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Scourge Ran Classic Server

Scourge Ran Classic Server

RAN Online Episode 7 GRAND OPENING SOON No Edited Items No Bias Staffs CAP REWARD PER SCHOOL ScourgeRan How to claim PM me on my Facebook -username -Charactername and your screenshot httpsweb.facebook.comscoourge.ran 1st to 5th Player reach level 210 -205 or 202 set9defence20HP 0.09 6th to 10th Player reach level 210 -205 or 202 set9defence10HP 0.05 11th to 20th Player reach level 210 -Weapon Ritbow For Archer10attack10 -Weapon GanJang For Swordsman10attack10 -Weapon Deadly Staff For Shamman10attack10 -Weapon White Lite Tiger Gaunt For Brawl10attack10 This is just example...

Scourge Ran Classic Server
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