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fast no lag no bug

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Shaiya Proelio 15 PvPEP 4.5

Server is based on PvP 1-15, episode 45 with episode 6 features - costumes, pets - Proelio Points can be farmed in-game

Brutal Perfect World

PW 1.5.7 - Start With Rank9 - GearFast Level - SPMAX - Original Settings - Max LvL 105 - Daily Quest - Nation Wars - Daily Events - Vote Get Cubi Gold - Player Driven Economy - Custom Fashion, Mounts and Fashion Weapons - Live Support - Active-GMFriendly Community.

Mu Xoidle Season 3 Custom - Argentina

MuXoidle Season3 CustomServer argentino - 0 Lag - Exp 5000x - Drop 70 - No harmonys - Castle Siege www.facebook.comMuXoidleS3


Version MuOnline Season 4 Ep 15 Exp x10 Master Exp x1 Drop 30 Max stats 65000 Configuration MediumHard Available 56 New Sets

Awakens Ragnarok Online

Server General Information Server Mode Pre-Renewal EXP Rates 25x25xModified Drop Rate 8x Normal Cards 8x Episode 12 Destruction of Morroc Max Level 99 70 Advanced Level DDOS Protection Server Host Los Angeles Proxy Host Singapore Europe Security Gepard 3.0 Class Transcendent Extended Jobs Soon Guild Capacity 3030 - No Alliance Party Share Level 15 Second Edition WOE



MUDoppler S3 Custom 5000x 60 Rate

Server Fast and Full PVP Everyday Deathmatch System Ranking for wCoins Webshop VIP ON Server Argentino

Wrath Ran Classic


Wrath Ran Classic

True Website click below -175 MAX LEVEL -157 MAX SKILL - PURE HUNT BASE SYSTEM - MARKET SYSTEM -GOLD TO PHP -ITEMS TO PHP Bringing back the classic gameplay giving you the most secured server

Vip Travian Full Sistem

Vip Travian Pvp Server Dunyada En Gelistirilmis, en Kaliteli Travian Savas Oyununa Sende Katil


Version Season 6 episodio IIIExperiencia 9999xDrop 80Maximo Stat 65000Maximo nivel 400Maximo nivel master 300 Quita puntos NOBorra inventario NOPuntos por level 10Sistema Reconnecting ONItems originales Ex700 Season14 Eventos totalmente configuradosBoss hard nuevos

Aion 3.9 Echoes Of The Past

EOTP is an Aion 3.9 private server We are focused on both PVP and PVE we have a full content server and an active team working on improving the game every single day We have plenty of features to offer you, and heres some of them Instant level 60 Free Level 40 abyss gear In-gameshop with Kinah no pay to win A custom base in a neutral area in Sarpan that has all essencial NPCs close by Recharger Active GMs High EXP rates In case youre leveling No Restrictions or limitations...


Legion Models-Instant 80--Player Commands--Custom Voting Items--Custom Malls-Custom PvP-PvP Token System--Killstreak System--Beastmaster--Transmog--Everything Scripted--Amazing Community

Ancient Mu

AncientMu Season 6 Episode 3 , Opening soon , No Item Shop Just Simple Cash Shop, Fun Gameplay, Cool Drops, Join Us

Phoenix Ran Online 2 - January 8 2019

6Class No Extreme,MaxLv500,NoReborn,StaringLv100,7-237 FreeUnlockUponCreation,ComboRegen Based,Asia Server,Character Simplify,InGame WebFunction,InGame ItemShop,TW,CW,RR,Donor vs Nondonor, Rumble,HackshieldGameGuard Protected,100Growing Community, What are you waiting for Come and play With Us


Metin2 Infinity , este un server PVM-PVP fun,cu lvl max 105, pe acest server nu se doneaza , doar daca vreti sa ne ajutati cu o reclama sa-l populam suntem deschisi tuturor Upgrade pentru evoluti sunt bagate la magazin de exemplu otel,batalie ,zmee cele pentru evolutie se farmeaza ...Evolutie maxima , BETA.Biolog fara ltimp toate cele necesare gasiti in magazine Sistem putere , sistem ucideri , sistem AFK, sistem costumefreze cu limita de timp si bonus random . Se fac...

Energy Online

Cap 110 Old School Race Chinese and Europe Skils Cap 110 Mastery Chz 440 Eur 220 EXP 80x SP 100x Party EXP 100x

Ghostland-WoW 3.3.5a Private 85 Funserver

Patch Server features Patch - Instant 85 - Mounts Special - New Items Transmorgs - Balanced Classes- Custom Instances - Custom Tier 1 to Tier 3 PvP Sets - Working Battlegrounds Arena - Custom Gems Enchants - Instant Professions - Custom Quests World Bosses

Epoch Silkroad Online

Russian international private server Silkroad Online80 CAP 5x China only Forgotten world Autoequipment Temporary Seal of Epoch Blood of Epoch Daily quests Auto title system Job system and more. Grand opening 4 january.

