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Vanguard Ran Online

Welcome to Vanguard Ran Online EPX Classic ✅FREE TO PLAY! ✅Low Rate Server ( Party Leveling Gameplay ) ✅8 Balanced Classes ✅Max Level : 260 ✅Max Skill : 237 ( Skill Renewal ) ✅Hunt Based Play to Win ✅Party Boss Hunt ✅Official Skill Effect ✅Official Ran Interface ✅Auto Pilot (F5) ✅Desolate Last Set ✅Y Last Weapon ✅No Reborn ✅Pots Based ✅Crafting System ✅Premium Point via Gametime ✅No Reform Card ✅No Donate Set ✅All Items In Game ✅Contribution Points Shop ✅Premium Points Shop ✅Tyranny Wars (Every 2Hours) ✅Club Wars (Everyday) ☑️Weekly Maintenance and Updates FB Page:...


Vanguard Ran Online

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