 3 профессии. Открытие 25 февраля в 19:00 МСК! Присоединяйся к нам!

13 Votes