Ran Online PH 2009

Ran Online PH 2009 Classic 4 Class Server Classic Gameplay 150 Max Level 127 Last Skill Max Upgrade 9 Party Leveling Low Rate Exp Low Rate Drops Hunt Based Server Open Map Level RequiredEvents Cash Prizes and EP Club Wars Everyday

Global DOOM x50 s9

exp x50 drop x10 max stats 32500 max level up points 65300 10 RR 1 GR , max is 10GR and 10 RR epic bossevent drops Sell everyting on website MARKET, offtrade disabled , personal store disabled

RG-Network OldSchool

Metin2 Oldschool DE Like Server No Pay2Win


Server xp 50 and 5000xp


Featuring Nude Hentai sprites Pre-renewal Farm Server Max Lv 255 Max Stat 255 Max ASDP 197 Rates x500x300x100 2 Cards Freebies Included.

PK All Day

Join one of the hottest up and coming RSPS We are new and looking for staff atm. We have a great economy with one of the best pking mechanics around. Not to mention all skills are trainable and have a range of challenging boss fights and of course raids. Log in to discover everything else we offer.


RF Online is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action MMORPG that takes place on the planet of Novus. The game focuses on the never-ending conflict between the three races as well as their resistance against ARCANE. RF Online focuses on both fantasy and mechanics. Not only is the game filled with typical Middle Age fantasy fighting such as spells, swords, and summoning, RF Online is also action-packed with the most advanced technology, machines, and weapons. This fast-paced RPG...

OGame Turkey

OGame Turkey is a full-time space strategy game. It is a game where hundreds of players can play together at the same time and do their best. All you need is any web browser.

Mu Hard Season 13 Episode 2 Open 9119

Premium Season 13 ep 2 10Exp Auto Party Auto Reconnect Muun System Events Market Online hours Spots All Maps Vote System Long Term - Good Community No Reibrth Max Level 920

Online Travian T4.4 VE T3

1500 aktif oyuncu Tamamen yenilenmis t4.4 surum PvP travian keyfi Yakinda t3 de eklenecektir Wow saldiri savunma ve nufus birincilerine guzel oduler Asker ve hammadde satisi yoktur

EradicationX - The Legend is Back - Come and Join Now

Eradication is a content-packed 718 private server with tons of unique features. It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best experience around. Our team creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today

MuOnline Areax

Muonline Areax es un servidor gratuito y estable que lleva mas de 36 meses online, brindando calidad a sus usuarios y fans. Con una experiencia dinamica y con todos los eventos activos, brindamos una version season 13 fantastica. Durabilidad y estabilidad de un juego en linea para servir durante decadas.


Toxicscape- 317 server whitch of lot future new rsps friendly staff have small player base join use - 20 Boss Dr are added, - Staking, Gambling and Lottery added, - Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution, - Endless Graphic options. Dont let me spoil more Come online Expieri

Expecto Sro Online 90 Cap 04.01.2019

First League System Silkroad Private Server - 90 Cap - EuCh

Shaiya Heny PvP Farm

Episode 5.4, PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv7, Instant Level 15 30 70, Kill Rate x2 x3 during week endvacations, No Lucky Charm, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, Premise Points can be obtained through Vote and In Game. JOIN NOW

MuImperio 9799Custom Russian Opening 03.01.2019 97 99 Custom A magnificent server is a good defense. New monsters, things, quests, maps, events, experience x10 drop x15 are added

Shaiya Essential

Ep45 Exp x50 Kill x2 Max Level 60 Max lapis 6 Max Ele 2 Debuff Lv6 No noss Max enchant level by pvp zone 10,12,14 Everything farmable in pvp zones with good rates

Among Demons - x100 - NEW server

NO xp boost NO webshop NO full stats Season 9 interface classic gameplay arena spots max 50 resets 1000 points on reset no full option items equal chances motivated team frequent updates epic website


Tons of customs and daily updates we have tons of minigames and pets and custom everything come join us now discord in game

Wurf Games - WoW 3.3.5a

2 Realms - Custom and High Rate Clean and 20x Level 80 Starter items Individual XP Mall Bounty System Custom NPC Portal Master All Class Titans Grip Dual Wield Custom PvP PvE Set Dungeons Raids fully Working Auto Scale System for Dungeons Raids


Sveicinti latvieu WotLK komn BC.WOS.LV - Private travian 50x server - Private travian 50x server