Basic rates EXP - х30 SP - х50-х10 (depending on level) Adena - х50-х10 (depending on level) Items drop - chance х3, amount х1 Spoil - chance х5, amount х1 Seal Stones - chance х1, amoun tх3 Quesi drop - amount х5 Quest rewards - Exp х5, Adena х5 RB drop - х1 Premium Accounts Available. Increases Exp x2, SP x1.5, Drop x1.2, Spoil x1.2 . GMshop * No enchant scrolls * Armor and weapons C to S grades for adena * Armor and weapons S80 & S84 - not available in shop * 1,2,3 class changes - for adena * Nobless and Subclass: quest items for adena or donate coins (at choice) * SA up to 14 lvl for...


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