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Spirit Flyff

Spirit Flyff

Spirit FlyFF is a progressive low-rate server with quality modifications to provide you the best gameplay possible. Our Rates EXP x25 DROP x5 Penja 50x Maximum Level 155 Our Current Features Anarchy System Donate Items Ingame Farmable through Red Chips, Spirit Coins and Collectorfield Exchanges Useful Collectorfield Possible Exchanges in Upgrade ScrollsSaisonal FashionPower Ups Statted Masks and Cloaks Even Dragon King MasksCloaks Item Wiki Monster Wiki Dungeon Wiki Very good Class Balance Reworked Dungeons Reworked Skills Reworked Sets Reworked Weapons Mix between v15 and v19 Reawake...

Spirit Flyff
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    2018-08-19 11:22:34
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