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We are an up and coming FlyFF server, looking to increase demand and suggestions as much as possible so we can cater the server to the players before closed beta release. If you would like to come help us with that, we'd love to see you there! The...

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2 Fantastic Flyff

Fantastic FlyFF - Play through a unique experience with new features never seen before in FlyFF. An in depth Boss Mechanics System with fun and interactive dungeons. Ton of quality of life and cosmetics available for all players. Experience new game...

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Extractor Flyff has something for everyone. The world of MMORPG that Take on powerful bosses with your guild, complete quests and earn rewards, meet new friends, and become the richest in Madrigal! And for those who enjoy battling other players, prove...

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54 Black Diamond Flyff

Welcome to Black Diamond Flyff, we are starting our OpenBeta at 13.05.2022 at 5 p.m. We are a comepletly new upcoming server with new features, systems ,dungeons, and much more... We wish you a great time and we hope we can see us soon ingame.

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51 Flyff International - Classic

Bring back the memories! Low-mid rate server. Visit us on our Fb page for more details at @flyffclassicrrg

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Welcome To GFlyFF Online MMORPG GAME By GTeam EXP : Normal Drop : Amazing New Mount New Pets New Items New Customs New Systems New VIP System ( Play2Win ) Join us GFlyFF

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Battle Of Madrigal New server launching 04/01/2022 EXP:15 DROP:CUSTOM PENYA:CUSTOM MAX LVL 120Normal All Dungeon's reworked till Kalgas Awakes: per slot Max Stat Awakes: 19 [Set/Pet] / [CS]: 7 Max Crit rate: 10 [Set/Pet] / [CS]: 3 Max Crit DMG:...

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79 NFT FlyFF Online

NFT FlyFF is a Play-to-Earn that has governance token launching in Binance Smart Chain Network.

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This is a new server in preparation for opening. Challenge your new ranking 1st place Get the best guild!! We will always be a server that works hard and supports you thank you

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Welcome to MindOfFly MindOfFly is a new Low/Midarte Farm Server with Exp x15 / Drop x15 / Penya x50 Rates. The Open Beta starts 05.02.2022 > 00:00 o´cloak (Eu Time) We offer you a Balanced Gameplay, Friendly Team and a Farm to Win Server ! Come and...

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8 Freedom Flight MMORPG | Official Release 27th February

Welcome freedom pilots to your new favorite server! This unique private server offers everything your MMORPG heart desires. Slip into the role of your champion and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. The official release of the server starts on...

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Built with hardwork in providing you the best server and aims to provide long term service to the community. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as your journey through Phantom FlyFF. An active community where...

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55 Eris Flyff

Official Server Rates: Exp: x300 | Drop: Custom | Penya: Custom Play to Earn Server | Open Real Money Trading ☢ Server Features ☢ • Level Cap: 150 • Version 19 with Version 15 Taskbars • Party Finder • Item Wiki • User Panel • Pet Filter • Teleport...

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57 Crimson MMO

New Lowrate Classic Server. Come join the fun now! Invite!!!

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SERVER INFO Mid - High rate EXP Rate x9999 Drop Rate x9999 PENYA rate x9999 👾 Freebies Awakes👾 Str/Int/Sta/Dex/ x3 100 stat IA/Adoch/Crit/HP/MP x3 100% 👾 Mid Awakes👾 Str/Int/Sta/Dex/ x3 200 stat IA/Adoch/Crit/HP/MP x3 200% PVE x3 25% 👾 Max Awakes👾...

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Lykan FlyFF is an upcoming nostalgic oldschool project which heavily focuses on the contentment of its community. Boasting staff with over 15 years of combined gaming experience, Lykan FlyFF constantly innovates to tackle FlyFF where its the weakest. By...

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O melhor servidor brasileiro de flyff ! -EXP 10x, DROP Custom e PENYA Custom. Vários sistemas customizados ! venha conferir tudo que há de bom em nosso amado joguinho ! Alguns dos sistemas: -Royal Rumble -Assistente de Grupo -Raridade de Itens...

