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Amr Silkroad

Amr Silkroad

Amr-Silkroad 120Cap r Kervan System, Semi Labor Server City Jangan Installation Lv 1 NOTE You can get 30 PREMIUM and SPECIAL GOOD BLESS NPC COIN Note OUR PURPOSE IS NOT MONEY, PLEASE GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO PLEASE. Gold 13DG Fb, Status Items 1 Gold Gold 7 Adw 1 Gold Co With 8 Adw Arena Coin Co With 10 Adw Arena Coin Buff Honor Buff 1 Gold GodBless 1Gold IlS Grade 10 Devil 1 Gold Hp, Mp, Str, Int, Dmg Scroollar 1 Gold L New Awards Available Kale Single Castle Jangan LarJob Wars Active CO THIEF HUNTER TRADER JOB STR 5 INT5 - WITH NPC DE ARENA COIN ArenaBattle Arena Active SistemCaran...

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Amr Silkroad
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