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13 Shaiya Demoniac

Shaiya Demoniac

Ep 4.5 PvE-PvP base Server, Kills x 1, easy exp, max level 60, Proelium and Cantabilian is now 1-60 zone, custom quest, custom bosses, custom gears, pvp boss hunting, custom lapis, active and friendly staff, everything Dropable in game, WHAT ARE YOU...

2,687 Votes


Raids, infernal , cannon, tradingpost and much more

0 Votes
82 Zravian - best private server, fast, no bugs

Zravian - best private server, fast, no bugs

The largest professional Travian private server running at multiple speeds and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system! Come join the fun!

274 Votes