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Mel Ran Online

Mel Ran Online

-Hunt own your items -Freebies: Permanent(135 Set and Weapon) (1Day Ultima Rosary) -All Cards/Pots/Pet/Pet skills in NPC -4 Class Swordsman/Archer/Brawler/Shamman -Max Level = 250 -Max Reborn = 50 (10 Stat per Reborn) -Max Refine = +9 -Mid Rate Exp -Mid Rate Gold -Low Rate Item Drop -Mid Rate Upgrade(+) -Quest Map (Enabled) -Reset Stats (Enabled in website) -Game Time to M Points (Not V points) -BTG -Unlocked all skills -Official Skills 7-167 -Last Map (90F) -Last Weapon (Ex. Rit Bow) -Last Armor(Ex. Crystal) -Suryun -Club Wars cool prices -School Wars (Under...

Mel Ran Online
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