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After the success of our first server, we decided to open Aqua FlyFF V2, a better and more detailed version! With a completely self-made interface and systems, you will immediately have a nice feeling when playing our game! If you want to experience a...

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ROOT ONLINE // LOW RATE / Anarchy System / [Colosseum] [Fashion Combine] [Max Level:200] [Switch Eq Sytsem][v15Themenv19 Change] [Quick Teleport] Pet Filte // Party Finder // Awakening System // und vieles mehr // animals to ride [Exp: x60 / Drop: 70 /...

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Malevolent FlyFF is the newest High Rate non p2w server. Earn dPoint while farming. Check out our worldboss system. Dive into all new worlds and Get strong with Unlimited Rebirths, And defeat the enemy with daily siege and free-for-all.Join Today!

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Nitro FlyFF is based on playpark / flyff US but with higher rates and easier leveling / hunting. It has all the features you'll expect from an official server. All End Gears are available ingame so no need to spend any money just to get maxed out !

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Valkyrie FlyFF is the newest MidRate non p2w server. Earn rPoint while farming. Check out our worldboss system. Dive into all new worlds and Get strong with over 100 Rebirths, And defeat the enemy with daily siege and free-for-all.Join Today!

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• MAX LEVEL 129 • EXP: X25 • DROP: custom • PENYA custom • No Negative Awakes • Open RMT • No Donate Weapons

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Ashura Flyff V15 V19 Switch theme World boss FFA With donate points for each kill in FFA We aim a very long life time NOT ONLY 5 YEARS Active staff Custom Features with many more in the pipeline including Party Assist [10xExp] [20xDrop][155Lv Cap] [3rd...

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Exp: x10 Drop: x5 Penya: x10 Fully Factional AI System (Penya) 120 2nd Job Class only Item Lock System Teleporter System Party Finder System Quick Change Job System Item Wiki Monster Wiki Hide Fashion System Fashion Combination Official Awake Table No...

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48 Royalty Flyff

[EXP x10 / Drop ? / Penya x5 ] Royalty FlyFF is a balanced medium speed server with a newly evolved seasonal cluster and expansion. Seasons let you enjoy character progression over and over again with hundreds of changes including new level systems,...

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37 SpadeFlyff V19 -[ MidRate - Farm Server ]-

SpadeFlyff specially built for all types of players, a low to mid-rate server with a heavy focus on both PvP and PvE, that's not too difficult, but not easy either. There are still plenty of challenges offered and a thriving end-game to make our...

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24 GPFlyff V18

- Low Rates: EXP 25x PENYA 40x DROP 10x - GPFlyFF Online GamePlay Server - Prvite Server v18 - Special Features Special Systems - Special NPC Waepons/Sets (15-45) - Upgraded Scrolls Postion - pet filter - item wiki - monster wiki - 168 slots ...

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Low Mid Balance Server Open RMT Rarity System Mount AI System Offline Vendor Anchary Party Finder Pet Filter Wiki Item Wiki Monsters Aura Changer Switch Equip Macro Ingame Resize Character Almost 300 + Unique models

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[GER/EN] This server will be online for many years we offer better gameplay than offi with much quality of life features Our Rates x5, x3, x3 we are 100 no pay2win, you can farm everything on this server Do you want to play on are server for a long time...

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[Rates: 10000x Exp, Custom Drop/Gold][v21][100 Player Rebirths][Daily Siege][Premium][Custom Awakes][Custom Buffs][All CS In NPC][Events Everyday][Custom Maps][Always Updating][Petfilter][OneClickJobs][Guild Color][Level Rewards][Online Time...

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Welcome to Adohan Reborn! Freshly made highrate server! rates are: Exp: 2000 Drop: 2500 Penya: 3500! Adohan Reborn is a High rate server aimed towards Teaming. Official release date: 25.09.2020!! What are you waiting for? Join us now

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Based on 2008 English Flyff. With unique features & Secured gameplay No edited awakes or effects Balance gameplay Level Up rewards for newbies. Pk Party Finder Max level 129 Max awake (Base on original no negative) Drop Logs Wiki Model Change Auto...

