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Ferozity RAN

Ferozity RAN

Ferozity RAN EP10 Ran GS Based Ep10 Gameplay NEWLY OPEN SERVER NO NEED TO PAY TO REACH THE TOP STRICTLY No Donate ItemsRandom Values, NO BIAS. Official Website httpferozity-ran.com Download Link httpwww.mediafire.comfileba1aue3htap9noaFerozity-1.exe Official Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups857297371093014refbrrs Server Rate Exp x30 Item Drop x5 Gold Drop x3 Starting Lvl 1 Cap Lvl 260 Max Skill 237 Server Features 8 Balanced Class Renewal Magician Class Skills can be unlock via Gold Max WeaponArmor Upgrade 11 Crafting System Sky Weapons Y Desolate Sets Thru Craft...


Ferozity RAN
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