Friendly and Active GMs Server rates Medium-High 1.EXP x200 2.Pet EXP x100 3.TG EXP x250 4.Drop item x4 5.Craft EXP x150 6.Skill EXP x200 7. Alzbomb 7x50x 8. T-point Available 9. Voting System 10 No Reborn Characters 11. Farm to win.SERVER FEATURES Begin Starter Package Mithril 14amp outrageuos armors,weapons 30 cdi. acessoriesbraceletsearringsamulet of pain7cr3 rol3. and etc. Grade 14 Honor 14 Rank Novice EPISODE 8-20 SERVER The Nation of War Every 2 hours Maximum Level is 200 LVL New Skills New Costumes,Weapon,Avatar Head. New Items New Buffs Auto GM Buff added Full of New Dungeons BM3...


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Veteris Cabal
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