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Spice Silkroad Online

Spice Silkroad Online

Hello, players we want to announcement our new prıvate server.We are on beta versıon for now. but on 9 april (next saturday) we will open our new server officially. Here some information about our server data: 32 GB RAM 1000 GB Disk Space Unlimited Trafic DDOS Guard 1 Gbit Speed Xeon İşlemci( processor) 1000 Kişilik Kapasite / 1000 capacity Oyun ile ilgili Destek Var / We have 4 game master about the help our players. And now some information relevant to our game: Server adresi:Spice Sro Online Spice Sro Online İndirme Adresi (Download adress):Spice Sro Online Spice Sro Online Tanıtım...


Spice Silkroad Online
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