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Greyhound Ran Online Ep9

WELCOME TO GREYHOUND RAN ONLINE EP9 Game features: @7 Class Server @24 Hours Dedicated Server @Up to 237 Skills/Unlock All skill @View Char Info @Region Chat @Grind Announce @Non Drop Card (with announcement). @Max Level Announce @K Streak and PK Streak Ended Announce. @Club Wars (Daily 7pm-8pm) @School Wars (coming Soon.) @Tower Wars every 3 hours ( top player receive reform card ) @Royal Rumble (daily 9pm-9:30pm ) top player receive Premium Points @Minor Blocking on C.E / Anti HPF / Anti HP Edit. @Server Attacks blocked. @Cap Level Reward Box @ Recent Weapon [Flame Weapon ] @...


Greyhound Ran Online Ep9

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