1000x EXP 300x MESO 2x DROP MapleTrap is the best v83 out! We have: v164+ updates for Items, Chairs, Faces, Hair Styles, and Pets, the Hunger Games, a custom PVP click-based strategy game that you won't find anywhere else! Chinchirorin Multi-Player Gambling, Custom Gachapon, Treasure Hunt, Jump Quest with the best JQers in MapleStory, Russian Roulette, Battle at Sheep Ranch, and tons of other events, Speed-Typing Minigames, and a social, friendly community that is always here for you! Our professional, laid-back staff and game environment are second to none. Join today!


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MapleTrap v83 1000x-250x-3x
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MapleTrap v83 1000x-250x-3x

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