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Havoc-MU Online Season 6

Havoc-MU Online Season 6

Medium Rate Server Stats: 32767 Exp Rate: x4000 ML Exp Rate: x4000 Points Per Lvl: 20 Max ML: 200 Custom Tiers: YES Custom Sockets: YES Premium MHP PvP Balanced Freebies: Upon Creating you Character Freebies: Full Option Tier 1 Max Options Drop: 6 Options Max Socket: 4 Killer Sets: Yes (Only for donation or For GRAND EVENTS) Max Sphere: Sphere (Tri) New Jewels: Yes Tradable Tier2: Yes (Jewel of Level, Jewel of Ancient 1, Jewel of Ancient 2) Castle Siege: Yes Castle Siege Time: 8-9pm (GMT+8)

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Havoc-MU Online Season 6
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    2020-03-08 00:37:17
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    2021-02-09 07:40:57
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