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Archaic RAN EP4

Archaic RAN EP4

NEW EP4 SEVER! [Official Up December 26.] [Balance Game Play] [Hunt Base System] [Max Level 175] [Max Skills Level 157] [Max Weapon (TB,RB,HB,etc)] [Max Upgrade (+9)] [4 Old Class] [3 Stats Each Level] [2 Skill Points Each Level] [Freebies with (+9) Cap Reward] [Pots Base] [Mid Drops Rate] [Mid Exp Rate] [No Donation of Weapon or Armor] [No Reborn] [No Map Quest] [RV 1~4 Max Stats] [[F8] Auto Pilot] [In Game Registration] [In Game Shop] [Free Spheres Rank (1~13)] [Item Link] [Right Click Function] [Character View Info] [Craft Systems] [Tyranny War Every 2hrs (TW)] ...

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Archaic RAN EP4
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