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retRO Online is a pre-renewal server which follows the development of the classic euRO server, starting at Episode 5. Renewal and 3rd Jobs will never be implemented. Episode 6 - episodic monster stats - episodic monster spawn - episodic skills -...

104 Votes

80,000 Players | Since 2010 | Maximum Perfection | No Bots | No Lagg | Vote4Silk | 80 CAP | 8D | OLD JOB SYSTEM | UPDATES | HIGH TRADE RATES | Skill Reset | Stat Point Reset | MAX +20 | Upgrade any Weapon to the next higher Degree | JOIN NOW

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88 Acolytes Realm 2.4.3  TBC 255 Funserver

Instances, funny questions, balanced items, balanced donors, PvP PvE, Events, 247 supports, friendly GMs and expect more fun things, that will make the game more fun. The server is 255Lvl also known as Funserver.

700 Votes

RuneQuest has developed a server of which combines the new runescape content that everyone loves and enjoys to play, while placing a unique custom twist, differentiating us from the rest. With flawless pking, extensive bossing and skilling, you will not...

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273 SGame - New Uni

Danzel Universe Open Date 08.06.2020 NO Bug - New Ships Danzel Universe Open Date 08.06.2020 NO Bug - New Ships

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