Rivals-Evolution is a F2P fast action 3D sci-fi MMO Our Happy Hour: Exp: 1o.ooo% - Spi: 1.ooo% - ItemDrop: 5oo% - RareDrop: 2.5oo% - Warpoint: 7oo% Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rivals-Evolution/226232417416474 ---------- What is Rivals-Evolution ?! A server of ACEonline - Air Rivals - Phi Doi; Increased rates to be able evolve quietly Exp: 1o.ooo% Spi: 1.ooo% Item Drop: 5oo% Rare Drop: 2.5oo% Warpoint: 7oo% Decrease Death: 1oo% mourir ne vous coûtera plus rien ! Arena & Infinity Field Working ! Special map trade inter-nation ! New map & Boss EP4.3 & more Special custom map...


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