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Vendetta Gaming Network

Vendetta Gaming Network

Vendetta Gaming Network SERVER UP FEB 12 2018 FREE FOR TOP 1-30 PER SCHOOL 4pcs nondrop card 4pcs high lux 1pc high fineburr 1 skylock 1 set 30d acce 4 CLASS MAX LEVEL 210 7 TO 167 SKILLS PURE QUEST BASE PARTY LEVELING POTS BASED 9 MAX UPGRADE HUNT BASED SYSTEM MAX UPGRADE 7 to 9 TW SCHOOL WAR PVP CLUB WAR FAIR GAMEPLAY NO BIAS ADMIN NO FREE FD NO SPOONFEED NO ROLLBACKWIPE NO NEED TO DONATE FREE TO PLAY NO PLAYING GM NO SPONSOR KUNO FACEBOOK GROUP httpswww.facebook.comgroups481043262297340 FACEBOOK PAGE httpswww.facebook.comVendetta-Gaming-Network-251274195410069 WEBSITE vendetta-gaming.com

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Vendetta Gaming Network
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