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Ran Henley EPX

Ran Henley EPX

MID Rate Server GS GamePlay 8 Balance Class Magician Last 101 Balance All Class 1 - 260 Max Level 7-237 Skill Game Guard Protected HackShield Enable Stricktly No Donate Set Item Pure Hunt Based Pots System Unlock Skill thru GOLD Skill Link Enable Item Link Enable Char Info Enable Fps Enable Max Upgrade 15 FIERCE is last Set New Look 247 Active Admin Staff Game Time Points Enable AFK GAMETIME to VP Possible GAME TIME POINTS GOLD TO EP PROCESSING Freebies Upon Creation CAP REWARD DESO SET OF YOU CHOICE BLACK DRAGON WEAPON OF YOUR CHOICE 100PCS...


Ran Henley EPX
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    2018-08-08 20:43:01
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