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Alab Ran Classic Ep7

Alab Ran Classic Ep7

Server Features: 5 Class Server (Non-rebooted Extreme) Pure Hunting (Boss and Mobs) 230 Max Level 207 Max Skill +10 Max Upgrade Skill Effects(Push/Pull/Debuff/Anti-Pots/Stun/Anti-Skill) Dark Lunar Last Set Sovereign Last Weapon Superior Sets (Superior Steel, Rock, Osteal) Contribution Points can be used to buy items Level requirement only for Maps. Active Staffs. No Randomizer/Seal/Dual-Seal No Max RV Card Other Features: Character Simplify Item Link Item Preview Character Preview Hide and Seek Event Random Event PVP Features: ♦?Club Wars ♦?Tyranny Wars ♦?PK Time ♦?School Wars ♦?Royal...

Alab Ran Classic Ep7
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