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| EXP:X100 | Level Max: 165 | Gold: X40 | SP:X50 | Affinity:x40 | NPC Exchange | StatPoint+10 | Reforge Hammer | Buff Maximum 80 | Custom Name Card | Buff Pet All Fairy | Join the Discord for more information

57 Votes
2 Xanthus

Over 4 years of operation as a Polish server. Now we are opening a new one - in English. EXP: We have modified the amount of exp needed for each level. It is definitely hard, more difficult than on official servers. SP: x1 There are no free skills....

11 Votes
3 Aleria Last Chaos

PvP Server - No Leveling - 100 Cooldown - Auto Skill Learn - PvP Ranking - Online Time Token - Quick Buff Panel - Antihack System - No ElementsJoin the Discord for more information

11 Votes
4 Cybernetic-LC

Deutscher Last Chaos Server Keine Hohen Raten Cash LacaBall Viele Events

6 Votes

LastChaos Extended - Full EP3 custom server - The New LC Saga - High EXP Rates, Fast SP, Fast Gold and a very funny and active staff! New custom features armors and very funny events every week! Ready to be a Legend? Start your story on Extended

0 Votes
6 Amnesia LastChaos | Episode 4 Server

Level Cap: 165 - New Dungeons - New Affinitys - Antihack - 100% Cooldown - Auto Igni/Pickup - Cash NPC - PvP Ranking - Much More!

0 Votes

Server Closed

0 Votes

Level Cap 175 / 100 Cooldown / Anticheat / New Dungeons / Auto and Pickup/ Cash NPC / PvP Ranking and Much More

0 Votes

PvP Balance Fixed ! - PvE All Days ! - Custom Server ! -New System Statpoints ! -New System Ranking PvP ! -New System Grade LCFN !-New System Anti Edit !-New System Anti Bot !-New System Anti Crash !-New NPC Exchange !-New Affinity LCFN!-New System...

0 Votes
10 Wonderland LastChaos | Episode 4

Wonderland LastChaos is a Episode 4 Server with many new Features and we try to bring you the best game experience Cap: 175, EXP: Custom, SP: FREE, DROP: x15, GOLD: x5

0 Votes
11 Kinetic Last Chaos

Kinetic LastChaos - Full custom Episode 4 server - The New LC Saga - High EXP Rates, New style PVP, Fast SP, Fast Gold, Black Market, Upgrades 90 and a very funny and active staff. Are you ready to be a Legend Start your story on Kinetic

0 Votes
12 LCRoyceName Episode.4

Level Cap: 165 - Start Level: 1- New Affinitys - 100 Cooldown - Auto Igni - Cash NPC - PvP & PvE Ranking - Much More...

0 Votes

Infernal LastChaos is a new Episode 4 Server with Anticheat and Oldschool Feeling. Cap: 165, Medium Rates, Max 4 Sockets & ONLY lv. 5 Jewels, Old Damage & PvP System, Old Cooldown System

0 Votes
14 DejaVu Last Chaos EP4

Level Cap: 145 - 70% Cooldown Reduction - Alber Faction System - Old Strayana Caves - Hell Akan Temple - Soul of Nightshadow - No Jewels - Weekly Royal Rumble - Client available in GER, ENG, FR, IT, ESP, BRZ

0 Votes
15 Strawberry LastChaos Episode 4

Strawberry LastChaos is our first public project, we got the idea to create Strawberry after the most playable Servers was taken offline like Ancient, 300 and some more.Our dream is to create a Server which is playable for the most percent of this...

0 Votes

EP4 Server with many cool Features like Accessory Crafting 175 Cap Weapon Upgrading an much more!Our rates areEXP: CustomSP: FREEGold: x5Drop: x15

0 Votes

Curse Last Chaos Ep.3 stable dedicated server of Last Chaos with Ep.3, LvL Cap 175, Server Buff Events, Server Rate are EXP100x, SP100x, GOLD50x, PETS100x, GM online everyday, Mode PvP-PvM, great comunity, Join now

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18 LastChaos Ares EP4 Thai


0 Votes
19 Ability Last Chaos

Level Cap: 165 - New Dungeons - New Affinitys - Antihack - 100 Cooldown - Auto Igni/Pickup - Cash NPC - PvP Ranking - Much More

0 Votes

Details Start Level1 Max Level185 Old Juno with small changes active staff pve daily quest Rank PvP New option show fpshide radarhide chatquick panelExp150Sp20drop30affinity10max up21

0 Votes
21 Asgard Last Chaos

Welcome to AsgardLC we offer a lot of features like Loyal Point System, Reworked Phoenix System, Custom Ranking System, New Titles/Items/Quests, reworked rewards for moonstone and lacaball, no masterstones, no elements, anti cheat system etc.

0 Votes

Exp: x150, Sp: x100, Gold: x65, Affinity: x50, LacaBall: Custom, Moonston: Custom, Max +30, level caps 200, Auto ignition, Updates all weeks, Changeable stats, Events, Custom titles, ItemShop and more We wait u! So join US!

0 Votes

Level cap 185 - No Element System - DirectX 9 & OpenGL - New Ranking System - Strongest cheat protection - Auto Igni-Pickup - No Ex-Chars - New Skill - New interface - New Craft Panel - New Map - 1v1 pvp - more

0 Votes
24 Last Chaos Pligea EP4

Last Chaos Pligea EP4 Server - Max level 185- Start equipment +15 - Max Weapon/Armor Upgrade +25 - New System Anti Edit/Hack -New NPC Exchange -Premium System - StatPoint Improve - New system, many new features coming

0 Votes

Start Level90Max Level175Old Juno with small changesactive staffNew System pvp tokenNew system pve daily questRank PvPNew option show fpshide radarhide chatquick panelExp150Sp20drop30affinity10max up21Sorya Last Chaos Best PvEPvP In the WorldJoins us Now

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