247 Online Dedicated Server EP 9 Gameplay 7 CLASS SERVER EP 9 Interface Free 18 SET 15 Weapon Access Wings Toy New Market Level 350 Cap Level No Reborn System Max Ups 19 Skills 7-237 UNLOCK UPON CREATION Huntable Warpoints Huntable Set Weapon Anti Skills HP Cuts Enabled Character Simplify Massive PvP CWRRSWTYRANNY Activated Easy Leveling Maps Death Prison 3f Regen and Combo Based Server PK Streak Enabled Active and Friendly Admin No BIAS CW Activated Everyday 8pm-9pm Potion Tray Lock Right-click Function Additional Set Info Enable duel in Market Item Link Char View Info No IMBA...


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Zurc Gaming Online
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  Website URL http://zurc-gaming.online
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