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Sunset Pirates Online

Sunset Pirates Online

Welcome to Sunset Pirates Online(Official Online) *Video: https://youtu.be/svJ5-v45l6A *Website: http://sunset-pirates.com *Discord: https://discord.gg/RjsCWY4 *BASIC: -Instant lvl100 (Max lv130 by Questing) -Max pet lv60 -Rear Pets -Rebirth 1 (For Now) -Rates x15 *PROTECTION: -Anti Dupe -Anti Bot *PK MAZES: -Chaos Argent -Chaos War -Mask of Death -Valley of Death *FARMING MAZES: -Demonic World -Dark Swamp -Silver Mine -Abba 10-17 *NEW SKILL TALENT SYSTEM: -After doing Rebirth you will be able to choose one of your class skill and make it stronger allowing you to use differents...

Sunset Pirates Online
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