Welcome to L2 Blood Of FireBienvenido a L2 Blood Of Fire. Server Rates. Rates Experiencia EXP x100 Skill Points SP x100 Adena x100 Party x5 Weight Limit x10 Enchant Rates. Enchants Safe Enchant 4 Max. Enchant 16 Max. Enchant Crystal 20 Normal Scroll chance 66 Blessed Scroll chance 85 Crystal Scroll chance 16 to 20 100 Unique Freatures. Buffs Buffs Slots 324 Buffs Time of NPC Buffer 2h Raid Boss Bosses level 80 Grand Bosses Customs Zones BOSS STATUS Augments Non Grade Skill Chance 3 Mid Grade Skill Chance 5 HighGrade Skill...


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L2 Blood Of Fire
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  Website URL https://l2bloodoffire.jimdo.com
  Added by leo4ever15
  Date Signed Up 2018-09-12 16:15:06

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