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WARLOG - SemiBlizz

WARLOG - SemiBlizz

WARLOG is a new Semi-BlizzLike server! WARLOG brings its innovative ideas with its Hinterlands realm. Our will to offer you a game never seen elsewhere pushes us to always do better and to go further. Take advantage of our exclusive scripts as well as our different interfaces. [*] Automated FREE Sesame [*] Paragon level system [*] Experience rate modifier [*] Community bonuses [*] Exp doubled from 6pm to 11pm as well as on weekends [*] New battlegrounds and arenas New professions, are being developed, some of which will allow you to create your own home. Many other new features await you....

WARLOG - SemiBlizz
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    2020-09-22 15:16:06
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    2020-11-17 20:41:36
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