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88 Veerus Flyff

Server Rates: ✅ V15 ✅ Exp - 75x ✅ Normal Drop - 75x ✅ Rare Drop - 75x ✅ Penya - 75x * BUFF PANG BUFFS DURATION SET TO 24 HOURS * 14 MAX BUFF SLOT * NO AI SYSTEM * NO PET FILTER * WITH NEGATIVE AWAKES * MAX LEVEL 129HERO * END GAME GEARS LVL 125 SET /...

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A Flyff Adventure. A fresh mid-high rate server with FREE starting gears! Come and join the fun~

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Welcome to Smile FlyFF! Low-Mid Rate server Come embrace the greatness in a fully translated English, German or French experience! Filled with nostalgia and hundreds of unique players from all around the globe, Smile is back in the FlyFF scene, bigger...

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Nite Flyff is a free to play V19 (Gold Theme) Low to Mid rate Server that offers awesome content and exciting features with a touch of Old School Classic Flyff , a farm to win server with balance and fair gameplay. All items can be acquired ingame .We...

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1 Insanity MMORPG - FlyForInsanity

Thousands of players online daily - Over 14 years online. Multilingual support! Built together with our community, quality of life, PvP and PvE alike. Do not miss out, join us today!

1,982 Votes
89 Riot FlyFF - Play beyond Reality

Built with hardwork in providing you the best server and aims to provide long term service to the community. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as your journey through Riot FlyFF. An active community where...

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30 Flyff: Reforged

Come and Flyff with Us! Explore the new world of Roika and Let your Legend Rise! Max Level 170 | V21 Features | Autopayments on Donation | MidRate Server

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Bored with the flyff's same-old game play? Why not try Avalon Flyff? A mid-high rate server with a unique game play experience, and systems! Mining, Crafting, Smelthing and Smithing! More unique systems coming soon including "Avalon...

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FlyFF ProGM Servidor Latino Comenzando desde la v15 llegando hasta ahora a la V20 y aun seguimos actualizando y mejorando dia tras dia. Caracteristicas: ****Rate**** -) Lvl Max 200 -) 4to Job -) Tema Gold -)...

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73 Nostalgia Flyff

international lowrate v15 oldschool Server.

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90 Emerald FlyFF

Emerald Flyff is a mix between classic nostalgic gameplay and renewed features & Quality of Life updates. Experience our unique Quests, Faction System, Disenchantment, FFA, Crafting System, Model Transmution, Custom Cosmetics, Classic and New...

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• Freebies Coins System • Resize-able Inventory with 168 Slots • Teleporter, Pet Filter, Party Finder • Wikipedia for Items • Wikipedia for Monsters • Wikipedia for Jobs • Ingame Model Viewer (Shift+Double Click) • Blessed Fashions Tradabled • Automatic...

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Experience the new Soulstice Flaris Kingdom together with the challenges that we set for all players who seeks thrill game play. be the top player and become the strongest. Server Goal is to become largest community with stable connection and stable...

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A Fresh Start! Transcend FlyFF is a Mid-Rate server with Beautiful Custom Interfaces, Re-Textured Graphics, Custom Skyboxes, Weapons, Armour, Fashion, Mounts, Pets and more! All items can be farmed In-game. Enjoy things like our AI Auto-Farming system,...

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81 Revoluition Flyff | 20X V19 |Play2Win |

FLYFF REVOLUTION V 19 REVOFLYFFEvents/Play to Win/ Good People around the world40x penya 40x exp 100x drop

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Boss Flyff is a free to play V20 Midrate Server that offers awesome content and exciting features, a farm to win server with balance and fair gameplay. All items can be aquired ingame and we provide real cash prizes for Guild Siege tournaments! What are...

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