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Looking for High Rate Server Newly Up Come and Join us ----DIVINE RAN---- Fresh Hot Server UP Day Feb 16, 2018 FRIDAY 800PM -EP7 5 class high rate -Regen based -Sync combo based -Level 1 starting level -1-25 rb lvl 100 -26-50 rb lvl 150 -300 max lvl -50 rb max rb -Hack Shield -skills up to 297 unique skills open all skills -Disabled Pots -15 Max ups -No Quest -Hunt base -Drop Rate Mid Rate -Gold Rate High Rate -Xp Rate High Rate -Shibuya Hunt Refines -Leveling Area and WeaponSet hunt DP3 Specialjailzone -BOSS drop gold and gt weapon costume -V-points in Website -Vote to vp -Gold to vp...



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