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Justice-WoW the best 2.4.3 server

All Tbc Instance Full Scripted and Oped [With Custom loot] Custom new Instance [Durnholde] With Custom Boses and Custom Loot Custom Unique PvP SYSTEM Custom 5v5 Free PvP Zone 2800 + Custom items Start with T6 and 5000-7000 weapon! All Bug's Got Fixed Speel Damage Scripted Anti Hack SYSTEM Donation Panel [Up to Date] visit Vote panel [Up To Date] visit Custom Start location (Alliance Mall) (Horde Mall) Custom hearthstone Teleporter Custom Npc teleporter Custom Morphing Service Spell's and talent's are working 97-99% added new HOT Raid and new Hot items


Justice-WoW the best 2.4.3 server
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    2013-03-18 13:36:32
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