Ferozity RAN EP10 Ran GS Based Ep10 Gameplay NEWLY OPEN SERVER NO NEED TO PAY TO REACH THE TOP STRICTLY No Donate ItemsRandom Values, NO BIAS. Official Website httpferozity-ran.com Download Link httpwww.mediafire.comfileba1aue3htap9noaFerozity-1.exe Official Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups857297371093014refbrrs Server Rate Exp x30 Item Drop x5 Gold Drop x3 Starting Lvl 1 Cap Lvl 260 Max Skill 237 Server Features 8 Balanced Class Renewal Magician Class Skills can be unlock via Gold Max WeaponArmor Upgrade 11 Crafting System Sky Weapons Y Desolate Sets Thru Craft...


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Ferozity RAN
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