We are a Economy Based 718 Server We have a friendly staff and player community. Features Pvm -Nex -Corp -GWD no killcount -Tormented Demons -Evil Chickens -Steel Kiwi Boss -Nomad Drops havnt been added -DKS -Lucien -Ice titans -Sea Troll Queen PvP -Safe pvp -Clan wars safedangerous -Death Match Arena -Wilderness Pking Skilling -Semi low Rate Non combat -All skills avaliable -Max cape rewarded when maxed Donatorzone -Donator skilling zone -Skilling benefits -Donator Only Items Other information -Lots of commands for each rank besides donators -Shops replace GE due to the GE bug. But...


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MaxxxxScape 718
  Rank 2308
  Votes 0
  Website URL http://maxxxxscape.smfnew2.com/index.php
  Added by hades420x
  Date Signed Up 2017-01-19 04:05:47

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