255/120 Pvp Server 30k/30k/10 Rates 5% all MVP Boss. 2% Lhz Boss Awesome Freebies. Awesome Guild Package Max of 7Members [Guild Package] Members And Guild Master Will receive Same items *Donate Set [Diablo Set] *5pcs Eagle Card Album [ Chance to Get custom Card Donation Card] *Gigantic majestic Got And Large Baphomet Horn *100pcs Ygg Box [100pcs Each] *100 Tcg Each members *5pcs Tao gunka Card *5pcs Deviling Card *5pcs Ghostring Card *5pcs Turtle General Card


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Eagle Ragnarok online
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  Website URL http://earo.forumtl.com/
  Added by aetherial
  Date Signed Up 2013-06-11 06:12:39

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Eagle Ragnarok online

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